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  1. I had so much fun on our imaginary trip! Thank you jb for describing it in such detail! Happy Belated Fathers Day to all. shera I hope youre feeling better after your fall and Dianne I'm sorry about your pepper plant. None of our onions came up. I think maybe we buried the seeds to deep. Hello pathinder, linda, bard, Marcia, count!
  2. Good job LAD.
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information.
  4. Breathe and relax. I wish one of us could tell you how to short circuit the first stage. It's a horrific experience and I'm sorry you have to go through it. But --- you will be fine and you will find balance again. You need to find an MDS or at the least a neurologist who is knowledgeable on current PD treatment options.
  5. I get severe muscle tightness in my neck that will lead to a headache. I feel like I'm carrying my shoulders up by my ears. I have used a tens massager and biofreeze rub for relief.
  6. Oh how I wish some of you could send me rain. Pathfinder I love snakes! They fascinate me. I picked up a dead one on the road and brought it home so I could save it and see the skeleton. I put it on top of the horse trailer with a piece of mesh over it to help it turn to skeleton faster. A couple days later my DH said it was gone. What do you mean it's "gone"? Did it fall on the ground? Who would steal a dead snake????? I couldn't find it anywhere. Some bird must have thought it looked like supper. I'm glad you didn't get ran over by the deer LAD. jb, maybe the rogue deer were exiled to the US. I always liked string instruments but I'm finding myself more and more liking the sound of a piano. Marcia-how could you go to McDonalds and NOT get fries???? Nice water tower Serenity Now.
  7. Great thread! Thanks for starting it. I know the following is referring to possessions but it still makes me stop and think before fretting over the everyday stuff---including my future with PD. Its been posted on my refrigerator long before my diagnoses.
  8. You're Welcome! I use to be type "A", obsessive compulsive (still sneaks up on me sometimes) but I'm getting so much better. When I first realized that I was less obsessive I wondered if it was the beginning of apathy setting in but I don't think so now. I believe that PD has helped me put things in perspective so that I can allow the insignificant stuff to fade into the background.
  9. I have some trouble with my left hand and fingers when I'm washing my hair. They just do not want to help by moving in the appropriate manner. I also have difficulty with the twisting of my wrists. I've braided my hair every morning for the last 35 years. On an off morning my left wrist takes a second to respond AFTER my brain tells it to do its job. Sometimes now I just wear my hair in a bun. I also am slower at folding clothes because of my wrists. Turning the clothes right side out takes a little more effort. Amazing the things that use to be thoughtless chores now need some thought to carry them out.
  10. Hello everyone! Looks like everyone is getting along well. jb, I think it's ok to have cookies for breakfast as long as they are OATMEAL cookies. It is so hot here. The weather man keeps teasing me about the possibility of rain but then we don't get any. Plants are starting to come up in the garden. DH watered them the other night---I kept insisting that we didn't need to because it was going to rain. Glad he didn't listen to me or my weatherman. I had an interesting thing happen. Our dog was in the timber behind the house and started yelping. First thought was a raccoon but it was the middle of the day and by the sounds of her yelps I could tell she was not the aggressor. Second thought was that she was caught in a trap but I couldn't figure out who in the world would be a trap on MY property. All this thinking why running towards the timber and yelling for DH. Well, what I saw would have never crossed my mind. I couldn't see the dog (only hear her) but through the trees I could see a large orange mass of something jumping around. DEER! A deer was attacking our dog! Amazing. Anyway by the time I got to the edge of the timber the dog came running towards me with the deer hot on her tail. I turned and ran so we were both being chased! LOL. I jumped behind a tree and the deer thankfully turned around but I could hear her huffing and snorting. The dog ended up with a red bald spot on her side (hoof mark???) but is fine. The deer must have a fawn that the dog found. My husband asked me later if I went down there to see if there was a fawn. Does he think PD makes one stupid?? LOL Well my fingers are not real nimble and my arm is already aching so stay green, keep dancing, keep eating cookies and keep posting!
  11. jb! That better be Chapter 1 because I'm hooked! So many questions unanswered. Your family sounds like a wonderful group of people. I know you know how lucky you are for being part of something that good.
  12. Happy Mother's Day Everyone! And for those of you who are resisting going to visit or calling your mother: Suck it up! Today is more important to most Mothers than they will let you know! I think I'll go look for some asparagus like jb. I love asparagus. Tom: I would have loved to been there the day you had all of those Goldens together. What a sight. Marcia: Do you know how wise you are? Hello Diane, LAD, Bard, Linda, lorit, jb, ellaangel, em and all my other Good Morning friends. Have a fantastic Day.
  13. Thanks Bard!
  14. Funny Pathfinder! JB-Hope its a fun vacation that your going on. The forum no longer notifies me when there is a new post on a thread I follow. Is anyone else having issues?
  15. Are you taking the 4 am dose with a sufficient amount of water to encourage your stomach to empty into the small intestine where the sinemet works? Or maybe lying down keeps the stomach from emptying into the intestine. Is it possible you could recline against some pillows in a semi seated position for awhile?