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  1. Trying Sinemet

    Patriot: When I first started c/l I also had nausea and vivid dreams-nightmares only, which I acted or yelled out. A comedy or something fun seemed to be too much to ask for. I no long have any nausea and my dreams are no longer all nightmares. I now mainly just jerk, say if in my dream I'm throwing a punch, it is only a jerk of my arm instead of a full swing but mainly my acting out in dreams as been reduced to talking in my sleep. Oh, I just remembered, I think it was lethe who posted something about sleeping on your back made for bad dreams. I found this to be true. If I sleep on my stomach the dreams contain less drama.
  2. Is there a safe pesticide to use in out house?

    Diatomaceous Earth
  3. Good morning!!

    Good for you jb! Please keep us updated because we all care about you and will be thinking of you! LAD - your son is very talented. I enjoyed the video. Marcia-on an earlier post you mentioned job interviews. I forgot how much I hated those interviews until you mentioned them. Dianne- Hope your appointment went well. PF-Did you have a nice time with your grandson? em, Linda, mimilaster and everyone! Be well, be strong and take care of yourselves!
  4. Good morning!!

    Darn it! I just saw your message and I soooooooo wanted to help.
  5. Official diagnosis today

    Hi Melissab. Welcome to the forum. We all help each other on this journey so I'm glad you found us.
  6. Good morning!!

    Love that iceberg picture. It's an excellent way to show people what PD can consist of as opposed to trying to explain it. Dianne-Did you get your tube replaced? I'm glad that you are so good at looking out for yourself. It concerns me the number of people who still totally trust the doctors and don't question things. jb: So you want to know how a 17 year old boys mind works????? What a question. My personal experience reveals that sometimes they DONT work. Boys are so much fun. Em and LAD it sounds like you both have wonderful sons. Hi Marcia, LInda, pathfinder and miracleseeker. TexasTom I like the picture of your dogs taking the nap. My little dog is my nap partner also. Be strong and carry on everyone.
  7. Good morning!!

    That's funny LAD. Some of my favorite memories are things my son said while growing up. Now some of the things he says makes me think "is he really mine?" LOL Being a mom is such a blessing. Have a good day everyone. I hope each and every one of you is doing well. I'm going to go walk outside in the sunshine. I've been feeling a little down lately so I hope it helps. Thanks for your inspirational quotes LAD and jb I keep reciting your signature line about not being hard on yourself, doing your best and being strong.
  8. Good morning!!

    Jb-your visit from your grandson reminded me of a recent visit from a delightful young boy. He is a step-grandson of my husbands and he stays a weekend with us a couple times a year. The last time he wanted to go to a local pizza joint that serves buffet. When we were paying before being seated the cashier asked how old he was. So I turned and asked him. He said "I'm 6." So we paid and went and sat down. After getting in the booth he says real loud "I'm really 8 but when we go out to eat I say I'm 6". I wanted to crawl under the table! LOL.
  9. Thank you for sharing your experience and for taking part in this trial.
  10. This works for me...what works for you?

    She Ra-did you get products that already contain tea tree oil or did you buy pure tea tree oil? I would recommend buying a bottle of the oil and then you can just use it straight (like on a blemish) or you can add a drop or two to whatever other product you would like.
  11. Morning Stiffness?

    My ankles wont flex in the morning. My first couple steps are not pretty. I read in a PD book written by an MDS that PWP should put their joints thru a full range of motion everyday.
  12. Good morning!!

    Happy Canada Day jb. There was a large estate auction that had a lot of antique cars and trucks last week. It was amazing what this man was able to collect over his lifetime. There were pedal cars and signage also. It took 5 days to auction everything off. They had a 1929 Stutz that they believed was only one of 6 produced. Jay Leno and some other celebrities were said to be bidding on it. I watched them auction it off on line and it sold to someone in Canada for $122,000. Were you the buyer jb????
  13. Good morning!!

    I had so much fun on our imaginary trip! Thank you jb for describing it in such detail! Happy Belated Fathers Day to all. shera I hope youre feeling better after your fall and Dianne I'm sorry about your pepper plant. None of our onions came up. I think maybe we buried the seeds to deep. Hello pathinder, linda, bard, Marcia, count!
  14. Good morning!!

    Good job LAD.
  15. A Journey Round My Brain

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information.