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    Has anyone else noticed this song has not been played on the radio for the last couple years? Am I just not listening at the right time because I listen for it and never hear it. edit: The song I'm referring to is "Mary Did You Know?".

    Lad-It says it cant be played.
  3. Good morning!!

    I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas. Linda-I posted a song on your music thread. I think it worked! I didn't know how to do it but somehow I did.
  4. Good morning!!

    Thanks LAD for the explanation on the study you took part in. And thanks for taking the time to do it! That's one for the whole team so thanks! I cleaned out my inbox. Marcia- You have a lot of snow! We've barely had light flurries. Didn't even stick on the ground. Good Day to Everyone!
  5. Good morning!!

    LAD-What was the study about? The contraption on your back looks interesting. What about the things on your legs or what your holding? That picture has my curiosity up!
  6. Good morning!!

    Hugs to you Dianne. I'm sure Casey and your Dad had a wonderful reunion.
  7. Good morning!!

    Hey Dianne, How are you doing?
  8. Good morning!!

    Good Morning. LAD, that's a beautiful Nativity. I find just looking at a Nativity scene brings a feeling of peace. I'm having trouble getting myself motivated to clean the house. I just did it last Saturday and I'll do it again next Saturday so do I really need to do it this Saturday? The chickens came up on the deck and one started pecking on the glass door. My DH said she wants her eggs back. JB-I fluffed up the straw and planted decoy eggs in the nesting boxes, and two chickens fell for it. So now I can count on at least two eggs a day. We usually keep nuts and seeds around the kitchen to snack on. I tell you this so you'll understand a little why my DH did what he did. I have a container of oats (animal feed) on the counter. This morning, he opened it and put a handful in his mouth. HaHa! If anyone has ever tried eating an unhulled oat you know it doesn't work very well. It took him only a split second to realize his mistake. LOL The large lighted star we have over our barn needs lights replaced. We usually have it lit up from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. But because some bulbs need replaced we haven't turned it on yet. Yesterday our neighbor from across the field told me his little girl noticed the "stable star" was not lit. So my DH got the replacement bulbs and the goal is to have it fixed and lit up by tomorrow. I think I might put my plastic lighted Santa kneeling at Jesus's manger under it this year since there are no animals in the pasture to disturb it. Marcia, I also hope we all have a happy Saturday and I'm glad your meds are working. Take care everyone.
  9. Good morning!!

    Dianne-I've been thinking about you. Prayers to you and your family at this time. Pathfinder-I'm glad your husband is doing better. Sounds like it's been a tough time. Marcia-Glad you're feeling better also! I hope to get back on later for more chatting. In the mean time, hang in there everyone!
  10. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    Sounds like you are describing myoclonic jerks. People without PD can get them, usually right before falling asleep, but they are more prevalent in PWP. PWP may even get them during other times of the day when fully awake-like an arm or leg will "jump". Another forum member has mentioned that his myoclonic jerks are reduced with a certain brand of levodopa.
  11. Good morning!!

    Dianne, I'm glad your cold and orthostatic hypotension are better. I'm sorry about your father. Remember to take care of yourself and listen to your body so that you can rest when it's needed. I'll be praying for you and your family. Peace
  12. Good morning!!

    Thank you for the Crayola Color Wonder suggestion LAD. I just googled it and it looks like an excellent present. That is going on the Christmas shopping list for sure. And jb, I'm going to "plant" and egg with fresh straw in the hutches and hope it works because hunting for eggs isn't a winter activity.
  13. Good morning!!

    Good Morning! I am making some progress on decluttering my home. I've got a couple boxes full. Still ALOT to do. LAD, the only one in my home to help with this project would be DH and he's more tight fisted with stuff than I am! LOL. So in fact, he is actually a hinderance to the process. Em-have you gone to your writing course class yet? Is it for short stories or something else? Hey Dianne, How's it going? Are you doing alright? Good luck at your neuro appointment Marcia. jb, bard, pathfinder, Linda how are all of you doing? And hello there Superdecooper. Is everyone getting things done before the snow hits? I got the chicken house cleaned, heated water bucket ready to be plugged in and fresh straw put down. My darn hens have stopped laying in the house. 3 have begun laying in a pile of concrete blankets that are stored in the horse trailer and the other three have either stopped laying or they have a really good hiding place. Any one know how to get them laying back in the hen house? I have pumpkin bread baking. It smells marvelous. The recipe suggested adding raisins, so I did. I'm not sure I'm going to like raisins in my pumpkin bread but how will I know if I don't try? My son is dating a girl with a 3 year old daughter. I'm having fun thinking about and researching things to get the little girl for Christmas. We haven't had a young child around for Christmas in many years. I'm really looking forward to it. Kids just make Christmas day so much fun. It exciting to see things through their eyes. Well I've rambled on enough. Take Care Everyone.