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  1. Funny Pathfinder! JB-Hope its a fun vacation that your going on. The forum no longer notifies me when there is a new post on a thread I follow. Is anyone else having issues?
  2. Are you taking the 4 am dose with a sufficient amount of water to encourage your stomach to empty into the small intestine where the sinemet works? Or maybe lying down keeps the stomach from emptying into the intestine. Is it possible you could recline against some pillows in a semi seated position for awhile?
  3. I have not had the symptoms you described. I have rigidity that I have to do stretching daily (hourly ) to relieve. I remember when stretching felt like a luxury and felt GOOD! Now it's a necessity and it can be quite painful. I don't think spasticity can be really felt but I most definitely could be wrong! I think of it as less obvious than rigidity. To detect it the patient must give complete control of the limb (by relaxing) to the MDS. Regarding the two tones existing simultaneously I understood this particular doctor to say that it would not be typical PD but possibly a PD + syndrome. Have you talked with your MDS and asked if he noted any spasticity during your exam?
  4. I've had an exaggerated startle response for years before diagnoses. My mom always told me it was a sign of a guilty conscience. Makes me laugh now but at the time she could have been right.
  5. I started to get some dandruff flakes so I started using a dandruff shampoo. The flaking actually got worse and the shampoo darkened the hair around my scalp and made it feel coated and look bad. So, I put a couple drops of tea tree oil in my regular shampoo, put it on the crown of my head and left it there for about 10-15 minutes then washed my hair. The dandruff is gone (it's been a month and still no flakes) and it also completely took off the build up on my hair from the dandruff shampoo.
  6. Hello Everyone! LAD-I don't even have to be in a medical setting to faint. I can be anywhere, doing anything and if the conversation turns medical I go DOWN! It's funny that certain body organs and parts bother me more then others. Don't talk to me about lungs or bones poking thru skin. Those will have me horizontal right now. LOL Diane I am super duper happy for you and can't wait to hear some news. I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. Mine started with a flat tire, then came home to find the goat destroyed the inside of the hen house and ended with dropping my PB cup on the floor (ate it anyway). But really, I enjoyed the day. Take care everyone and oh ya, Welcome to the family Count.
  7. Welcome back Linda. I'm sorry about Madi. I'm glad you and Dusty have each other. Lenamegan-I watch the hummingbird migration site so that I make sure their food is out and ready for them when they get to my state. jb-count me in on the party. Give me plenty of notice because I'd like to go on horseback. LOL. Me and my Max would be lucky to make it to the mailbox at the end of the drive! On an old thread I think I remember reading that you drank tonic water for dystonia. Do I remember that correctly? If so, how much did it take for symptom relief? LAD-I love your attitude. Bard, Marcia, TexasTom, ellaangel-It's good to "see" you. em45-Nice to meet you. Dianne-I hope you're getting along well.
  8. I appreciate that this forum is offered to those of us with PD. Its the only place some of us have to turn to where we are free to speak about our condition and receive support. However, by locking the Christian thread the Admin have rewarded certain malicious individuals while punishing many others undeserving of punishment. Instead of stopping the bullies they have encouraged them and in doing so actually propagate the unacceptable behavior. That thread gave some a fighting chance against apathy and depression. Am I wrong that I assumed Admin were NPF employed so therefore knowledgeable about PD? That thread was taken from people who already lose too much each day. I post this with all due respect and ask that the Admin reopen the Christian thread and block the combative individuals from posting on it.
  9. Thanks Bard!
  10. Darn, I just lost my entire post. Let's try this again. Hello Everyone! jb-I would have liked to have known Bill. I need to go buy some real maple syrup. I've never had it and am really interested in trying it. papa-you speaking about your wife in such glowing terms makes me smile. It's so nice when couples encourage and build each other up. Diane-I hope you are well on the way to getting your pump. Murray, Marcia, Island women, johnnys, texas tom and everyone else: Have a beautiful day. It is the anniversary of my diagnoses, which also coincides within a day of my birthday. Somehow it's "ok". I was worried in the beginning that this time of year would bother me but it doesn't. Yay for me!
  11. Gardener-I have experienced them in my jaw before. My jaw would clamp together so fast and hard that I began worrying about biting my tongue. I have also had whole body jerks while lying down. These kinds have subsided significantly and now I just get the rare hand or arm jump but they are much milder. I also still get the occasional lip and chin tremor.
  12. Rocki- I'm still thinking of you and praying that you are doing well.
  13. Well I just experienced typing a full post only to lose it. Let me try again. Linda I hope you're back soon. I read Father Breighner's book For the Love of Stray Cats all in one sitting. His analogies are insightful and he speaks about Mindfulness without calling it that. I think because he was touching on the practice before the phrase was coined. He speaks of us as being human beings, not human doings. Ellaangel, I think you would really enjoy this book. This man's love and devotion to these cats is touching and leaves one realizing how much good is in the world that we don't always see and the lesson's the cats teach him are lessons for us all.
  14. Good Morning Forum Family! How are you Diane? Still thinking about you everyday. Well, my DH and I had a very small garden last year and decided we wanted to do a little bigger one this year. He went out last weekend with the old Allis tractor and two bottom plow (which looks like an old steel wheeled lawn ornament) and started plowing. Thank goodness I walked out because he was so thrilled with how well it was working that our garden is now the size of a small corn field! Who knows how large it would have been if I hadn't stopped him. Have to go for now. Have a great day everyone and keep posting. I love to read about what you're all doing. Linda????
  15. Oh my Gosh! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Thanks benderet!