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  1. Summer adventure season starting

    I will definitely check out this book. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Good morning!!

    HaHa! "Potential", now that's a great explanation! Also, that is a great idea about sending the schoolwork to your kids for birthday cards. Can I steal that idea? I've been wondering what to do with that box of my son's grade school papers.
  3. Just diagnosed at age 40

    I have muscle and joint pain. Sometimes its quite bad and I will have a couple weeks straight that my muscles feel like they do with the flu. But most of the time its less intense. I believe it's caused from the muscle rigidity of Parkinson's. I do a lot of stretching to get relief.
  4. Yes I have had the same difficulty. The only thing I found was RSB over an hour away and only one location offers a Saturday class. I have no problem driving that hour but it is much more expensive than I thought. It's a monthly rate for all the classes you want to attend but because I could only make the Saturday class it just makes the cost unreasonable for me.
  5. Good morning!!

    Good Morning Everyone! So glad to "see" you all this morning. I thought Thanksgiving was this Thursday so I was going to do some prep work today but I looked at the calendar and it's not until next week. So, my day is now open to I don't know what. Maybe I'll convince myself to part with some more stuff and add to my donation box. I want to declutter and simplify my home but I cannot believe how hard it is. It really shouldn't be difficult to get rid of something I haven't used or worn in years but it is! Have a good day everyone.
  6. Summer adventure season starting

    It was so nice to read posts with opposing views that were well thought out and respectful. My big thing with hunting is that it be done humanely. There are different qualities of hunters out there and not all are of your high quality Stump. I would like to recommend a book that some of you may like. It's Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat by Hal Herzog. It's about why its so hard to think straight about animals. It's been a few years since I've read it but I found it an interesting read. With that said, I would vote for a separate thread labeled Hunting also as even though I eat meat, I do find it disconcerting to read or hear about a kill. Thank you Stump for your well thought out response. I can't kill an animal but because I do consume some meat I'm glad someone can. Temple Grandin has a book out called Animals Make Us Human. She understands animals and works for their welfare and has made huge advancements in the slaughter industry. She's a prime example of one who loves animals and advocates for their humane treatment by educating and implementing improved conditions in slaughter houses by reducing the fear and stress factors for the animals. It's also a truly good read even for those strongly opposed to the killing of animals. It really is possible to love them and eat them as odd as that sounds.
  7. Good morning!!

    Hello Everyone! What a busy thread. I hope you had some great birthday parties and congratulations on Sean's graduation Em. Thanks for helping the lady LAD. You make me smile. Violetinda (haha) - I also have trouble with spelling the smaller words. I've always been an excellent speller but now those darn words make me question myself. Strange that it's not the larger words that get me. Maybe that comes later. Hi Marcia-I love the line "If we hold hands we won't fall when we stumble". That should be our Good Morning gang's motto. Superdecooper-Hi! Great quote. And sooooo true. jb-any more information on you DBS? Did I miss an update? Hi Dianne, Stay Strong my friend! Hi EllaAngel and Miracle Seeker.
  8. Good morning!!

    That's a great name. My Max's name was Cam HG Luweegee. My jb penny is a 1986. Well today is going to be the last of the nice weather days for the foreseeable future. I did get the last of the green peppers picked so frost wouldn't get them. And I made some yummy meatless stuffed green peppers. I used quinoa in place of the meat. It's to get below freezing the next couple nights so I need to get my deck plants in this evening. I'm working today but still hope to get some time outside in the sun. Have a wonderful day Good Morning Gang!
  9. No Sleep For The Weary

    Slow release melatonin or Trazodone. Have you tried an extended release sinemet at night? Sinemet may help with the myoclonic jerks that are waking her up. Try asking the doctor in Ask the Doctor forum or possibly pose your question on the care givers forum.
  10. Boy am I new to this

    I had a difficult time with the fact the pills don't cure either. For 50 years whenever I was ill or had a pain I either took a pill, or was prescribed a prescription to take for a limited time and then could expect to be better when they were gone. I can't explain how I felt taking one the first time knowing it was the first of many for life. Now that I'm used to the idea my mindset has changed and I take them with the attitude that they are helping me. You eventually let go of the ingrained idea of pill equals cure.
  11. Good morning!!

    Thank you for the kind words everyone. I knew you guys would understand. Have a great weekend.
  12. CBD Oil--Does This Work?

    Drummergirl-you can go to Charlottes Web website and order but I've found good deals on Charlottes Web CBD oil on ebay. It's available in different strengths and either olive oil or chocolate mint flavors. There's many other brands but I've stuck with Charlottes Web because it seems to have a good reputation.
  13. Good morning!!

    In the middle of summer I was beginning to get very worried about my senior horse making it through another winter. Though we gave him special food and his appetite was good he continued to lose weight. As long as he was eating and whinnied whenever I went to the pasture I was not going to have him put down. I was, however, very concerned of his health failing in the harshest part of winter. So, I began praying to God that he would pass peaceably and that I would just find him dead one morning. Prayer answered. Still shocking to walk out and find him but I had to smile through the tears. I saw no signs of distress, it just appeared he layed down and passed away. I was saved from a heart wrenching decision and Max was protected from a harsh Midwest winter. He was 3 months from turning 32!
  14. Good morning!!

    I'm a little late but I wanted to pass my condolences on to those who have lost close friends. GO LAD!
  15. Good morning!!

    Haha! How your mind works is a marvelous mystery jb! LAD-I'll try that hand dangling trick next time. Thanks.