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  1. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Thank you jb! It's always scary to show others what you've created. I don't know if I have any more poems in me or not but if one bubbles to the surface I'll post it. I hope you're getting along well and all the kinks are getting worked out in you're programming. I can understand how it could all get extremely frustrating. Have a wonderful day everyone. It feels good to finally have time to talk with you all again.
  2. Peace

    Good morning!!

    LAD I'm always in awe of people who can sing. Even at our beach get away I sat out of the singing and let you and your son entertain us. Even my 23andme profile shows my genes reveal that I can't carry a tune. Seriously it does! I purchased 4 baby chicks this spring to double my little flock. They were all suppose to be pullets but in the chick sexing business I've heard there is a 20% error rate. In the ridiculously long amount of time I spent picking out just the right 4 little ones that I wanted I grabbed one out of that 20%. I wrote a poem about her, uhm I mean him. I don't make any claims of knowing anything about the making of a proper poem but I hope I can add a smile to someone's day. A Rooster Named Rose A pullet of the Americauna gene, she was picked to be the farm's blue egg laying queen. As the little pullet grew, she changed from white to brown, And soon manifested a rose comb, that she wore as a crown. With outlandish feet and a 10 inch tail, the farmer thought she was growing just swell. But Rose had a secret, but it was too soon to tell, so she let the farmer believe that all was well. She continued to grow larger than her flock mates, only she knew that laying blue eggs was not her fate. As time passed by, of her secret not a peep, 'till one morn, when she woke the farmer from sleep. With a loud Cock-a-Doodle Doo!, Rose made the reveal of the long held secret he could no longer conceal.
  3. Peace

    Good morning!!

    I'm keeping them jb, because your right, they do look stunning together. Plus they make me think of Christmas every time I'm out in the garden and look down at my feet.
  4. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Stay strong jb. You have a huge cheering section out here. If you're really quiet maybe you can hear us. (we're doing the wave too!) Prayers for strength to all who find themselves in need today and for those with family members who need lifted up. Take care friends.
  5. Peace

    Good morning!!

    I'm carrying my penny with me jb.
  6. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Loved that clip LAD! He is soooo talented. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Thank you Marcia. That is a very sweet wish. I hope it comes true! jb-I'm getting so anxious (in a good way) regarding your upcoming surgery. We are all thinking and praying for you. I'm so excited about the wonderful outcome I'm sure you'll have and can't wait to hear from you. As soon as you're able please touch base with us. Hugs all around.
  8. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Linda-I did not realize you had this issue that you have been dealing with. I will be praying for you and for a positive outcome from the surgery. Take care. God has both you and jb in his capable hands and is holding both of you close.
  9. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Hi jb-May 8th huh? That is exciting! So great. I'm really happy for you. I know it's a little worrisome but that's normal but hang in there cause this is a game changer. I'll remember to carry my "jb penny" that week and think of you often. We're all here for you!
  10. Peace

    Good morning!!

    The Bitsy Bontana . I thought it was a video but maybe it's just a picture??? At home I use internet explorer and it said my browser wasn't supported. I just tried it here at work with firefox it opened as a picture but no video.
  11. Peace

    Good morning!!

    LAD-I can't watch your sons performance. It says my browser is unsupported.
  12. Peace

    Good morning!!

    jb-that is fascinating about the geese having "scouts" but I'm smiling wondering if you're just pulling my leg. Are you serious? Animals are amazing in the ways they communicate with one another so I'm leaning towards thinking you're serious. You're right Mr Fudd would definitely say "vewy vewy". Today we have bright sun and sleet. How wonderfully opposing those two conditions are. Last month a hawk got one of my hens. I was real confused when I didn't see any tracks around the body so I became suspicious of a winged culprit. I put out the trail camera and sure enough the next day he came back to finish his meal. I use to scan the fields for wildlife but now I go to the windows and look to the skies for raptors with ill intent. What I'll do if I see one swooping down is unknown but I'm thinking a few high velocity paint balls may change his hunting habits without doing him any real harm. Give Max a carrot for me. em, mireille, lad, Marcia, swamper, linda , Dianne and all others aboard this Good Morning train, Hello and keep up the good fight.
  13. Peace

    The period at the end of the sentence.

    Genden- Please accept my condolences. You are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.
  14. Peace

    Dystonia and Parkinson's?

    My foot dystonia was my presenting motor symptom and what caused me to first seek medical advice. It is the first symptom to act up when my c/l is wearing off.
  15. Peace

    Good morning!!

    Hello Everyone! We had 2 nice weather days this week but today is cloudy, cold and rainy. Even the geese are confused. One day they're flying west, the next day east. Yes, you read that right, they aren't even flying the north/south migration path. I asked about this and some one had the suggestion that maybe they were looking for bodies of water. That makes since I guess. Nice blog LAD. I look forward to watching your son's performance. My DH worked last night so he is asleep and I have to be like Elmer Fudd and be "very very quiet" right now. I like knowing I can jump on this forum and catch up with what you are all doing. I don't always contribute but I think of you all often and be assured that if you have asked for prayers for yourself or others I'm on it! I'm going to go attempt to fold a load of sheets. No matter how neat I try to be those deep pocket fitted sheets always look like I just rolled them into a ball after I fold them.