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    Only a guess and shouldn't be taken seriously, but what you described suggest PD. My best suggestion is to find the nearest Movement Disorder specialist.
  2. I agree. This doctor is lazy. Get another one, then ask for a referral. I, too, was dismissed as a possible nut case, not just once but three times. Finally, I had to take charge of my own health. Fired the lazy doctor, and went to a another one. Got a referral to a neurologist, who then referred me to a movement disorder specialist. I knew something was wrong, but didn't suspect PD. Well, I have PD. Probably had it for years.
  3. tiarnach

    3 1/2 months in... And more questions

    Hi Stephen. I'm Steven and also in North Texas (Dallas). Thanks for sharing your PD story. I can identify. My first symptoms of PD started when I was in my early 50's. I noticed I was tired all the time. Sleep became a major problem and I started dozing off while driving to work. Like you, I napped during lunch. I got sluffed off by my doctor over and over. It was frustrating. Never a thought about Parkinson's until I noticed a slight tremor in my left hand. Finally, at last, got to the bottom of what was going on. I'm now 67 and retired; yet deal with PD. The meds help with tremors. A major PD symptom, for me is balance. I fall a lot. Best of luck to you. PD isn't a terminal disease, merely a complication.
  4. tiarnach

    Diagnosed with Parkinsonism.

    You've received great advise. This is a good place to be. Just know symptoms of Parkinson's vary from patient to patient as does the progression of Parkinson's. Also, the severity of symptoms can, and often, vary. I think tremors are the most common. For example, my biggest problem with Parkinson's is balance and muscle rigidity. Tremors, for me, are mild (so far in this journey) and controlled by the meds. As stressed above, exercise is your friend. It can extend the progression. And, meds are critical. God bless. Never give up.
  5. tiarnach

    tired beyond tired......

    Of all the symptoms of Parkinson's, the horrible fatigue impacts me most. I've tried everything. Initially I blamed it on sleep apeana, of which I suffer, and addressed that issue and it helped somewhat. However the extreme fatigue persists. Some days are better than others. I completely wear out doing simple things of life, such grocery shopping or taking the trash out. I've accepted the situation and adjusted my life.
  6. tiarnach

    New to this.

    Hello and welcome. As for the tremors. Severity of PD symptoms vary for each of us. For me, tremors increase with stress, physical or emotional, regardless if I've taken my meds. So if the cat tears up my desk and I get mad, I also get tremors. Mild tremors which come and go. The hallmark "test" for PD is if the carbidopa works. It does for me. At least it works by eliminating tremors in the normal course of the day. Just bear in mind we're all different. I've heard some PD patients have no tremors. Also the speed of progression of PD symptoms varies. Good luck and God bless.
  7. tiarnach

    And Yet Another Newbie

    Hello. I'm new, too. My tale is similar to so many others on this forum. In hindsight I recognize PD symptoms from as long as four years. Just didn't relate any of them to PD. They were all non-motor symptoms (exhaustive fatigue, sleep disorder etc). The tremors were my first hint of a more serious promblem. Tremors started in my left hand. They initially were minor and happened maybe once or twice a day. Obviously, they progressed to the point my primary care physician referred me to a neurologist. That was in March 2015. I've since had a second opinion from a PD specialist which confirmed the initial dx. Which brings me to the present. I take carbidopa 25/100 three times a day 3, 3, then 2. I also take gabapentin 200mg three times a day and amantadine twice a day. I pay dearly should I miss a dose. When I take the meds, there are no tremors. If I don't...well, you know what happens. Stress of any kind, (physical, emotional) seems to spark tremors. My meds don't help with balance issues or dizziness. I've fallen twice and have since had close calls. The dizzy business relates to a sudden drop in blood pressure, it's bad. Another problem is exhaustive fatigue, so bad I often just sit and watch TV or sleep (then wonder why I can't sleep at night )‚Äč. And, I'm dealing with stiff muscles, especially in my legs, making walking a test of strength, which wears me out and painful. So, that's my story. Pretty much the same as everyone. We all share the same story. God bless.