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  1. kaypeeoh

    So it's PD not APS?

    I'm up to two sinemet tabs taken three times daily. Personally I think I walk funny due to Achilles insertional tendinopathy and chronic bad back. I have a resting tremor in my dominant hand. He said I can stop the Pradaxa since the blood tests don't support an APS diagnosis but warned me the condition might recur. So it looks like I'm stuck with sinemet for an indeterminate amount of time. My insurance stopped paying for Tysabri infusions but mainly because they want the latest neuro's input. I wonder how much anxiety plays into these drugs causing side effects. After getting used to tysabri and sinemet I stopped having headaches. kevin
  2. kaypeeoh

    So it's PD not APS?

    He thinks it's PD based on how I walk. Never mentioned the DatScan.
  3. kaypeeoh

    Does this look like a PD Tremor?

    The neuro says it's Parkinson's Disease with a parkingsonian tremor. He thinks the way I walk is a sign of PD. I'm up to 1.5 sinemet three times a day.
  4. kaypeeoh

    Does this look like a PD Tremor?

    The neurologist calls it parkinsonianism. I've been on a high dose of sinemat for 3 months with no change. I don't see the neuros again til end of August. I was first diagnosed with MS. Then APS, an autoimmune clotting disorder. Then lastly the PD diagnosis. I'm a veterinarian. The tremor is noticeable by clients when I'm at work. But doesn't interfere with surgery or drawing blood from kittens or threading catgut suture onto surgical needles. But my handwriting is terrible.
  5. kaypeeoh

    Does this look like a PD Tremor?

    I have a similar tremor. My doctor calls it a resting tremor because when I'm using my hands the tremor doesn't interfere.
  6. kaypeeoh

    sleep aid with primidone

    Is Essential Tremor synonymous with Resting Tremor? BTW, I was on desyrel ten years ago; It made me affable, even jocular, but also so sleepy I couldn't drive or work.
  7. kaypeeoh


    Does this website allow files or photos to be posted with the topic? I can't see any sign for that.
  8. kaypeeoh

    Dr Dioge

    I'm reading The Brain's Way of Healing by Dioge, MD. Kinda 'new age' but interesting so far.
  9. kaypeeoh

    So it's PD not APS?

    So it's not APS?? Latest bloodwork shows negative cardiolipin IgG and IgM, beta-2 glycoprotien IgG and IgM nearly nil. But thrombin time 101.9 seconds while the norm is 19.5 seconds. The neuro already thinks it's not APS, instead thinks it might be Parkinson's Disease. Today I go from 1/2 tablet three times daily to a whole tablet Sinimet. http://DSC03060
  10. kaypeeoh

    Back on sinemet

    He started me at 1/2 pill with the idea of raising it to one pill three times daily after a week or two. So far no increase in nausea but I haven't gone up to one pill. kevin
  11. kaypeeoh


    I wondered why the neuro went straight to sinemet rather than even mentioning the test. Thanks, kevin
  12. kaypeeoh


    Could someone explain the DATSCan?
  13. kaypeeoh


    An elliptical forces you to use your hands for balance as your feet are planted on the pedals.
  14. kaypeeoh

    Just Interesting Things about This and That

    One of my interests is raptors, eagles, owls etc. I'm a veterinarian. An elderly man died leaving two Macaws in a cage. The animal control office brought them here to be euthanized. I dawdled while trying to find other solutions. My daughter volunteered at Tracy Aviary. One of their directors said he'd take the birds. The guy drove 3 hours to see and collect the two birds. I didn't hear anything more til he left a message for me. He said when he got the birds home his dog went ape-shit crazy barking. One of the birds screamed, "SHUT THE INAPPROPRIATE UP!" And the dog did, instantly. He wanted to tell me he couldn't be happier. He built them an indoor enclosure. And if the dog acts up the birds put him in his place by calling, "SHUT..."
  15. kaypeeoh

    Back on sinemet

    I'm back. Last July I was diagnosed with MS and APS: Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. Since then I've been on two drugs, monthly Tysabri infusions for the MS and daily Pradaxa for the APS. The MS doctor was never sure about the APS so she referred me to a specialist. I'd had a tremor for months before the MS dx. Also atrocious, small hand-writing. My doctor tried sinemet. I don't remember the dose. But I never felt it helped. After a month or so the doc switched me to propranolol. I couldn't tell but people I work with said they saw a difference. But I quit using it because of tiredness. It took three months before I could be seen by the new specialist. First a Fellow did a neuro exam then the specialist repeated it. Their findings: I'm weak on my left side. They saw it on the exam and when I walked. I'm left-handed and the tremor is in my left hand/arm. They called it a resting tremor. He says all of these problems can be due to 'Parkinsonism'. For brevity's sake I haven't mentioned the other neurologic signs I've had but he said that could all be explained by PD. But says I wasn't on the proper dose. So now I'm back on sinemet. The starting dose is 1/2 pill three times daily. They cautioned it should be given on an empty stomach. But one of the side effects is nausea? It's important to avoid high-protein meals? They suggested crackers for any nausea. They drew blood for detailed APS testing. I should get results in a few days. If they say it's not APS then maybe I can stop the Pradaxa? I've seen on tv a lot of law suits over pradaxa. The specialist said yes, it is possible to have MS and Parkinsons Disease. kaypeeoh