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  1. Ultrasound for tremors

    I forgot to mention, I've also seen ads proclaiming 50% of Parkinsons patients have hallucinations. I've had olfactory hallucinations for 30 years. That's smelling odors that aren't there. One neurologist suggested those could be petit mal seizures.
  2. Ultrasound for tremors

    I keep seeing ads for a new ultrasound technique designed to stop hand tremors. The guy on the video mentioned numbness to his lip. I have that also. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis four months ago. TIA, kpo
  3. Acupuncture and Parkinson's

    LR3, GB34, and GV20 are the three main points mentioned in the article. I studied veterinary acupuncture. These points are specific to "wind" disorders. I guess I can try needling myself so see whether it helps. kaypeeoh
  4. Goodbye to Caffeine for a while - ET

    You sound like my wife. Some kidney problems have forced her to stop all caffeine. And she has no problems. No headaches, no stupefying tiredness. I on the other hand am on my third cup this morning. And it's snowing.
  5. Goodbye to Caffeine for a while - ET

    I've been addicted to coffee since age 16. Once every year I go cold turkey to wean myself off the stuff. But as soon as the weather gets cold I'm back on the hard stuff. So I know how to quit. My hand tremor is bad enough it's worth seeing what might happen without caffeine. But I know that first week will be miserable. For the first week it's a constant nagging headache that nothing will help. Plus I'm so tired I fall asleep over my corn flakes. Then at the end of the week I'm cured, and swear never to drink the stuff again. Which lasts until the next cold snap. Propranolol 10mg twice daily seems to help somewhat with the tremor but not with my handwriting. kaypeeoh
  6. PD and MS?

    Still taking propranolol for the hand tremor. I looked up the drug in wiki and found one of the side effects is weight gain. And I have put on about 15# over the past 4 months. Any suggestions what to do? I don't feel like I'm eating more. The drug slows the heart rate which may be causing the weight gain???
  7. PD and MS?

    So it's been three months. The neurologist says the MRI is enough information to say definitively that I have MS. I've been on monthly infusions of Tysabri. I still take Propranolol and Pradaxa. For years I've had olfactory hallucinations, meaning I smell phantom odors. Sometimes faintly and sometimes quite strong odors. Since starting the tysabri the phantom odors have stopped. It was unusual that I started having signs of MS at my age, 61. Most show signs in their 20s or 30s. But like most with this condition, I may have had neurologic signs for years but were never diagnosed. I remember going to a doctor 20 years ago complaining about the odors. They could never come up with a reason. kaypeeoh
  8. PD and MS?

    Thanks for the note. I've been in Salt Lake City the past two days for more blood tests, a chest echo and 2 MRIs. One of the upper body and one of the brain. Hopefully one of the four doctors involved gets back to me with results. kpo
  9. PD and MS?

    So I've been on propranolol for several months for the hand tremor. But my handwriting has gotten worse and worse. My staff tell me the hand tremor is better but I still feel it. A few weeks ago a new problem developed; Without warning I developed severe vertigo. Also chest pains reminiscent of fractured ribs, which I had 20 years ago. The emergency room diagnosed a jugular thrombus with emboli in my inner ear and lungs. Then they did an MRI that suggests I have MS. Now I'm on Pradaxa, a blood-thinner for the emboli and the propranolol. I need a spinal tap but it can't be done while I'm on blood thinners. The MRI suggests MS but oligoclonal band proteins in the CSF is the only true diagnosis of MS. So how often does someone develop MS and PD? kaypeeoh
  10. video?

    Thanks, that sounds familiar.
  11. video?

    While net-surfing yesterday I found a video of a doctor's conference on tremor. The speaker was an older, heavy, balding man. He said parkinsons affects one-in-a-hundred people over 60 while tremor affects one-in-three. He mentioned a test that distinguishes parkinsons from essential tremor. But I was at work and when I went back to the laptop I had lost the video. Any idea who or what this test is? kaypeeoh
  12. kaypeeoh

    Hopefully you won't get a dozen copies of this message. I've been on the propranolol beta blocker for five days. My staff says they see a big reduction in hand tremor. Personally I don't see it. But it makes me tired to the point of no interest in exercise. A few days ago while fighting with a large dog he kicked me leaving a bruise in my thigh close to the knee joint. And the knee is sore also. Paperwork says the tiredness is temporary so I'm not worried. But do beta blockers cause muscle problems similar to statins? TIA, kaypeeoh
  13. Hi, Kevin.  Did you know you can delete all of your extra posts?  You  have to go into each one to do it, but it's easy.

    I know what you mean about the submit button sometimes not responding after you click on it at the end of a post you've done.  Must be that the system is on overload sometimes...??  And thus the slow response.

  14. This works for me...what works for you?

    Much as I hate this hand tremor, I have to say it makes scrambling eggs much easier. Only problem is keeping it in the bowl.
  15. kaypeeoh

    The doctor is trying propranolol now. I found a medline abstract that showed 10mg to be effective for surgeons. So I'm breaking the 20mg tabs in half and taking 10mg twice daily. IF this doesn't help then he'll refer me to a neurologist. I'm interested in seeing one to explain why I've smelled things for 20 years, smelling things that aren't real, like fresh paint of sage or unidentifiable odors. kpo