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  1. Panic Attacks or Something Else?

    Thank you dmCwolfe. Sounds like we experienced similar cardiac symptoms. I'm still seeing them occasionally (dizzy, shortness of breath, tight chest, metallic taste), but they typically coincide with either a high stress situation or an off period. I'm up to 7x of Sinemet 25-100 daily now & one Sinemet CR 50-200 nightly. That seems to have helped control the symptoms. I too sometimes have to take 0.25mg of Lorazepam to relieve the anxiety. Also, my neuro prescribed Effexor XR 37.5mg for anxiety, but I prefer to not take it daily as it does make me quite drowsy. I try to exercise 5 days a week now. I'm a runner at heart (in fact it was a stiffness problem while training for a half marathon that ultimately led to my diagnosis), but I've also recently discovered zumba. It's a lot of fun, and I find that learning the moves is helpful for relieving my symptoms. I haven't actually taken a zumba class yet (still a little self conscious about my moves or lack thereof), but I would definitely suggest looking into that, yoga, thai chi or boxing. Thanks again for your feedback!
  2. Thank you for the recommendations Sheila! Yes, I'm familiar with the Emory clinic appointment lead times. It's not easy to get in there.
  3. Thanks swamper! I may take you up on that in the future. I'm originally from Savannah, and we are considering moving back down there. If/when that happens I'll likely be reaching out to you. Thanks again!
  4. Hello Fellow Parkies, Greetings from Atlanta. Anyone have any great MDS or neurologist recommendations for the Atlanta area? I've searched for MDS in Atlanta, and it appears that they are all at the Emory clinic, which surprises me for such a big city. I would expect to find some also who practice at Piedmont & Northside, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyhow, I've experienced some recent symptom changes and was looking to get a 2nd opinion. I'm currently seeing a neurologist so thought I would search for a MDS. Thank you in advance for your help/support.
  5. Panic Attacks or Something Else?

    Thank you both for the replies. I met with my neuro yesterday, and we are trying a new medicinal cocktail. I was on Stalevo 200 4x per day along with one Sinemet ER 50-200 at night in addition to the 1mg of Rasagiline daily. We are keeping the Rasagiline, but replacing the Stalevo with Sinemet 25-100 as needed (up to 10 doses per day, but I'm hopeful that 6 will be plenty) and Neupro patch (2mg to start for 2 weeks & then 4mg). I'm one day in, and feel a little better already...hoping that trend continues. I'd be interested to hear others' opinions/experiences of Neupro, good or bad. Thanks!
  6. Hello. I'm a 40 year old male diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease initially in May 2015 and then confirmed with DAT scan in Jan 2016. I'm currently on Stalevo 200 4x per day, Rasagiline 1mg & Sinemet ER 50-200 1x per night. I also typically take 0.5mg of Lorazepam to help me sleep at night. Without it I tend to wake up with stiffness in my left leg (although the Sinemet ER has helped reduce this problem). I'm still working full time, and Parkinson's really hasn't impacted that part of my life at all until about 2 weeks ago. I travel 40 to 50% of the time so am very accustomed to that. But 2 weeks ago I quickly developed shortness of breath, chest tightness, tingling in hands & feet, indigestion, etc. one morning within about 4 to 5 hours. I went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack, and everything checked out fine (heart ok, lungs ok, no blockages, no clots, bloodwork ok). The EMS suspected it was a panic attack. About a week later I had a repeat of this, again while traveling for business. I knew that my heart & lungs were healthy so I was able to control my breathing & cope with the symptoms that subsided about 5 hours upon initial onset. Since then I've been fine aside from the occasional palpitation. I was able to run 2 miles this morning & put in a quick 30 min of weight training without any real problems. My resting HR can be a little high sometimes (today it is about 80 & climbs to about 90 to 95 when standing), but this usually doesn't bother me. I'm just curious if you've experienced this before in Parkinson's patients, and how is it treated? A mild anti-depressant assuming it is anxiety? The strange part is that I don't feel any more stressed than usual. MY PCP has recommended that I see a cardiologist to rule out autonomic dysfunction, but I haven't booked this appt yet (hopeful that it is just anxiety). I have an appt w/ my neuro in two days so I hope to understand more about what is going on, but am a little concerned. Is there an easy way to distinguish between anxiety/panic attacks & autonomic dysfunction? I've probably done too much reading on the Google. I do have REM sleep disorder too...typically acting out dreams nightly. Thanks in advance for any feedback!