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  1. My PD progressed somewhat like exasperated my spine's weak spots. Stress then got in the mix and brought me down even further. I was getting to where I had trouble walking. At first, my left hand would have postural tremors and left arm would be stiff. Then, my left foot would cramp. Then, my neck would be stiff. Then my lower back and stooped posture; which increased my back pain beyond what it should be. I got to where it even hurt to drive very long because I was fighting the stiffness so much. I was still misdiagnosed at this obvious stage, and I had been misdiagnosed before by focusing on my back; which was not the real problem. Finally, I saw a Neurologist recommended by a friend of my wife's who has MS. He immediately diagnosed me with parkinsonism and ordered a DatScan to be sure (because of my younger age). The DatScan confirmed it for everyone, there was no doubt then. Plus, I was immediately responding to medication. Now, I get around pretty well and I am not too real stiff without much tremor. Some days PD really tries to fight back and reminds me it is a struggle. I have 4 kids, one is an adult. Youngest is 10 now. So, I have to admit, I am fairly tired at the end of the day; but that varies. I take advantage of the energy and mobility I have been given back and work through it. Your kids probably already noticed more than you think they have. I know mine did.
  2. The biggest project I accomplished is remodeling our bathroom. It took a while, but it is done! The includes new flooring, wall tile, new counter, some plumbing, etc..
  3. I don't think you can correlate it to a stage. I do know from experience that stress is a factor. What is MAS P?
  4. Sounds exactly like my DBS cognitive exam.
  5. I was just wondering the same thing. My wife was taking me to work and all of the sudden she seems annoyed. I ask what is wrong and she says "You can't smell that?". I tell her I don't smell anything.... it was a skunk road kill smell. I sniffed, but didn't gather much. I come to work and smell a strong perfume/cologne smell. Why? I notice some days I can really smell the herbs in our pantry when I open it. Some days I either don't notice or don't smell it. When I lost my sense of smell, I had young ones and I normally would not pick up on the diaper smell, but my wife would have her eyes watering. I thought it was coming back, but it has been off and on.
  6. I joked about this before, but some people are trying to make it real. A medical scanner inspired by Star Trek! I don't see it finding PD anytime soon
  7. I am glad you have success this time. I hope you get past the confusion soon. I am anxious to hear how the programming works for you.
  8. Funny, I had 2-3 NCTs done during my complications. There was mention of odd results, but not one mentioned PD. I am glad your doctor was helpful for you. I just wish mine were.
  9. Scott, I wish you the best on your recovery. Just got my PICC removed yesterday and I am back to work today. No more sitting at home attached to awkward tubes and a pump.
  10. Thanks. The one thing that went well was the programming. I got programmed the day before I went to the hospital and it worked great! So, at least I got a taste of how well it can work for me before I decide to risk it again
  11. Yes, they removed the hardware after I had 3 consecutive seizures... it was too emergent at that point. They sent me to ICU and put me in OR in a day, maybe two. Since I don't remember some things, time is a little fuzzy. They say I can't even try until about 6 months from now. Probably a good thing to give me time to really think about it.
  12. i ended up getting an infection also. Really sucks.
  13. Nice link. Thanks! When I have tried some drinks with Ginko, I get a little light headed; but I feel fine. Any ideas what that means? (Sorry, maybe this should be a new topic).
  14. I wish sinemet was a lot more like skittles. I love them! My MDS was worried about dyskinesia side effects from too much during the day, so I have to ramp down on my dose in the evening to hopefully keep that down. I take amantadine also. I take ER Sinemet at night to help me get up in the AM. I have to depend on my wife more and 3 of my kids are older, so they can handle things ok. I don't like coming home having spent my energy and not have much left to help. I am hoping DBS helps this. I think my stomach has reached the limit, so I am at my peak dosage at this point. As Lena mentions, I can vary a lot in the days of the week. "Expect the unexpected"