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  1. Nice link. Thanks! When I have tried some drinks with Ginko, I get a little light headed; but I feel fine. Any ideas what that means? (Sorry, maybe this should be a new topic).
  2. I wish sinemet was a lot more like skittles. I love them! My MDS was worried about dyskinesia side effects from too much during the day, so I have to ramp down on my dose in the evening to hopefully keep that down. I take amantadine also. I take ER Sinemet at night to help me get up in the AM. I have to depend on my wife more and 3 of my kids are older, so they can handle things ok. I don't like coming home having spent my energy and not have much left to help. I am hoping DBS helps this. I think my stomach has reached the limit, so I am at my peak dosage at this point. As Lena mentions, I can vary a lot in the days of the week. "Expect the unexpected"
  3. I had to try reducing stress AND increasing meds. It eventually calmed down. My foot was causing problems and keeping me from getting ready in the morning for work. It is not as often now, and when it does happen I learned what to do, so I think it is a combo of solutions. Funny thing.. My middle finger is "Stuck" every morning. I have to do a "Spiderman move" to release it. My kids think that is pretty entertaining.
  4. It is "President's Day" here. Private Industry keeps working however. I was driving along in a cool wet morning that resembles spring already. My peach tree is blossoming, the grass is turning green and new leaves are starting to show. It appears our legendary gopher was wrong. Then again, it is still possible for the harsh Midwest weather to dive into one more deep freeze and kill all new life that sprouted over the weekend.
  5. I would love to take that test and really know what it could do for me. Realistically, it won't be covered by insurance, be very pricey, and I won't be able to use it in my state. However, I am very curious.
  6. Never heard of it. What is the difference besides oral?
  7. Good morning. Green grass is showing up in Texas. Still early for spring.. even for Texas. Yet, it is a good time to start planning the garden.
  8. I guess I am pretty fortunate also. I wish it wasn't 30 miles across the city, but they gave me a laptop for bad days and are very understanding. I had to bring up the issue, but they don't know what struggles I may have until I say something.
  9. My job here is somewhat based on PD because I was getting worse and I needed to be closer to family. I didn't know it was PD at the time, but now I leak it out to those I work with. My career outlook has changed a bit. I am not going to be so competitive. I recently applied for another job and now I wonder if they will be as supportive as here. Once I have things worked out with this company, it is a little hard to think of everything with a new job. It certainly complicates things a little more.
  10. I really can't hide things. I guess I am now more self-aware of things. Before, I was doing the PD shuffle and didn't know how bad I looked. I should be used to it by now. You are right, I am not going to perfect in the future either. I was watching re-runs of spin city the other day. I thought that I resemble him at that time with little quirks. Not that its horrible, but I had the thought that my future may look a lot like his today; but then there is DBS. I am going to find out where that takes me.
  11. I know this thread is a little old, but I thought it was a proper place to post this. I went to a meeting this morning, it is rainy, cool, and I was pretty tired this morning. Fighting some slow traffic, I get to work a about 5 min late and walk in 10 min late to my meeting. One person knows my history because I worked closely with him. I noticed I catch the new team staring at me when I am not looking (that moment when you turn and they turn away). Then, I leave the meeting and one person gives me a soft pat on the back. It is not that I am paranoid (or am I ), but the way it felt. I get this feeling, while they were waiting for me, someone asked- "what's with those scabs on his head?" - and the story came out. You see, I just had a DBS surgery and my sutures are healing slowly. So, I am running around with these short racing stripes. I started wearing a cap, but then forgot it one day. Then, I just gave up covering the ugly scabs; which are almost gone. Anyway, it just felt a little strange, but I guess every time I work with a new group, it will have awkward moments.
  12. Thanks Shaker. Not many treatments have no side effects. I wish the MMJ wasn't automatically associated (to much of the public) to the bad rep of drug abuse. I guess awareness and scientific evidence are the best tools
  13. Yep, my left foot is the worst
  14. Ropinirole is bad for me. I did stupid things on it. It wasn't instant, but over a couple of months it got bad. I have a stiff neck also. No accident