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  1. Does anyone else have dreams ABOUT your PD?

    Yeah. I do all the time.
  2. Voice weakness

    I never said you don't need sinemet. In fact, my statement agrees with yours. My first sentence is addressing your comment that the DBS needs sinemet to work. The DBS is another tool. The DBS itself does not need sinemet to do its part. However, I don't understand why you can't titrate off meds. What is the "bite" in the end? What is the consequence in the long run for YOPD?
  3. Why can't exercise do the same thing? Where are the clinical studies you promised?
  4. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02306863 no evidence of this so far
  5. Voice weakness

    For me, I discovered that taking out lactose (completely) and reducing gluten has boosted my mood and lessened the PD symptoms some. I am also trying to include blueberries and grape (anti-oxidant fruits) I just started following this strictly the last two weeks, but I am already noticing. Also, a lot less processed foods, but mostly cooked foods and vegetables. I found out, from donating my DNA to 23andme, that I have a lactose intolerance. So, some of this is making sense. I use coconut milk for anything requiring milk.
  6. INcreased sense of smell?

    PD+? Atypical? That really stinks (pun intended). For a while, I smelled nothing. Once I was taken care of, months later I noticed it came back.
  7. INcreased sense of smell?

    Mine comes and goes with Sinemet. some days more, some days much less. Somedays, I can be very sensitive to one smell, but I can completely miss another. It is weird
  8. Voice weakness

    I have am willing to get mine re-installed for better QOL. I did change my diet also. I already feel better. Just another tool to keep the PD from slowing me down.
  9. Voice weakness

    The DBS does not "need" Sinemet. DNS does not replace the medication, but I know 2 people I met in person who no longer take PD meds because their DBS was so successful. It is more likely someone will need some lower dosage of medication as things are fine tuned. Or, it could treat what the medicine was no longer effective for. However, they say if Sinemet is no longer effective, it is too late to get a DBS. I am going to get my mine re-installed in about 3 weeks
  10. Personality changes?

    It is good that you are trying to understand and help him. I just used my examples to hopefully help. No need to apologize. There are lots of options and help available. That is the good part. Have you called NPF? They helped us understand a few things... for free. I recommend calling together. I am sorry to hear of your struggles. PD can affect many things. Since he is a pilot, I suggest having a plan to figure out what is next when it is adversely affecting his job. I know pilots hate to be grounded, but PD has a way of forcing us to make new plans. I hope things go well.
  11. Personality changes?

    Ashwaghanda isn't necessarily safe for me. I had some of those things you mention. Definitely agree that his PD meds should be well balanced. Also, I have found some meds, like Cymbalta, actually help me and PD. I never had a Psych before, but I do now. She prescribed a mood stabilizing medicine which has also helped. In my case, I felt like I was letting my family down and they expected too much. Just negative thinking really, but I now understand that was PD and me (pre-diagnosis) trying to handle life without knowing how. It is really a viscous cycle. PD is causing more stress and the added stress of trying to deal with PD while the stress is actually fueling the PD.
  12. Early Parkinson

    C0-Q10 and Fish Oil can also help. You still have to be careful with supplements too. For instance, Ashwaghanda isn't for me, but it may be an interaction with my medication. It is hard to tell.
  13. Stage 3 & 4. Candid discussion. ??

    I was digging through forums and I discovered this. I have a CPAP; which I should use more often. Sometimes, I get short of breath, like I realize I was breathing shallow or my breath pattern is off for some reason. Since I am a vet of the middle east conflicts, I had my lungs checked and they said I was fine. This statement hints at a PD issue. Is there a PD issue with breathing?
  14. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    I can't see the link from this computer, but I will look at it and share. I finally got TBI Service Connected (10%). In the exam, they told me it was hard to tell which symptoms were PD or TBI. Since 2008 (TBI), there is a pretty good indication of health decline. I was in Saudi in '95 and in Iraq in 2005... They have not agreed on any connection this far.
  15. Hand tremor when nervous, anyone else?

    Nice to know I am not the only one.