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  1. jb….I tap a half dozen maple trees, and the sap is finally flowing! Make just enough for home use and gifts. I must admit I don't have the patience to boiling it down correctly so its usually a little watery. But its all for fun. On your menu choices I have to vote for putting in on vanilla ice cream. Even though it goes well on just about anything.
  2. Best of luck Bill.
  3. Thanks for the post Jb. Its tough losing a friend. It was a quiet St Patricks day for us. However, my DW is 50% Irish so we had a beautiful dinner of corned beef and cabbage….with a little bit of Jameson and soda! Dear Lord I love that woman. I can have a blasé day and she can be a pick me up without even trying. Happy St. Patricks Day to all!
  4. All I can think is miracles do happen. I had an experience this past week involving a high level of cardio vascular exercise in which I was able to complete. I first checked with my PCP and she gave a thumbs up….which was encouraging in and of itself. Maybe we don't give ourselves enough credit that we, with help above, can still achieve great things. It doesn't matter whatever you use as a measuring stick. It's worth the fight back. If not for yourself, for the others around you. Sometimes it just means a little extra rest between I guess. It's still difficult to stop looking inward instead of outward. Life is all around us. Thanks for listening.
  5. Thanks NN
  6. Usually it seems to be associated, I guess, with an old injury. I once separated my shoulder while skiing. It never really hurt after that until PD came into my life. Recently I've had almost constant pain adjoining my right collar bone. Have no idea why. Any other "pain" seems to be associated with rigidity. Exercise and stretching help a great deal.
  7. Thanks for sharing this info. Other life circumstances like the flu don't know boundaries. Not having read this I would have called my doctor and hoped for the best.
  8. Appreciate you humor regarding item number 3. Yes I agree, something better than tuna casserole. Rib eye steak would probably be my choice, or as my grandkids know my true weakness are cookies! Probably be well deserved if I snuck too many cookies out of the cookie jar!
  9. Welcome. Hope you find some comfort here. This is one mysterious disease as it affects everyone a bit differently. Sometimes I think we experience ups and downs as any normally healthy person…..just sometimes emotions, physical challenges just happen to be magnified a bit. For my situation, sinemet and exercise are core to managing symptoms. Family support helps……I just have difficulty leaning on them as I know they worry some. As you mention, my concern is for my spouse. Just need to live in the moment, and as others have expressed on the forum….be thankful for each day.
  10. Glad you weren't hurt more than what you said. Any hot liquid to the face had to hurt! Hope the chiropractor helped. It's pretty interesting what they can do.
  11. Couldn't agree more Dan. If I personally sound down its probably because I most likely over did it yesterday. X-country skied 4.5 miles yesterday through snow with a half inch of crusty ice. More of a hike than ski. Attitude is everything. I can either say I'm tired out from a 4.5 ski yesterday and maybe shouldn't have done that. Or, I can say……hey I went 4.5 miles yesterday! I truly find more support through the understanding from folks with PD on this forum. You guys get it. Somethings just can't be explained. Your last sentence says it all. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Hope is elusive. You can't feel it, touch it, smell it, taste it or necessarily see it. But we do recognize it when occurs in life. Especially in things and ways that you mention regarding "the smaller things in life." Just sharing. I find it frustrating to accept PD and just "deal with it." Some folks seem to believe that all we can do is eat right, exercise, take our meds, and wait. I struggle with my own attitude. There has to be something to be said about positive attitude and fighting back mentally. I'm not always the most positive person to be around. Just trying to be objective here. I have my moments of doubt in dealing with PD. But if we don't fight back each in our own way…..whether its attitude, eating right, exercising, taking our meds…..then we've lost the collective battle. Maybe I'm just coaching myself to be strong. We do need to recognize that life is short and come to grips with that. At least I do. Maybe that's where I'm headed with this rambling. In addition to recognizing the small things in life, which are very uplifting, we also need to take those times to regenerate and come back and fight the good fight. It's important to support each other collectively. Thanks for your post jb. Hope you have a great 2017.
  13. p.s. Any insights on participation in studies would helpful as well. More information other than links through National Parkinson's Foundation or MJFF. Thank you.
  14. Very informative article. Thank you. A quote from the article: " Yet everyone’s brain deteriorates over time, the spread of free radicals and accumulation of misfolded proteins that occur from the simple act of eating and breathing leads to cell death." I have very limited knowledge of the effects of free radicals, diet and the relationship to PD. All I recall is that free radicals are bad and attack good cells in our bodies. Is that correct? Being lazy at the moment and not scouring the forum articles on nutrition and the relationships with PD can you say a little bit about proper nutrition? I went through a sleep study, found to have sleep apnea and am currently on CPAP. At the conclusion of the sleep study, in addition to prescribed CPAP the specialist has me on turmeric at night. It supposedly acts as a natural sleep aid and also attacks free radicals. If we can slow the process of the death of neurons by eating more properly at least that's a step in the right direction. Thanks for any insight you, or others on the forum, can provide.
  15. Very good NN.