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  1. papa57

    Getting Out

    Yes, its difficult to be "prepared" for anything. Lately if I just mentally tell myself to RELAX....pause.....and breath it works quickly.
  2. papa57


    Anxiety seems to be the word for the day. I too have real issues with anxiety. About the time I think its not much of an issue.........it rears its ugly head and hits me. Go figure. I can become anxious anticipating something that I'll be involved with a group of people........or conversely I can develop anxiety being alone with no sounds in the house and start to wonder how I can handle the upcoming winter on isolated days. Staying busy definitely helps.
  3. papa57

    A little something to think about

    Thanks LAD. Can't say I'll sign up.......but it sure looks interesting.
  4. papa57

    Do any of you here sleep - I get little or none

    I've been using a combination of valerian root, melatonin, turmeric, and an antidepressant (sertraline) with pretty good results. Usually wake up 2-3x times per night to go to the bathroom,, which is obviously an age related issue as well. On occasion, make it all the way through the night, or wake up only once. A cheap pair of headphones with relaxation tapes is can be a big help. Hopefully this helps.
  5. papa57

    Good morning!!

    Sounds fantastic! Would like to join in sometime.
  6. papa57

    PD is not the end

    It's been rough sledding lately. It's good to find positive motivation here. Strong willpower tends to ebb and flow with me. Being able to write this......at this very moment is cathartic.
  7. papa57

    New to PD - Parkinsonism - SWEDDs or Whatever

    FG......sounds like its been a rough road. The unknown is definitely difficult. They'll figure it out. After that things seem to fall into place. Hang in there.
  8. papa57

    Welcome to the club

    Sounds like things are going better for you. I'm glad! Certainly understand wanting to limit taking meds. Sometimes it seems a bit much. I've been dealing with a new symptom of dystonia in my right arm/bicep. PD .........the gift that keeps on giving. 😐
  9. papa57

    Welcome to the club

    Well as I have been told, we all have a "right" to our own feelings. There are definitely good days and bad days with PD. If you're tired.......it definitely magnifies the bad feelings. Maybe just take some time for yourself. Do something you enjoy. Try not to be alone.....you only dwell and ruminate on "what-ifs." In your last sentence, I agree, you'll find a way. As much as we want to be in control.......we're not. We do have each other however. Acceptance doesn't mean accepting defeat. It means accepting the challenge, and PD is manageable. Hope you have a better day today, and if it doesn't turn out that way.......there WILL be better days ahead. There are rays of sunshine that poke through those dark clouds.
  10. papa57

    Summer adventure season starting

  11. papa57


    Exercise. Prescribed meds when its really bad. You only need to tell people what you want to tell them. You can always change the subject. Focus on your breathing. Just some of my thoughts.
  12. papa57

    Diagnosed with PD on 46th birthday

    The initial diagnosis throws a person for a loop. It can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Exercise is a must! There is a lot of help on this forum.
  13. papa57

    Do any of you here sleep - I get little or none

    Exercise and fresh air will definitely help. With spring coming maybe you can get outside. It was very difficult 10 years ago when things started. Sertraline was prescribed for anxiety and depression. It was hard for me to take during the daytime, so it was prescribed to be taken at bedtime. That with a combination of melatonine, valerian root, and turmeric curcumin pretty much works. If I know I'm going to have special difficulty in getting sleep I add a half tab to a tab of ibuprofen p.m. or very small amount of clonazapam. The ibuprofen or clonazpam is approved by my MDS/neurologist that specializes in PD. The melatonin, and turmeric was introduced by a sleep specialist. The valerian root was advised by a organics health drug store. That was came about later on in the process and was quite effective. I really try to rely on exercise during the day the most. I'm on CPAP as well. You'll get different words of advice. You just need to find out what works for you. Obviously start out on lowest dosages as possible is my advice and on as few of whatever drug you're going to take. Best of luck.
  14. papa57

    Early PD and vigorous exercise

    Having a bad day today. Thanks for the positive posts. It motivating.
  15. papa57

    Early PD and vigorous exercise

    I haven't posted in awhile and this thread caught my eye. My nature is to cheer others on. Within the last few months I would definitely advocate for high intensity cardio workout, e.g. on a treadmill. Everyone is different. I would get my heart rate up to 150-155+. I always felt so much better afterward. Fell out of the routine. I guess primarily due to obligations to work and only so much time. More recently I over exerted and strained my right foot. For anyone in the 60's range knows it takes longer for things to heal. So I've been nursing that foot for about 3 weeks. Its getting better and I hope to get back into exercise with more exertion. In the meantime, been doing less stressfull exercise and more PD related stretching found on YouTube. But yes, if you're up to it, I would advocate cardio exercise.