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  1. Found this interesting:
  2. Took a vacation and hiked in Colorado. Going back for a second time this summer. Completed large custom fabricated metal railings on our home balconies. Continued bowhunting with my son as he got his first deer from a ground blind (no more tree stands for me). Ran a lot of 5K's and completed the Warrior Dash last weekend (whew)! Almost 4 years past diagnosis, Keep hammering!
  3. Bill, likely not because Marinol is isolated THC meaning it doesn't contain other cannabinoids such as CBD. They currently have Sativex available in other countries for MS spasticity. Here's the link it would be nice if we had such medication options here.
  4. Hmm. Good to know. What brands did you try? Thanks, Dave.
  5. A must watch Keep on keeping on.
  6. Good article
  8. Lethe That link doesn't seem to take me to the actual device logistics. Seems logical, but I'm a nerdy engineering type. Thanks man.
  9. Thanks Murray. I know that this is a hot button topic. I only mean well and try to open people's minds to the options. Education is truly the key.
  11. Some good news. Please continue to contact our representatives to help forward this and companion legislation.
  12. There may be some hope yet. I have tried to reach out to whoever in our local government will listen. Please reach out to the public officials to help our cause.
  13. Some good news. Although not a comprehensive medical cannabis bill, it does include other medical conditions.
  14. This is the unfortunate reality in which I live as well, albeit with PD. I have emailed every representative, senator, congressperson, that I can think of. As well I have contacted the MPP to try and get some support on this issue. Most of which to no avail or automated response. The current "legislation" and even the supposed to be introduced "legislation" is an absolute joke. I truly believe a move will be in my future.
  15. Bill Good luck with that. These bastards won't even recognize PD across states uniformially. Let alone get something that controversial prescribed "off label" for PD. He'll some of us can't even get them to recognize CBD as medical per US patent 6630507. I call bullshit, but we're going to have to rally the PD troops for change to happen.