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  1. Shaker Dave

    Rock steady boxing

    I'm just wondering how many people with YOPD would be interested in Rock Steady boxing in the southern Wisconsin/ Northern Illinois area?
  2. Shaker Dave

    Interesting cannabis study

  3. Shaker Dave

    The Problems with Medical Marijuana

    As a hunter myself mainly bowhunting, I find it ridiculous to have to choose between your health and your 2nd amendment rights.
  4. Shaker Dave

    23 and Me update

    I'm very suspicious of some of these DNA testing services. I don't know what the fine print of 23 and me is, but when my grandma who has been doing genealogy for almost 50 years looked into it you give up any rights to your DNA indefinitely. Thus anything gained, patented etc. from your DNA you have no rights to. Just be aware to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line like any thing else.
  5. Shaker Dave

    The Problems with Medical Marijuana

    I have added cannabinoids to my daily regimen with great success. I typically found that 2:1 CBD/THC works the best for me. I have used lozenges, edibles, and patches to achieve optimal efficiency.
  6. Shaker Dave

    Medical Marijuana

    On my recent vacation to Colorado I used indica based THC lozenges/patches along with CBD edibles at a 1:1and 2:1 ratio on the CBD side. I had wonderful results and was able to decrease my daily sinemet dose by 1 pill a day. I know everyone is different in their regime and reacts differently. It's a damn shame more emphasis isn't being put into this research from the PD community at large.
  7. Shaker Dave

    medical marijuana

    Found this interesting: https://cannasense.com/
  8. Shaker Dave

    Post diagnosis projects and accomplishments.

    Took a vacation and hiked in Colorado. Going back for a second time this summer. Completed large custom fabricated metal railings on our home balconies. Continued bowhunting with my son as he got his first deer from a ground blind (no more tree stands for me). Ran a lot of 5K's and completed the Warrior Dash last weekend (whew)! Almost 4 years past diagnosis, Keep hammering!
  9. Shaker Dave

    What helps with Dyskinesia?

    Bill, likely not because Marinol is isolated THC meaning it doesn't contain other cannabinoids such as CBD. They currently have Sativex available in other countries for MS spasticity. Here's the link https://www.gwpharm.com/products-pipeline/sativex it would be nice if we had such medication options here.
  10. Shaker Dave

    Medical Marijuana

    Hmm. Good to know. What brands did you try? Thanks, Dave.
  11. Shaker Dave

    Medical Marijuana

    A must watch https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e4v-BPJDLiQ Keep on keeping on.
  12. Shaker Dave

    Medical Marijuana

    Good article http://www.parkingsuns.com/2017/02/20/marijuana-older-parkies-expanding-new-thing/
  13. Shaker Dave

    Medical Marijuana

  14. Shaker Dave

    medical marijuana

    Lethe That link doesn't seem to take me to the actual device logistics. Seems logical, but I'm a nerdy engineering type. Thanks man.
  15. Shaker Dave

    Medical Marijuana

    Thanks Murray. I know that this is a hot button topic. I only mean well and try to open people's minds to the options. Education is truly the key.