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  1. Rytary update

    I'm going back to sinemet .. ????
  2. Rytary update

    Update my refill was $750 premera changed the plan!! Ugh.. good thing I still have samples. Gonna switch back to sinemet. I did not pay ????
  3. Rytary update

    I'm on premera A.. I use Costco pharmacy and they hashed it out with premera with the drug company help.. I filled out card got code gave to Costco and they said premera said 25 copay..
  4. Good morning!!

    Long time since I have last posted. Have been lurking though ????.. so good morning to everyone....
  5. 6 months of exercise, no help with my PD...????.. but I have lost 20lbs...????????????
  6. Ouch!

    Hey Stump, how you holding up? I got stuck on stairs last month at key arena.. fell and wife and another person caught me before I face planted. See MDS on Feb 10th.. I don't want to tell her lol.. wife wil though...????.. I swear I told my feet to step down and upper body said go and feet said zzzzzzz
  7. Rytary update

    I got switched to Rytary back in September. Same reason daytime sleepiness. I am doing 3 2 3 per day. See MDS on 10th. So far way better then before. My copay is down to $25. Only issue now is RLS at night so not sleeping well at night. Started this month..
  8. Urinary Urgency

    Great, today at work was work 30 minutes and bathroom break all day long....so far this has happened 5 times since diagnosed. Just hoping its me getting older and not pd related.
  9. Noticing

    Telling my 12 year old grandson was hard. He asked a few questions and I answered best I could. A few minutes later he smiled and said papa guess I'm gonna out fish you sooner then I thought... I busted out laughing and things have been fine since. He was the youngest of the grandkids I told.
  10. 2 car wrecks since diagnosed!

    Ok I go 36 years no accidents. Get diagnosed last September and have had two!! One not my fault, one was. Coincidence or was I over due???
  11. Noticing

    Stump how old our your kids?? Mine were adults so easier.
  12. Vent time

    Afroney your right on ,I'm beginning to feel like a squirrel getting ready for winter. rofl????????
  13. Noticing

    Well my work knows. But I figured to be upfront about it. Of course I am 53 now and am not looking to move up. Just trying to hang on lol. Anyways my group at work has bee very supportive and gone out of there way to help, even when not needed. My boss is like if yo need anything let us know. So far so good. They did notice my tremor and a co worker asked so figured might as well spill the beans.
  14. Vent time

    Me to, leaving on 9 day camping trip tonight.
  15. Vent time

    Ok my MDS is out of town. I currently take 1.5 sinemet in morning and evening and 2 sinemet extended release midday. I got low on the 1.5 dose and had no refills. Called office nurse sayed ok will call it in. What did she do she canceled the 1.5 refilled the one I had. According to my pharmacist they called Wednesday to fill it then called Thursday to cancel it. My nurse is a little ditzy. So now I'm out of the one I nedd!!!! ????????????