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    Rich age 70 Male

    Good health with the exception of Gerd and IBS
    Have known symptoms for approx. 7 months. Symptoms started as Benign Tremors. That is what my PCP told me. At that time I didn't feel like I had PD. Resting tremors started in my left arm and hand.

    Went back to PCP and he diagnosed me with PD and wanting a second opinion.

    My first visit with MDS is Wednesday Sept 30, 2015. We shall see what she says
  1. Help people? With religion. Are kidding me? I won't find another forum and shame all of you. Religion of all kinds have done more to destroy humanity than any other belief system. Don't like what I say? Shaming me or telling me to go somewhere else by a few of you is useless. You help people by enslaving them to a system of servitude
  2. Fine I simply won't post anymore on your thread. I'm happy with that. Just hoping some poor soul will read my word and think about another view of life. Sorry
  3. LInda, regardless of scripture and how you feel I still don't want to worship anything. I simply don't get it regardless of how good he is.. I want to freedom of the conscious universe. I don't believe there is simply 2 choices. I know you believe you are right just like every other faith or religion out there. Every one is wrong except you. I've dealt with this in Christian denomination after denomination after denomination.. Even between denominations everyone else is going to hell. I've see more hate and narrow mindedness to last me a life time. What if you are wrong and the Hindu are right? Too many "I'm right and you are wrong. What if the Koran is correct and the Christian bible is wrong. Christianity and every other religion has been used through the century's to control, and convert regardless of the method. Harvest Souls for their God. Where is God eveyday when over 20 thousand children die? Is that part of His plan? Where was God when millions of Jew were killed in WW2? Did they dies because they were JEws. I believe Christians are more afraid of death than non Christians. God allows untold suffering everyday throughout the world. Is that his plan or do we blame it on the Devil? Or, do we simply we are sinners and deserve it. I am not and refuse to accept what ever the so called Adam and Eve did. The idea of original sin makes absolutely no sense to me at all. In fact as far as SIN goes God did create to look, act, behave like human beings. IF He had wanted something different He should have made something different. I refuse to be or act like anything other than Human. I love the human experience and love all the feelings of being human. I will not deny my humanness. I'm made to feel and act certain ways as long as they are within the moors of society.. The arguments can go on and on. We make human mistakes. every day. Are all these mistakes considered sins? Christianity doesn't even allow a person to be Human. We must hide our humanity and put on the cloak of Christ to be more perfect;
  4. May i make a statement regarding "Free Will"? I know it's talked about considerably in the Bible and I"m sorry but I can't quote scripture but. IMHO true "Free Will" can only exist where no intimidation or negative motivation (like going to hell) is offered as an alternative to making the wrong choice. Free will to either go to hell or worship at the feet of your God for eternity doesn't seem like 2 choices I would make
  5. richdbyrd

    My Dreams

    Love hearing from you ellaangel2. Thank you so much for your words. I don't know you but consider you a friend here - we seem to be somewhat alike. Tell me more about yourself and how you feel about things. If you notice that poem you call it is opposite of what Christians feel about their heavenly father. I am just an earthly father so wouldn't understand the Christians point of view
  6. richdbyrd

    My Dreams

    Natasha, i do appreciate your concern but I've been this way all my life. i don't think I"ve been depressed all my life- generally a happy person just very reflective and like to put things certain ways.
  7. richdbyrd

    My Dreams

    Linda you are such a loving and caring woman. You are very special. I will try to answer your questions. "Can you explain a little more clearly what you mean by wanting to experience the reality of what comes next not what someone tells you comes next? Does that mean you want to know for sure what comes next? I'm a little lost." Life exists everywhere in this great ocean of consciousness, not just physical or spiritual life but life yet unknown or discovered by religion or scientist. I'm speaking of the life after this life - the continued existence of our consciousness. Many different religions believe many different things. There is some reality in the consciousness or passing that non of these religions has figured out yet. I know what you believe and that's fine for people choosing to believe that, I want more than an existence of worshiping at the feet of some God or the super existence described in Revelations. or the so called burning in hell because I don't believe a certain way. I don't believe what you believe and think life after death holds some other truths. I don't want those truths to be tainted with preconceived ideas or influenced by the Muslim's or Christians or Sikh or Hindu or someones ideas or religion. I want to know the absolute truth regardless of what that is. "May I ask what you did for a living and also at what point you are in your Parkinson's? And where you live? What your interests are?" I was in construction for most of my career but retrained in my early 50's as a web programmer. I am in early stages of Parkinson's and on no meds yet. Currently in Phoenix AZ with plans to relocate to the coast of Mississippi for family and personal reasons. I still build a few websites. "Maybe we can walk along with you as you go through this point in your life if you would like us to. Maybe we won't have the answers you are hoping to find. But we can be here to listen...and care...and try to understand. I'm very concerned for your obvious struggle and seeming depression." My answers will only come when I'm in the next life. I find it very difficult to find many truths in this life outside of the normal family dialog. I do have struggles regarding answers but I''m not in the least depressed. I find thinking and writing from my set of truths and questions most rewarding. I try to write from my heart and revelations of truth i find from time to time.
  8. richdbyrd

    My Dreams

    Thanks Dan for the kind words. My mood is good just reflective.and realistic for me. It's how i see my life and my future. It's not a bad thing just a realistic thing. About the future. IMHO my future in this existence is coming to an end in a few years. I am 70 yo. My real future is in the next life. i can continue living this life to the fullest but not kidding myself of the reality of passing.
  9. richdbyrd

    My Dreams

    Yes I have a family and thank you for asking. Life is lonely at times regardless for who surrounds you, Your destiny can be lonely. I am a loving father – you do not have to fear me I am a kind and understanding father I do not have an evil alter ego I am not a jealous father I will not punish you for your thoughts – Your thoughts are yours I will not punish for your actions – Your actions are yours No one has to die for my love You can never lose my love There is nothing to forgive You are perfect just as you are
  10. richdbyrd

    My Dreams

    It doesn't really matter if anyone responds but are welcome to if so desired, These are strictly my feelings about having PD.and Ageing. As I age I dream of the past and the things i use to have, the newness of everyday with ages of life in front of me. I feel like I'm becoming less human everyday with less human qualities, futures and dreams. I am turning into something I don't recognize or understand - an old man that has no real physical future and hope for a conscious life in the offing. I'm not a religious person and want to experience the reality of what comes next not what someone tells me comes next The reality of what my life has been and will be is simply a memory or a dream. A Dream Within a Dream By Edgar Allan Poe Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow — You are not wrong, who deem That my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, In a vision, or in none, Is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream. I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand — How few! yet how they creep Through my fingers to the deep, While I weep — while I weep! O God! Can I not grasp Them with a tighter clasp? O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream? ___________________________ Is this all our life is? Do we fade into oblivion with only memories and dust to remember us by,
  11. does focusing on suffering help us understand the suffering or reason for suffering in each individual. Does it mske the suffering worse or less? Would focusing on the love of God eleviate some of our suffering? Do we suffer for our or someones elses sins? Can suffering simply be a product or our biology without involving God or his will. Does all suffering for Christians result in th= glorification.of God in some sense? Sorry for all the questions Linda. I do believe in a greater power so i will say that i hope your God does bless you and heal you as He sees fit. You are a grest resource for your religion and i do respect you for who you are and what you do for your beliefs
  12. richdbyrd

    New member

    The experience here is broad and valuable. But like musicman said ii may not necessarily be what you experienca. Everyone is different in how pd will progress in your body. Only you and your MDS can make the best choices for you. Ivd noticed that some people like to push their experiences as gospel. Just be careful. Make your own choices. Educate yourself so you can talk to your doctor in an intelligent fashon. Most pwp on this forum mean well but get distracted at times.
  13. richdbyrd

    Has anyone looked at Buddhism to help deal wirh stress?

    Thanks you ellaangel2. You are a wise woman.
  14. richdbyrd

    Gerd/IBS etc solutions you employee

    I take Pantoprazole and that works but just not enough - A lot of peoples anxiety and nerves affect their blood pressure. It seems like mine goes straight to my stomach. I've been dx with Generalized or Chronic Anxiety. The Klonopln works better than anything ive ever used
  15. Iv had gerd and IBS foe years nos and have come to the recent conclusion that my problem is in my head in the form of anxiety. Ive taken X@nax in the past but have changed to Klonopln recently because of my PD. I take .25 mg 3 times a day. The only problem i notice it really slows me doem on my morning dose. Any kind of work just wears me out and i have to rest for about 30 minutes. Wondering what others to to manage Gerd /IBS etc issues.