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  1. Divi

    RLS n pregnancy n YOPD

    I’m a 34 yo PD pt, diagnosed 6 yrs ago. Happy to share that finally I’m pregnant . I have stopped pramipexole n I’m on sinemet now but RLS has worsened. Neuro put me on clonazepam but not much relief. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  2. Divi

    Just diagnosed at age 40

    I was diagnosed at 28; don’t worry. We’re there to support each other..
  3. Hi MJ, It could also be chronic fatigue syndrome, I am not sure it is PD. Does the fatigue increase as the day progresses? Anyways, let your neurologist decide. I recommend that you start CoQ10 120 mg TDS and omega-3 right away.
  4. Divi

    Possible Young Onset PD?

    Not sure, better consult a good neurologist..
  5. Divi

    Possible Young Onset PD?

    Hi, Your jerks sound like restless legs syndrome to me. Pramipexole, which is a dopamine agonist is usually prescribed for that. talk to ur neurologist and see what he says. But start supplements with iron and magnesium along with omega-3 and coq10. Good luck.
  6. Divi


    Hi Scribbles, Although I agree with stump, PD is one of the causes of Essential tremors. some queries: Did your tremors start on one side and progressed bilaterally? Do you feel that you have weakness, difficult in walking properly, freezing of gait or loss of arm swing? Has your handwriting changed? Do you feel tired as the day progresses? Do you have trouble sleeping at night and daytime drowsiness? If answers to any of these questions' yes, then perhaps it's PD. My suggestions: Get your vit b12 and folic acid done. B12 deficiency leading to neuropathies is common. In fact, b12 deficiency mimics PD symptoms. Start coq10 and magnesium. Magnesium deficiency also leads to tremors. Get your s.copper, ceruloplasmin n 24 HOURS urinary copper checked in order to rule out Wilson's disease. Get your calcium and thyroid function test checked. Try breathing exercises and meditation, at least twice a day. Reduce caffeine intake. I have tried to cover all the differential diagnosis but it would be best if you get all the tests done and have a detailed discussion with your neurologist. I am not sure what's your dose of propanolol but go for extended release (ER). Best wishes to you.
  7. Hi, I am 32; was diagnosed 4 years ago. I wish someone would have told me how important it is to control stress and meditate daily. Also, the importance of starting CoQ10 and fish oil tablets early.
  8. Hi Ollie, Please do not worry. It might take a while to sink in but accepting the diagnosis' your first step to treatment. I was also diagnosed at 28; straight after my honeymoon and had a real tough time dealing with the "situation". But as I said earlier, take one day at a time and forget the rest. We are all here to support each other. My best wishes..
  9. Hi Ollie, I'm 32 and I had the exact same symptoms 4 years ago. I had tremors since I was 18 and they labelled it as anxiety. I was put on propanolol SOS. I had unbearable fatigue which progressed throughout the day. In daytime, I felt sleepy but at night, I had insomnia. I also had vit D and B12 deficiency. I was diagnosed as YOPD at 28. Initially, I was put on amantadine, but my symptoms were not relieved. They also put me on levodopa which acted like cocaine on me. Within half an hour, my back was straightened and I was dancing. But when the effect wore off, I was limp and couldn't even get up. Right now, I am doing OK with pramipexole extended release and rasagiline. I've read a lot about my condition and following are my suggestions for you: 1. Please get Wilson's disease ruled out: get your serum and 24 hours urinary copper checked along with an ultrasound abdomen. It presents with exact same symptoms. 2. Please get an MRI brain done. 3. Start taking CoenzymeQ10, around 300mg/ day. No doctor told me that; but it's immensely helpful in encountering fatigue. 4. Additionally, I'd recommend the following supplements: Magnesium - will help you sleep Omega-3: go for krill oil capsules, the richest source of omega-3 on the planet. 5. Join gym or tai chi: extremely helpful in reducing stiffness. 6. I am not sure what your neuro will prescribe, but pramipexole ER is a good start. No wearing off phenomenon and a dose of 0.5 mg will get you through the day beautifully. 7. Start meditation especially pranayama. Very helpful. You can watch a few videos in YouTube. It's like deep brain stimulation minus the surgery. 8. Last but not the least, keep your chin up. This' hard and no one knows it better than me but manageable. Thinking about the future might depress you; so take each day as it comes. 9. Finally, I am not sure what is your line of work but go for a less stressful job and just be cool. These are my two cents. Hope this helps. My best wishes to you and your family.
  10. Divi

    How many other YOPD people are out there?

    hi. I am 32; was diagnosed at 28.
  11. Divi

    Pramipexole & sexual urges

    Sure will, thanks!!
  12. Divi

    Pramipexole & sexual urges

    What should my ideal dose for Pramipexole ER be in such a case? 0.375 mg BD? Thanks.
  13. I am on pramipex er and rasalect. I take Pramipexole ER BD in the dose of .75mg(morning) and 0.375(late afternoon). I take Rasalect 1mg in the morning. Additionally I am taking several supplements like coq10, omega 3, calcium, magnesium, vit c,e,b6 and folic acid. I have been on medication since 2013 and I am in early 30s. Since a year or so, I am having terrible sexual urges. I have become addicted to porn and masturbate almost daily. My husband travels frequently and I am mostly alone. But this has never happened before in my 30 yrs. Do u think I am taking an overdose of pramipexole? Thanks!
  14. Great quiz, I scored well as I have had this deficiency
  15. Divi

    YOPD and preganancy

    Hi, Does that mean that one can conceive on mirapex and azilect and as soon as pregnancy's confirmed, should switch to sinemet? Thank you.