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    Avid reader, enjoy computer challenges, always searching for knowledge on PD.
  1. dygit

    walkers, scooters, ect........

    One of the reasons I am so sold on the U Step walker is that you have a lot of room for adjusting for height etc: when you purchase one they will ask for your height so you get the proper fit. Mine has a total of 7 wheels for stability and going up on sidewalks and curbs. Yet it is light weight enough for even me to handle putting in the car. dygit
  2. dygit

    walkers, scooters, ect........

    I have used the U Step walker since April and I am very satisfied with it. I walk with a cane but could not trust my stability with just a cane when doing my walking excercise outdoors. My neurologist wrote a rx for me so insurance would help pay for some the cost, also Medicare covers it too. The overall balance of the walker and brake system are the best. I am 75 and was diagnosed 2 years ago, but know now that I probably have had PD for quite some time before the diagnosis. dygit