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    Ropinirole dosage to induce hypersexuality?

    I would do just that, but I live in a small european country, probably only a handful of doctors know about Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) in the country, let alone know how to treat it. It's a very obscure condition. Prominent doctors who know about PSSD are Dr. Irwin Goldstein and Dr. David Healy, but I don't think they have some special knowledge about it's treatment (word would have soon gotten out if they would). Dopamine agonists, amphetamines, buspirone, flibanserin, bupropion, testosterone and some illegal aphrodisiac drugs (Xyrem, pot) treat PSSD. It's true and I'm thankful she did. I would get the drugs from the internet if I wasn't afraid of the law. Well, occasionally, in the evening, when going to sleep, I feel this strange, hard to describe uncomfortable sensation, urge to move my leg(s) that's temporary alleviated by moving it. My RLS was more severe when I was a teenager. What I would do to relieve this is stretch my shank muscle long and hard until it hurt. That would work for a couple of minutes, hopefully, enough time for me to fall asleep.
  2. Animus

    Ropinirole dosage to induce hypersexuality?

    Maybe I wasn't too clear - I only used the antidepressant for a few weeks and discontinued it, but the sexual dysfunction persists for a year now, medication-free. It's possible that it will persist for the rest of my life. Some people have been suffering from this for 23+ years now. Yeah, I'm familiar with that link, but some people on Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction forums report that DAs help them. If DAs don't work, I'm seriously considering learning dutch, moving to The Netherlands (I'm from the EU), and smoking pot daily. Because I read that marijuana is very effective against sexual anhedonia. I'm that desperate.
  3. Animus

    Ropinirole dosage to induce hypersexuality?

    Which part surprised you, her not knowing anything about them or me suggesting the dose? It is what it is, I'm glad I got them at all. Since they're prescribed for a relatively benign condition such as RLS, don't think DAs should be too harmful. I have rare episodes of mild RLS too, btw. I could go to a neurologist, but it's doubtful one would prescribe me DAs for sexual anhedonia.
  4. Animus

    Ropinirole dosage to induce hypersexuality?

    Just 16%, you say? That's disappointing. Glad your drive returned, gives me hope. Well, yes, but the thing is, it's her first time prescribing DAs, she hardly knows anything them and only prescribed them 'cause I asked. So I could suggest the right dosage to her. On askapatient.com, people report increased sex drive on anythere from 1 mg to 32 mg a day.
  5. Hello. I do not have Parkinson's, but after using an SSRI antidepresant for a short while I now suffer a seemingly permanent and complete loss of my sexuality (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction). I was prescribed the dopamine agonist ropinirole for this, and am now increasing the dose to 1 mg 3x a day, as directed by my psychiatrist. So far, all I'm noticing is diarrhea (which I bought loperamide for). My question is, what dosage should I take to induce hypersexuality (or, in my case, restore normal sexuality, at least partially)? 6, 8, 16 or 20 mg a day of ropinirole? Maybe another dopamine agonist is more linked to hypersexuality, like pramipexole or apomorphine (I'm not willing to take ergot DAs)? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I just thought you guys would know best. Would really appreciate an answer.