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  1. john pepper

    I have noticed for myself on days where I have a positive attitude and keep my mind occupied on other tasks I barely feel my symptoms . On the other side of the coin there are days when I feel whoa is me kind of attitude every symptom I have rises to the surface . So for me keeping active and keeping myself occupied is my key to happiness and symptom control . Easier said than done in winter . Spring ,summer and fall much easier . Dan
  2. Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    My handwriting isn't as good as it was in the past . But not terrible yet , as my major symptoms hammer the left side of my body and I am right handed where the symptoms are still minor . Dan
  3. Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    I have been taking it for awhile now and haven't noticed that the PD has progressed . With that being said I don't depend solely on medication . Since I was first diagnosed in 2015 I have not increased any of the dosages on any meds . I have continued to stay active with exercise and other physical activities such as ice hockey once a week and hiking when the weather cooperates . Because of the balance issues I don't work anymore because my job required me to work at higher elevations . So to answer the question I am doing fairly well , but I can't say the meds or the activity is the reason, or the combination . But I can say they haven't had any negative side effects that I am aware of . Dan
  4. Golf for PD - Good video in the story

    Thanks for sharing ! just shows whatever peaks your interest may be your therapy ! Dan
  5. Weather and PD

    I was wondering if anyone from a cold winter climate decided to relocate to a warmer climate ( EX : New York to Florida or Arizona ) . And if so have you noticed an improvement in your symptoms especially the rigidity in the winter . It has been extremely cold in the northeast early this year and I feel like I got run over by a bus some days . Dan
  6. Rasagiline and other drugs

    I was nervous when first prescribed , as I too try to be as active as possible . I read all the side effects and hesitated about a month and a half before taking it . I Hike , play hockey am in the woods with my dog , hunt , fish and have not had an issue . I have been taking it since October of 2015 . Dan
  7. Big News?

    I have been trying to do some research , there are over 600 neurological disorders . Most are treatable but so far I haven't found any information on any of them being cured . I'm not saying it hasn't happened i'm saying I haven't found evidence of any cured . I will keep hoping there will one day be a cure or at least a better treatment but won't hold my breath ! Dan
  8. newly diagnosed outdoor active female

    Hiker , coming to the party a bit late but welcome , But only for the fact that I don't do much computer time in the nicer weather ! When I was first DX I kind of went into a bit of a shell so to speak. For a short period I was leary of doing things for fear I might intensify the disease . But with a small bit of research realized that is exactly opposite of what I should have done . Once I realized that I went back to being active ,almost to active to the point I was getting tendonitis from over use . The key is not to panic stay active and reduce stress as much as possible .I find my tremor gets out of control when I get stressed . One of my goals is to hike the Appalacian Trail , I would love to do it next spring but have teenagers that are very active, in ice hockey ,baseball and other kid things . Plus leaving the family for 5 or 6 months not an option right now . It's all up to you as time frames go ( personal goals ). I like others don't want to put things off for fear of progression ,but at the same time can't cram it all in in a day either . My belief is that if you control the PD and stay positive ,exercise , eat right and not let the fear of having PD consume you that you might have a bit of a say in how fast the PD progresses . (My belief ) . It will progress but from all of my personal research I believe it can be kept at bay for a long period ! And it appears you have no problem finding ways to stay active . Another one of my goals is to do one more half marathon ( done 8 ) . Good Luck, Dan
  9. Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    I use rasagiline Dr says they believe it may slow down the progression of Pd and supposed to aid the other drugs to prevent the wearing off effect as your dose wears off . I don't use any of the others though . Dan
  10. The Problems with Medical Marijuana

    Patriot , I don't use the medical marijuana . I have had family members that have suggested and even urged me to try but being a gun owner in a liberally controlled state like NY, If it prescribed I believe it is on the list that gets your guns taken ( hunter) . I have a friend in California with MS and the use of marijuana has allowed him to drop 22 pills a day from his daily intake . But he won't get a prescription for the fact that he enjoys the shooting sports ( Non hunter ). I do use a low dose sinement along with exercise to control muscle stiffness but it does nothing for the tremor . I had a procedure done a couple months ago where I was put under and the Dr said while I was out the tremor was not present . But I agree that anyone that considers The Marijuana road to do your research as each state has different regs . The Democrat controlled states seem to have more stringent regs than the others . Dan
  11. What people say that p... me off

    How about just rub some icy hot on those stiff muscles ! How about the constant bashing of our elected officials ! The other choices you had were no better ! how about at least it's not cancer ! plenty more out there Dan
  12. Social Security Disability - Trump's Budget

    Every time there is a big change in the political arena there is the sky is falling mentality . People work themselves up into a frenzy go into panic mode for about 6 months to a year . It happens with the republican sector when the democrats are in charge and It happens to the democrats when the republicans gain control . The reason the human species can't stand change ! Change happens everyday ,some call it progress some condemn change . What happens in politics is the change happens, people panic , change gets ingrained , no one notices the change when it finally goes full circle , then back to complacinsy until the next election ! Dan
  13. Need Your Input Please

    Sorry to hear of your what seems to be futile efforts to get answers ! My suggestion is ,if your not satisfied with your health care team it is time for a new one . When My Dr told me he wanted to send me to a neurologist he also asked if I had a preference . Is there a reason your Dr.won't give you a referral to an MDS of your choice ? The first neurologist I seen spent about 3 minutes with me and gave me a DX of essential tremor as she was walking down the hall ( made me feel like she was in a hurry ) .When I went to the one of my choice he spent around 25 or 30 minutes talking and testing my movements ,writing ,balance ,etc . then sent me for a brain scan to rule out a stroke or something obvious . On the follow up he redid all the previous tests to ensure that he was making the most accurate DX possible . If you didn't get that kind of attention I would go back to your primary and insist to see a different neurologist or MDS . If he /she won't give you a referral based on your concerns then it may be time to replace your primary ! just my 2 cents . Dan
  14. Unexplained foot/ankle pain and swelling

    I have had pain in my ankle Dr thought it was tendonitis , Had Xrays that reveled mild arthritis . Dr said it was so mild it shouldn't be an issue . sent me to physical therapy but that didn't help much . After reading some of the other responses I am also going to inquire with my Dr next week if it could possibly be dystonia . Dan
  15. New to Parkinson's

    welcome , I was DX at 50 but had symptoms well before . Telling people of your DX is a personal choice , I generally don't talk about it unless someone asks why my hand is shaking or why do you run off to the bathroom so much etc . I guess it is because I don't want people to look at me and say things like poor guy he has parkinson's or for people to treat me any different than they had before . That being said ,for work purposes it depends on what line of work you do and is it affecting your ability to perform your tasks ? I was a union Steamfitter (pipefitter ) and was having issues with balance and had a couple falls at work . Using my left hand for delicate tasks was becoming increasingly more difficult . The balance issue was a huge concern as most of our work is off of ladders or in some type of man lift . These are some of the same reasons I went to have my symptoms checked by my Doctor and eventually the neurologist . When I was 100 % sure what I had and how much it was affecting my abilty to perform I told my boss . In my case I was rather lucky as my boss was also a good friend that I had gone through the apprenticeship program with 24 years earlier so he was very concerned and supportive . I guess it comes down to Do they need to know now and if they will be supportive of you and do you feel they have a need to know . Dan