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  1. Happy Canada day! 150 years old!!
  2. NN you are an inspiration to us all to keep going and find the joy in each day. Safe journey- we will look for your posts. Twitch
  3. Thanks for the heads up
  4. Ditto for me - 15 day trip through the Rockies with lots of hiking and only had one tough day. But I've been pretty tired since getting home and tomorrow we head tothe lake in Ontario for the summer. It's good to look ahead to fun things! twitchy mama
  5. I am taking Ropinerole ER 4mg and my supplier has recently changed my medication to a Sandoz product from one made by Actavis Eliz. I am not tolerating the Sandoz product - headaches, nausea, foggy brain etc but I cannot find the Actavis product. I do know that Actavis has been taken over by Teva but I don't know if they are still producing Ropinerole. Ropinerole ER is also produced by Mylan, Dr Reddy and other companies. Does anyone have good results with these products? I also wonder whether anyone has tried Requip ER made by Smith Kline Beecham in Turkey? I can buy it for $132 for 84 pills. thanks for any help, Twitch
  6. Welcome home JB we have missed your smiles. I figured you were off visiting your publisher for your next book! i am off next week to visit British Columbia and the Rockies and maybe find a winery or two near Discovery! So excited- twitchy mama
  7. Oh boy! I need this button!! When folks tell me I look so good and they think my PD must be getting better - well, I just have to chuckle!! (Or scream)
  8. Enjoy! We'll miss you and your stories!
  9. Miralax works best for me. But I do understand the problem of your brain sending the wrong message and stopping things up! Haven't found a solution to that problem. Luckily I am beyond the menstrual issues and hormones. Good luck finding a knowledgeable gyn who will listen.
  10. When we moved my parents to AL my sister took them for the day. They were very anxious about the move and my mother has dementia. The movers arrived at 8am, loaded the furniture that was going with them to AL. By 4pm we had their new home looking as similar as we could to their old home and we brought them over. They still marvel at how good it was to have their things with them right away. It was a huge transition for them but now they realize it was a good move for them and they are thriving. it might be helpful to have their old caregiver continue with them for a few days as they adjust to the new staff. good luck, it's a hard process for everyone Twitch
  11. How do you send a pm? Having trouble navigating the new site! discovery, my DH and I will be in BC next month and will be going through the okanagan valley - any recommendations of must see/do? twitchy mama
  12. Check out GoVino plastic glassware - lightweight thin and dishwasher compatible - they have an indentation for your thumb. I haven't found the perfect coffee mug but I think that Tervis Tumblers makes insulated plastic cups with or without sippy lids. Everything is slippery some days!! Twitch
  13. There aren't to many people that truly want to hear how you are doing that day. Most are being kind and want to hear that you are fine. The details make them squirm! But when someone looks you in the eye and really asks how you are, well that feels as good as a hug. People who say they have the same problems or its just aging really don't get it. And the worst thing they can say is "well, you look good" - that makes me crazy!!! Retired social worker) Twitch
  14. I have used bigmountaindrugs and they are very good
  15. Meeshelly, welcome to the forum - you will meet many amazing folks here and get lots of support. I am a 64 year old parkie and my best suggestion is to get your DH into a social/exercise program like Rock Steady Boxing - it has improved my life immensely. Just being with people who understand is so helpful. Care partners are special people - I don't know how you do it, but we are so grateful for all you do. We all feel stressed and angry - life wasn't supposed to be like this! God bless you both Twitch