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  1. bakestein

    Water quality

    Hi all! Been awhile! To the point...I'm considering getting a whole house water filter hoping that purer water may help with longevity/keeping Parkinsons from worsening longer. I live in a city that has very hard water and occasionally comes out brown...thoughts? Take care and God bless you all, Steve
  2. bakestein

    Any Aviators?

    I'm possibly interested in flying for Mission Aviation Fellowship or Wycliff. Have to get an A&P from what I hear...I think I'd have to go off of Azilect. May God bless you all! Steve
  3. bakestein

    dyskinesia free l-dopa

    So what are you looking at, if we may ask? Thanks and God bless you all! Steve
  4. bakestein

    Any Aviators?

    Yeah, I'm AF, just about to retire...medically. Diagnosed back in Jan 16. Was flying and had a class 1/ATP. Got the class 1 with a diagnosis (original) of "extrapyramidal tremors which may lead to Parkinson's". Haven't tried to get it renewed after the full diagnosis and the fact that I'm on Rytary and Azilect. Azilect is a no go apparently. I'm sure I could fly a normal mission, but not sure how well I'd handle a real emergency. I've dropped it, mostly because as a new Airline guy I'd be gone a lot, and I want to spend time with wife and kids as long as I can. Herk driver...C-130E/H/J. ~3000 hrs. May God bless us all! Steve
  5. bakestein

    Looking to slow progression

    Why is it so good, and why have I not heard of it? Dr Okun said he could find no trials for it.
  6. bakestein

    Looking to slow progression

    Never heard of it. Anyone know anything about it? God bless you all! Steve
  7. bakestein

    TIA and Park

    Dr, Thanks for all you do for us! While deployed and working long, very stressful hours, with changing sleep cycles I woke up and was blind in my right eye. Not fuzzy, not distorted, blind. I felt nothing else except very tired so I went back to sleep (not a great idea I know now). When I woke up I could see just fine. I then went to the doc and she checked me over, did some neurologic tests and said it was most likely simple exhaustion not a stroke, get some rest and come back and see me later. Years later I described this to an eye doctor who said this was most likely a blood clot that obstructed my optic nerve temporarily and went away. Sounds like a TIA to me. Could this have any relation to starting/causing my PD? I have no eye problems to date except for becoming far sighted. Thank you and God bless you! Steve
  8. bakestein

    Ready, Set, ATTACK!!!

    Well, God is actually in control... Do I know why we as a nation are going the way we are? Nope. God does. Do I know why we are so divided? Nope. God does. I know he wants us to turn back to Him as individuals and as a nation, otherwise, He will keep removing the lampstand. and letting in the dark. Pray. Pray. Pray. Steve
  9. bakestein

    Is this an "off" time?

    My doc thinks it is a side effect of the meds, low blood pressure. No biggee. God bless you all! Steve
  10. bakestein

    3rd stage PD

    I'm sorry for the heavy heart Chris. We live in a fallen world, so that's why things suck at times. I know God gives us hope for something better in the future. He promises our bodies will be free from disease and we will no longer be sad. While I enjoy my life here on earth (sometimes not so much), I know this is only a temp job, and the real prize awaits me. If I can give you some hope, it is that Jesus Christ is King and He keeps His promises! I pray this helps! God bless you all! Steve
  11. bakestein

    Is this an "off" time?

    Came home early from work today as I was feeling bad...here goes: Slept normally for me, bed at 2300, (up several times to go to the bathroom) up at 0530, dose of Rytary 36/145 with water. Did BIG, and ran 2.5 miles in the AM (very slowly 13:00 min mile). Took Azilect 1mg at 0645ish. Got kids up and ate breakfast (cereal) at 0700. First day of school for the little ones, 5th, 2nd and K! About 15 mins prior to my normal 1100 dosage of Rytary I started feeling a little dizzy. Took my Rytary 36/145 at 1100 and really started to get dizzy and tremors galore. Called wife and she came to pick me up. Went home and slept. Feeling better now, gonna see the neuro in the AM. Same thing happened only it was an hour after I took my 1100 meds while we were going out to get lunch. Thoughts? God bless you all! Steve
  12. bakestein


    opppsss! and may God bless you all!
  13. bakestein


    I've been reading a book that discusses many different brain neuroplastic treatments out there. One was Low Level Laser Light Therapy...LLLT. Our nutritionist posted something about it. Anyone have any other news? Thanks! Dude
  14. bakestein

    Looking to slow progression

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some info about some of the supplements I'm thinking of and trying. I was diagnosed in Jan of 16, like everyone else, I'm sure I've had it much longer, just thought I was getting older. I'm 47, active, married with three kiddos who help keep me on my toes. I'm taking Rytary 145mg 4x a day, and azilect 1 mg 1x per day. Supplements are: NAC 600 mg 2x per day, in the am and at night R Lipoic Acid 100mg 1x per day with food (usually lunch) Acetyl L Carnitine 500 mg 1 per day with the R Lipoic CoQ10 100 mg 1 x per day in the eve E-400 1 x per day in the eve 250 mg Acetyl L Carnitine before bed Considering Taurine or UDCA, but don't know the difference...thoughts here? Considering Grape seed... Not sure if any of it will work, but I'm trying... Thoughts? God bless you all! Dude
  15. bakestein

    nilotinib update?

    So, I've been seeing stuff on MJF about this new drug. Anyone have any other news about it? Does anyone know how long clinical trials take to get it approved for use w/Parkinson's? Thanks, and may God bless you! Dude