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  1. John Hoefen

    PD is not the end

    Last night i wanted to go fishing.many of my fishing friends have given up the sport.old age loll Well i went alone and caught three nice big salmon Moral of the story true fishermen never grow old including Parkies Lol Have a nice John Ps if ypu live near me i have lots of good salmon
  2. John Hoefen

    PD is not the end

    Good Morning Happen to be reading the obits today.There was a women born 1921 who had PD the last 20 years.She lived her llife with a strong will .She also survived cancer twice There is no better friend than a strong will. Listen to your heart and don't let articles and poor doctors scare you.My conndition has improved by adapting to it.My doctor now is me. Havea nice day. Best John Hoefen
  3. John Hoefen

    10 good years???

    My best sucess is having something on my mind beside PD.lol I
  4. John Hoefen

    Helping with parents

    Hi Lad keep taking care of your parents,great way of forgetting our fate.Or as what Dr.Low famous elixir for the nerves,Do the things we fear and hate to do.As we strengthen our nervous constitution .benefits are mental comfort and inner peace.PD is what it is but when i visit others much worse off I can laugh at my fate alot easier.. My best to you john