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  1. How does the mechanism of action of Xadago compare to how Azilect works? Does Azilect modulate glutamate release as well or does it work some other way? One reason I'm wondering is that I was unable to take Azilect as it aggravated my migraines. However, I do take topamax for migraines which I thought affected/calmed down glutamate in some way. So I'm hoping I may be able to tolerate this new drug if the mechanism of action modulates glutamate and therefore might not aggravate my migraines. (The chemistry is really over my head but I sure would like another option!). Thank you!
  2. How does the recently approved new drug Xadago compare with other MAO-B inhibitors such as Azilect? Thank you.
  3. I'm working with my doctor to switch from taking all Sinemet IR during the day to a combination of IR and CR in order to hopefully get more on time. If I'm switching a dose that was formerly e.g. 1.5 or 2 tablets of 25/100 IR to a combination of IR and CR, would it be better to take one tablet of the IR and then wait an hour before taking the CR tablet, or is it fine/better to just take them together? Also I was generally waiting 3.5 to 4 hours between doses while on all IR Sinemet. How should the timing between doses be adjusted with this combination of IR and CR? Thank you very much!
  4. I seem to remember you mentioning taking Rytary in the past. In your experience, how does the Rytary compare to the regimen you just mentioned with the combination of Sinemet IR and ER in terms of effectiveness and side effects? It seems I've heard more favorable comments about using ER and many comments about difficulty getting the Rytary dose right. I'd appreciate your perspective on this. Many thanks!
  5. I am wondering about making the change from Sinemet IR only during the day to a combination of CR and IR. I currently take CR only in the evening and I seem to get a better response than from the IR, particularly after meals. It sounds like on this forum that many people take CR through out the day, possibly in combination with IR with good results. When I've brought this up to my doctor in the past, she made it sound like it was too hard to predict/control the effects of CR with continuous use through the day. As I have considerable off time with some dyskinesia with the current regimen of IR only during the day, I'd like to try something different. We've also discussed Rytary but it seems that might be even trickier to switch to. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. Also, on a related issue, I'm wondering how it works when people take a low dose of Sinemet every two hours as far as food intake. If it's best to wait a period of time before and after dosing to eat, how does this frequent dosing work with meals? Thanks!
  6. I'm wondering about balancing increased Sinemet dose with increasing dyskinesia, while dose still doesn't really seem to kick in. I feel I am really under medicated but as I've gradually increased my immediate release Sinemet 25/100 from 1 to 1.5 pills per dose to current level of 1.5, 2 pills , and 1.5 - 3.5 hours apart plus 1 CR in the evening, I can't say I notice that much on time (even when I take the 2 pills mid-day. ) My goal was to increase to 2 pills 3 x per day plus CR in the evening but as I've already noticed some increased dyskinesia without much if any improvement in symptoms when I take 2 Sinemet, I've been reluctant to increase the dose . I also have extensive bloating late in the day (gone by next morning), so I'm wondering if there could be a gastric emptying issue. Also, based on other comments posted, wondering if using CR throughout the day possibly might be more effective . Thanks.
  7. Lately I'm having a very difficult time getting much if any "on " time with my Sinemet - currently 25/100 IR 1.5 tablets AM, 2 tablets about noon, 1.5 tablets mid afternoon and one CR in evening . I take c/l at least an hour before or after food, and in the morning, this is after not eating all night. I do however have a fairly high protein diet due to reactive hypoglycemia. The one time I seem to get a better response is on occasions when I take 10 mg propranolol the night before. The next day rigidity and slowness of movement are significantly better (25-50 pct improvement) than when I take the c/l alone. I've described this to at least two MDS doctors and they can't explain it other than to say perhaps my autonomous nervous system has been calmed down a bit. I can't take the propranolol daily as it causes depression if I take it more than a few times a week. I've tried increasing my Sinemet but it seems I am getting some dyskinesia so I've backed off that at this point. I've tried Azilect and entacapone and both caused migraines. I have a history of OCD and have been advised not to try dopamine agonists. So that pretty much leaves me with trying to get the c/l to work better . I've also reas lately h pylori can interfere with Sinemet absorption. Any thoughts you might have in improving the Sinemet response and reasons for the benefit with propranolol would be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Which antidepressants are least likely to aggravate migraines and can be taken in combination with topamax? I tried sertraline and immediately had migraines for the next week. Seems like I read venlafaxine was sometimes used to treat migraines so I'm wondering if that or one of the other antidepressants might be a better option. Thank you.
  9. In your experience, do other beta blockers such as atenolol provide the same benefit as propranolol in terms of helping with autonomic PD symptoms, possibly without depression as a side effect? Thank you.
  10. What is " non-motor wearing off " and also what are the" autonomic PD symptoms" that commonly emerge when wearing off (which propranolol may be helping)? I definitely feel under medicated at my current Sinemet dose 25-100 (1 tab in am followed by 1.5 tabs every 3.5 hours for two doses with one CR in evening). Thank you very much for your help!
  11. I seem to get a substantially better response to my Sinemet the following day on periodic occasions when I take s small dose (10 mg) of propranolol the night before. My MDS is unable to explain this, other than suggesting possibly my parasympathetic nervous system has been calmed down somewhat. The benefit is significant although not 100 percent reliable. My Sinemet seems to work better, with at least 25-50 percent improvement in slowness of movement/ stiffness for the entire next day (not so much benefit re: tremor). I'd say I see this kind of response at least half to three-fourths of the times I take the propranolol. I can only take it 3-5 times per week as it seems to cause depression if I take it more often. I read a very old study (1980s) saying that propranolol at a dose of 40mg four times per day helped with gastric emptying and medication absorption. "The effect of Beta-Andrenoceptor Agonists and Antagonists on Gastric Emtying in Man", Rees, Clark, Holdsworth(Brit. Jour. Clin. pharmacy (1980, p551-554)) Could this small amount of propranolol be helping with gastric emptying? I'm wondering if you're familiar with this kind of response to propranolol and might know why it would provide this kind of benefit. I'm happy to have found this kind of relief whatever the reason but would like to know why, in case there's another more reliable mechanism to get this same benefit - also without causing depression side effects of beta blockers. Thank you.
  12. Is it generally better to add another class of medication, such as a dopamine agonist, to Sinemet rather than just increasing the dose of Sinemet? I'm very sensitive to medications with many causing migraines but tolerate Sinemet fine so far ( 25-100 4x per day plus an extra 1/2 pill at noon.). This dose is not adequately addressing my symptoms. Is it more effective to add another medication that works via a different mechanism rather than just adding more levodopa? I'm concerned about the side effects of a dopamine agonist (Neupro patch) when I know I can tolerate the Sinemet. I also have a history of OCD. I've tried and had to discontinue Azilect and entacapone because of side effects . Thank you.
  13. What is a typical slow titration schedule for increasing Sinemet? My MDS is having me increase only 1/4 to 1/2 tab for one mid-day dose for a week or two (currently take 25/100 3x per day plus one CR at night). This small increase is having negligible if any effect and it seems it will take a very long time to make any progress. I am very sensitive to medications so appreciate going slow, but is it typical to increase only for one dose during the day and in such a small amount? Thanks.
  14. I'm wondering about how to determine whether my Sinemet dosing intervals simply need to be shortened vs adding more to each dose and which strategy to try first and for how long. My Sinemet seems to wear off before the next dose, but at the same time, the afternoon doses don't really seem to kick in much at all. Morning dose works best - maybe because it's on a completely empty stomach, although I try to wait an hour after eating in the afternoon. Which leads me to one final question - is it better to take Sinemet exactly on time even if it's closer than an hour to food intake? Sometimes I delay15-30 minutes if my dose is due too close to when I've eaten. I don't know which is worse - the proximity to food or the delay. Thank you.
  15. Not sure if auto-correct might be substituting words, but I'm not following the first part of your response about "trailer Sinemet is in AN out of the DYSTON. This can be user ad allora a . . . " Could you please clarify? Thanks for your help.