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  1. Serenity Now, you will need to google these conditions and research the complications.
  2. BillBRNC, I feel this way sometimes,I think It is the PD.Do you get this when you are on medication or off?If you are on,then it could be side effects of the medication.I feel this way sometimes when I am off medication.Better still talk to your MD ,or contact Dr Okun on this
  3. Miracle seeker, Thanks.
  4. @PatriotM, the main reason why Levodopa has been the gold standard in the management of PD for over 50years is due to lack of research funding over the years.But that does not mean ,there hasn't been scientific breakthroughs.Now you have a new intervention like DBS,and lots of trials are ongoing to develop new medications and therapies.Currently you have more foundations, funding scientific studies.There is alot of trials currently in immunotherapy,stem cell,genomics and herbal remedies e.g(medical marijuana).There is increasing global awareness for the need to find cure for most chronic diseases.Now that you have an increasing rate of younger,working age people beng diagnosed with PD and other debilitating disease,leading to early retirement.This somewhat affects the GDP of the nation.That is why you have a foundation like MJFOX and our ex VP is also helping with the cancer research funding.The increaising rates of disease conditions and scientific breakthroughs are signs of the times that cure is nearby.Believe me science is hard and if you don;t seek you don;t find.
  5. Yitti, what anti anxiety med helps you with anxiety?Would appreciate your response.
  6. Manolo, already diagnosed,it is pretty hard to accept PD,when first diagnosed.How I wished I was diagnosed with something less serious.According to Dsicovery,while chasing the rainbow,I wasted money and time seeking a second and third opinion.Till today,I am still paying deductible on a very expensive DAT scan,which I might not have needed,if I had accepted the diagnosis from my first neurologist.Other conditions that may cause loss of arm swing are brachial plexus injury,adhesive capsulitis(frozen shoulder) or stroke.
  7. Hi Manolo, loss off arm swing maybe related to PD or not.You could have loss of arm swing with some other neurological or muskuloskeletal conditions.It will better to consult with your MD.
  8. Good post Discovery,let us all focus our battle on PD.Tough love is hard sometimes.I eperienced some tough responses when I first joined this forum.I guess due to apathy in PD our expectations from our future CG are usually high,when new to this disease.The fact that we are PWP does not define who we are.We are able as long as we think positively.Hope is on the horizon,and one day,there will be a cure during our life time.Everyone usually express views based on experiences,and experiences are different.Most of us here with PD might not need future CG with the current advancement in medical science.So peace be onto everyone.
  9. I think Adam is right, most PD experts say symptomatic treatment of PD is individualised.What works for me may not work for you.I have seen a Pwp who did well with only Azilect for 5yrs,while others did not do well.The rate of progression of PD differs for everyone and if you are on C/L,the period of developing dyskinesia is dependent on the rate of the disease progression.And some people ended up not developing dysinesia.Dr Okun said only 50% of PWP develops dyskinesia in 5yrs,but it is hard to predict who will and who will not develop dyskinesia.According to old data,most doctors used to delay the use of C/L,but not anymore.My MD told me it is treatable if it occurs,so one should not delay the use of C/L in order to get the most benefit.Mind you PatriotM,Dopa agonists too can cause dysinesia.And there is a lot of research going on out there to solve the problem of dyskinesia.Maybe it is better to go with whatever treatment makes you function better,whether exercise therapy with or without med of choice.
  10. Mark5151. Welcome to this forum.I am sure you will get some support here.Your symptoms looks more like that of PD,but consult with your MD,preferably a motor disorder specialist and complete all your exams and tests.Some MDS will require DAT scan,while some will not for confirmation of parkisonsm.The first med prescribed is usually Azilect.I was prescribed Azilect too initially by my second MD,and did not start using till I sought a third opinion from a motor disorder specialist.Most MDs say PD will progress whether you use medications or not.Although there are some experts that think Azilect slows down the progression of PD,whereas others don't.Azilect only worked for me for two months.Currently on sinemet,which has been working fairly fine.Of course,exercise is very good,with or without meds.The experts say symptomatic treatment of PD is individualised.Welcome again.
  11. Don't get me wrong miracle seeker, everyone is welcome on this forum,be PWP or CG.This is a support forum as I once stated.I was just expressing myself in general,as it relates to living with parkinson,when you have a family and getting them to understand how you feel.It's very tough.
  12. @ shakes, People who don't have PD,do not exactly know how we feel.The cognitive issues could be very fustrating,and the anxiety that comes with it makes you become anti=social.The decline in executive functioning and slow processing of thoughts could make the social anxiety worse.So I would suggest you try to socialise more.I feel exactly the same way and when I think about the future,it gets more scary.Conditions like PD put additional stress on relationships,and I have read some online articles,where it led to divorce,because the caregiver just couldn't cope anymore.Let 's just pray that God would prevent us from losing our minds completely.I think you should test your mental faculty more by doing crossword puzzles and practise multitasking at home,especially now that you stop working.I am temporary on disability,and thinking of going back to work.I am not sure how I will perform,as my job is very demanding and require some multitasking.I noticed vigorous aerobics helps improve the cognitive issues temporarily.I have experienced getting lost while driving,and I noticed,this happened whenever I am anxious thus not concentrating well.It is hard trying to convince wifey that you have PD,and because of it you cannot socialise,especially when your wife is social.Not to talk of persuading wifey to go to Doctor's appoinments with you.Till now my wife sometimes forgets that I have PD,and I usually have to remind her."Miracle seeker" you are not alone.All PWPD are seeking miracles too.We all need miracle asap.Do PWPD develop severe dementia?I am not so sure about this.I understand some develop mild dementia and others do not.But I don't know what percentage of PWPD develop dementia.@ shakes,was it the cognitive issues that made you stop working or other symptoms?
  13. Thanks for the insight.
  14. This is interesting,it is good to test.Thanks for the information Linda.
  15. You are welcome again,this is a support forum.