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  1. Apathy - any suggestions

    It really sucks,let's hope they find a cure asap for PD.Afterall all medications comes with side effects.
  2. Hi Linda, thanks for your full detailed information.Stay warm.
  3. Thanks adams234 for your usual input.
  4. Hi everyone, With the current winter conditions and heavy snow storm,has any pwp ever being caught in a snow storm driving?If so would you share your experience please?I have had no problem driving in the snow before PD dx.But after,I have to rethink this.Your input will be appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone, Wishing you all,on this forum a happy symptomless New Year.May 2018 bring the most expected cure to PD.Keep exercising.
  6. alcohol and tremors

    Hi Chuck172, you can visit ask the physician on this forum.I am sure Dr Okun can help you with this question.You said you have been diagnosed with parkinsonism,this means your diagnosis may be any of the other conditions that mimics parkinson disease.There are some other conditions categorized under parkinsonism.You can google parkinsonism to learn more about the other conditions.And be careful with mixng alcohol with some of your medications,as alcohol might interact with some of your medications.Happy New Year in advance.
  7. Rasagiline and other drugs

    Thanks for this information adams.Lol.
  8. Rasagiline and other drugs

    Hi Adams234, the link you provided above,do they assist people without health insurance coverage?The current health market place insurance premium is becoming unaffordable as it keeps going up,for people like me who buys insurance.
  9. Wishing everyone on this forum HAPPY HOLID!AYS.Enjoy your holidays and keep exercising.
  10. Are you happy with your PD healthcare

    Hi Gardener, I appreciate your response,after dx,initial monotherapy was with Azilect,worked only for 3months.Tried Miraplex as well,couldn't tolerate it.Then decided to go with sinemet after some hesitation,due to fear of dyskinesia.It's been good so far.Thank God and the pwp on this forum for all the support.Being dxed for roughly two years.I was curious about your mentioning of dyskinesia in your previous post.Thanks again.
  11. Are you happy with your PD healthcare

    Hi Gardener, How long have you been on sinemet please?
  12. New hope for parkinson disease patients.

    This person should go on TV with the proof.We are all looking for cure.
  13. Good morning!!

    Accept my sympathy Beau's mom,may his soul rest in perfect peace.Amen.
  14. Just got the news 😕

    I don;t take cymbalta either,but you can contact the parmacist on this web, if you have any question.