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  1. Dear Pharmacist, I am sorry for my questions about your journey with PD,if you found it too overwhelming.I felt like asking you these questions because of your knowledge of pharmacology in general, specifically with PD medications,and a Pwp.I am highly impressed that you took time to give detailed information as regards the effects of your medications.Your story is so inspiring that you even tried spinal cord stimulator surgery to control muscle spasm.I recently asked my motor disorder specialist about the use of Baclofen to control dystonia,but he said,it would be ineffective.Also what are your thoughts about nicotine being neuroprotective and marijuana in treating dystonia. Thanks for your usual support.
  2. Dear Doc, in as much as I dread the side effects of PD medications,I have been trying to minimise my C/L dosage as much as possible,in order to reduce the side effects.I noticed if I sleep well overnight,I do better with my PD symptoms the next morning.Would you recommend medical marijuana for dystonia or refer your patient to a MD that prescribe this?Also what do you think about the neuroprotective properties of nicotine in PD? I know there are some studies going on cocerning the effect of nicotine.I would appreciate your response,
  3. Hi lethe, in what form do you take medical marijuana,and how do you dose it?You stated that you were on L-dopa for 10yrs,did you ever get dyskinesia from it?
  4. Thanks for your insight,lenamegan.I will try the fish oil,,does it work for secondary dystonia too? Does nicotine give you anxiety?This I learnt can cause or increase anxiety..
  5. Hi, everyone using C/L or Levodopa in any form,do you experience rigidity and stiffness of muscles when undermedicated or during wearing off periods,more than before you started using this medication?If so,this is termed secondary dystonia according to the link below.How do you deal with secondary dystonia,if you don't want to increase the dosage of medication?
  6. Hercules957, do you weigh the mucuna p powder by yourself,or you get it already prepared by your naturopath?And what brand of mucuna p,do you get from signature supplement in canada?
  7. Oorah, dosing they say is the problem with using mucuna p.Have you talk to your doctor about this mucuna p.I am having a hard time discussing with my MD,because I have a feeling ,he might not go along with me.Or maybe you find a Doctor that specialise in alternative medicine,who can help you with the dosing.I am looking forward to this.
  8. ShopGuy, I can imagine how stressful it is for more than one person to be dx with PD in a family,PD really sucks.I struggled like your sister to understand what was wrong with me before being dx'd.It took multiple opinions from three different neurologists.My primary physician whom I usually run to,whenever I feel anything unusual, attributed all my non motor symptoms to anxiety,stress from work or side effects of anxiety drugs,until the muscle rigidity started on my left arm.We should all be optimistic like M.J Fox,that our honeymoon will last our lifetime,till a cure is found.
  9. ShopGuy, thanks for your reply,it is really cheap to do the genetic testing with promethease.I would have thought that there should be some kind of genetic mutation in your case,since you have a family history of PD,but like you stated,you all lived in a high risk enviroment.I have a strong feeling PD might be transmissible,although there is no studies to support this.PD is really weird,agreed.I am sorry for your Dad's situation,and how is your sister coping?What medications is she on?
  10. Hi,Linda keep doing the good work.
  11. SWVA,, how much did you pay for DNA analysis by promethease?
  12. Hi Valentin, It helps in stretching and relaxing tight and rigid muscles,helps to strenghten weak muscles.Also helps with improving balance,by improving propioception.Your muscle require dopamine to function well,so exercise triggers the release of dopamine.According to studies done by experts,exercise is also believed to slow down the neurodegenerative process of parkinson.Depending on the type of exercise you do,the purposes stated above will be attained.
  13. I exercise too,Azilect worked for me for few months.The effect on slow progression of Azilect,however is controversial.We all hope for slow progression and ultimately,a cure.Currently on C/L,but will try mucuna puriens herb and cut down C/L with the help of my MD. Thanks for your response.
  14. Metropolol is prescribed for tremors in people with essential tremor,also for anxiety.
  15. Hi Valentin, You are in the right place,I once had similar symptoms you described,I complained to my family physician,who waived it aside,and attributed it to the side effects of anxiety drug,which I was using for anxiety treatment initially.Beau's Mom is very right.You can as well contact Dr Okun on the talk to the Doctor's forum,before your next appoinment with your neurologist.Continue fighting it with exercises for now.