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  1. Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

    Post as many questions as you can.Remember you are not alone.Even if you have not been diagnosed,you share some common symptoms with people on this forum,so your questions are welcome.
  2. Handwriting changes

    Superdecooper,this is the anxiety that comes with PD like symptoms.It changes lifestyle.Just try to do as much as you can do now,as per functioning,until you get a diagnosis.You may not have PD afterall.and if you do,you just have to readjust,and plan for the future.It will not be the end of life.
  3. For me exercise can trigger tremor in the Lt arm,then decreases and eventually stops with increased exercise intensity.Balance problems is more pronounced after exercise,mainly aerobics,but balance improves with increased exercise intensity and frequency.With weight lifting exercises,Lt arm shakes,after increased repetition due to fatigue.Sometimes,after bicycle exercise,I get tremor in my Lt arm for couple of minutesthen it stops.So some symtoms may get worse after exercise temporarily,then get better for some people.In general, exercise has been proven to be good for slowing PD progression.Too much caffeine may increase anxiety,tremor in some PWP.
  4. Hi S,Hold relax method of stretching is good for muscle rigidity that you have in PD,during off periods.Dynamic stretching may be good for on periods,because by then you have enough dopamine to enhance the functioning of your muscles.For dynamic stretching to be effective,you need adequate flexion and extension functions of your muscles.This is a very familiar field.Hope this helps.As per your second question, my MDS advised to cut the tablets in halves and take them at close intervals,if the "on" periods decreased.Say if you were taking one tablet every 4hrs before,you change your schedule to taking half tablet every two or three hrs.You can confirm with your Doctor of Dr Okun on this forum.
  5. Trying Sinemet

    Let"s all enjoy the medication honeymoon while it last.Whatever works in controlling symptoms with minimal side effects is welcome by me,as long as it is not debilitating.Enjoy your day everyone.
  6. Coffee intake triggers shaking

    Caffeine in coffee is a central nervous system stimulant,people metabolize caffiene differently depending on the quantity consumed.Some people who don't have PD get hyper, shake all over when they consume too much coffee.The confusing thing is that in some studies carried out among PWP and non PD people, who drank coffee ,they found out that heavy coffee drinkers were not likely to have deveoped PD.In other words,there is something in caffeine that might have prevented the development of PD.I guess more studies needs to be done in this area.Maybe a little coffee can slow down PD progression.
  7. Trying Sinemet

    Pdmanaz, sinemet and MM treatments of PD are symptomatic.None of these cures PD.I supposed it is the side effects of these treatments that matters.I am on low dose sinemet,because of the fear of developing the most dreaded dyskinesia side effects.Some people on this forum developed dyskinesia after one year of using sinemet.I have only been using it for 5months,1 and 1/2 tablet per day.1tab at 11:00am and 1/2 tab at 4;00pm.And exercises have helped alot.Now the off periods symptoms of rigidity/bradikenisia are getting worse,compared to before I started using sinemet.I think good sleep actually helps to relieve the symtoms.As per MM,there is alotof benefts yet to be discovered by the experts in medicine.Recently the CEO of Emblem pharmaceuticals,the company that makes oxycontin decided to research MM as a future replacement of oxycontin in treating chronic pain.Also there may be some studies ongoing for PD,on the benefits of MM.
  8. Hi Sconklin87, try some deep breathing exercise,after a warm shower before going to bed.Avoid,caffienated drinks close to bedtime.I take melatonin 5mg,magnesium 1/2 250mg and .25alprazolam to sleep and I get up to 6 or 7hrs of sleep.Some people take trazadone antidepressant or the herb ashwaganda,or valerian root to sleep.I would advise you seek your MD's opinion as regards sleeping pills for pwp.I believe your are still working,so occupy your mind with something else apart from worrying to much about your symptoms.I know it is not easy coping with all these symptoms,without a diagnosis.I hope they find a cure to PD and all other incurable disease.Be at ease with yourself.Take care.
  9. Can Parkinson's be stopped

    Dear Pharmacist, the more we learn from experts like you,the more we calm our nerves.Thanks very much.
  10. Dear Pharmacist, thanks again for your usual expert opinion.
  11. Yes,PWP means Person with Parkinson.In my late forties.Three different neurologists. Symptoms mainly non motor,like anxiety,apathy,occasional mild balance issues.
  12. Trying Sinemet

    PatriotM, welcome on board the sinemet users group.Did sinemet only help with tremor?it is supposed to help with rigidity and Bradykinesia.Did you see improvement right away?or you had to titrate from half a tablet up to three.I believe MM has it's advantages and disadvantages,likewise all medications.I think the reason why medications are usually approved by FDA is if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.What are your PD symptoms that MM helped you treat?
  13. Hi Sconklin87, I can understand your anxiety and frustration trying self diagnosing,using the internet.I would say some of your symptoms resemble that of a pwp.But continue exercising vigorously,do all the tests requested by your neurologists or preferably see a movement disorder specialist.I have been through some of what you are experiencing now,before I was diagnosed.I was considered a YOPD person when diagnosed,becaused my MD felt that I have been having some symptoms like anxiety,occasional balance issues for sometime.For now,try and relax,and be ready to deal with whatever diagnosis your MD come up with.I support,going for a second opinion from a movement disorder specialist.I had to go through a pry care MD, and three neurologists before sticking with the final MD who is a MDS.
  14. Weight Loss

    I have lost 11pds since diagnosis in 2016.Mainly due to loss of appetite from effect of medication.
  15. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    Hi Superdecooper, some of your symptoms are similar to that of PD,or parkinsonism,meanwhile complete your all tests and don't forget to ask for a DAT scan.It may not be necessary if you are seeing a very experienced neurologist or preferably a movement disorder specialist.Good luck and welcome to the forum.