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  1. I started taking sinemet in 2012 10/100 3 x a day. now taking 25/100 1 1/2 tabs 3 x a day. The dyskinisa started in 2016.

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      I read on this forum that mucuna puriens does not frequently cause dyskinesia like sinemet.But the problem with mucuna is how to measure the right dose that will work for you.And mucnu does not cross the blood brain barrier,so some people still take sinemet with it,at a lower dose.I am thinking of switching to mucuna p.You can ask Dr Okun and the pharmacist on this forum for other options available to control or prevent dyskinesia.One thing that baffles me is that some people have been using sinemet for more than 10years without developing dyskinesia and some have only been on it for a year before developing dyskinesia..Try and message Dr Okun.