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  1. Photography and Parkinsons

    Hi I have found peace with photography . While I have many challenges to get a clean shot, I find that it helps me "be still" Are there any other photographers with PD? Edit. I chose to take my video down. Please visit my website I have setup to display my stuff. Greatblueimaging.com
  2. Newly Diagnosed

    Hi i feel for you. I have am on carbadopa every 4hrs and am wearing a nuepro 6mg patch. I feel that both are needed as I have been feeeling better since i addd the patch. Consider a new doc!!! Im glad I did
  3. sleeping trouble

    I have never had trouble going to sleep. My problem is that I wake up after 4 hrs. My first doc had me taking 2 CR sinemets a day as well as 4 regular. He never gave me times when I should take them so I guessed. The new doc has adjusted several things. I now take a CR at bedtime and the 2nd when I wake in the middle of the night. It seems to help. I believe it is my Parkinson's symptoms that wake me up. Meds wear off and I wake up.
  4. Going from Mirapex to Neupro Patch

    I have officially graduated to 1 6mg patch. It's bigger but it's easier to find a place to put 1 patch vs 3. I continue to feel much better! BTW: I printed off a coupon from the Neupro website. I am now getting the patches for $10 (instead of the $30 I was paying) a month for the 1st year.
  5. Going from Mirapex to Neupro Patch

    I picked up the supply of 6mg patches today. Now just one patch a day instead of 3 2mg patches! the first couple of days on 6mg was rough. I felt like crap. Feel real good now!!
  6. Unexplained foot/ankle pain and swelling

    I recently had knee surgery and am recouping from it. Since knee was just scoped the pain was not bad at all. I had no need to take pain meds. After a painful dystonia episode one morning, I thought to myself... knee surgery pain is nothing compared to the cramping feet and legs I put up with. I've found that the best pain medicine for Parkinson's related pain is my Parkinson's meds. Not the usual opioids prescribed.
  7. Going from Mirapex to Neupro Patch

    3 week update after reporting to my doc on the effects of 4mg, he has decided to have me try 6mg. Basically I told him I was feeling much better but noticed increased cramping in extremities. Just when I thought I was set.... ..here goes another week of adjusting to another med change. its a good thing my body has a lot of surface area cuz I am now wearing 3 patches.
  8. Going from Mirapex to Neupro Patch

    Neupro is a dopimine agonist. I'm not familiar with Requio but it looks like it is also an agonist. Neupro says it has similar side effects but I didn't have any trouble converting to it. https://www.neupro.com/parkinsons-disease/
  9. Anybody Find Tai Chi To Be Helpful?

    A few weeks ago I decided to check out this Tai Chi. It looked like would be a great help. My friend supplied a couple of DVDs and I started a coarse. It didn't take long for me to notice that my knee was not up for the challenge. Tuesday @8am I'm having the knee scoped to cleanup what is probably a tore meniscus. Looking forward to Tai Chi as soon as the knee let's me.
  10. Going from Mirapex to Neupro Patch

    Well, it's been a couple of weeks and feeling great pretty darn good! I have settled on 2 2mg patches every day (I will go to 1 4mg patch when new Rx is written) No more naps needed (but have been known to take one anyway) Sleeping better (7 hrs last night!) fewer OFF times.
  11. Going from Mirapex to Neupro Patch

    mPower is the name of the iPhone app. https://parkinsonmpower.org
  12. Going from Mirapex to Neupro Patch

    Day 3&4 on 4mg since I was having good results at 2mg, we decided I could try 2 patches. Yesterday started out pretty shaky and hyper but calmed down in the afternoon. I did a little testing with the mPower app. The tapping test were done just before a regular dose of sinemet and also a couple hours after. I could see where there is less fluctuations with tapping counts. The patches seem to keep me at more of an even keel. Here is a screenshot of the results
  13. DatScan questions for those who have had one...

    Hang in there Luke. Dont worry to much about what they call it. Just treat your symptoms. My first doc would have never said I had Parkinson's based on my symptoms. He gave me sinemet and when it helped, he was perplexed. "I don't look like Parkinson's " so he scheduled the scan. the REAL determination of Parkinson's was realized when the sinemet worked for me. The scan was nice for a backup.
  14. Sensitivity to light, onscreen movement?

    Let me start by saying I am awaiting a call from a Neuro Optimologist to schedule my first visit. My eyes are never in focus. Lights Lights Lights! I am obsessed with lights. I told the dear wife the other day that I am sensitive to lights and need to keep them as low as possible. This was brought on by my complaints of her turn EVERY light on in the house (I lost count of recessed ceiling cans). I feel like I am in a basketball arena! I've purchased many of the automated lights so I can use my phone to dim as needed (simplified description) We can tell Amazon's "Alexa, turn on the living room" "Alexa dim the living room to 10%" So... Yes, I have sensitivity to light
  15. DatScan questions for those who have had one...

    Tell your MDS to read up on DaTscans and how they should not rule out a diagnosis based solely on it Its interesting info to have but should not be the only reason for not diagnosing you with Parkinson's DaTscans come with a big disclaimer and most insurance will not cover cuz it's experimental. Good luck