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  1. I am in the late 4th stage of PD. I had to up the dose and frequency of Stalevo 200mg 1 every 4 hrs.. 6x daily and 25-100 sinemet 1 every 4 hrs.. 6x daily. It really helped, as there was extreme freezing and tremoring in between doses. I was at 1600mg of carb/levo daily. With this regemnt I am taking 1800mg total daily. And there is not the traumatic FREEZING AND TREMORING. I know t won't be 2 months tops until this dose is not going to be enough. But, the quality of life is better than the quantity. Is there any suggestions on doses or meds for late stage PD patients. Thank you.
  2. 3rd stage PD

    I am progressing very fast into stage 4. The meds are harming me now. I can tell I am failing fast. I can't walk, my legs won't move, I crawl on the floor. My body tremors are violent. I sweat and my breathing is labored. I know I am getting close and I am OK with that. There is no cure. My heart is heavy. Chris
  3. 3rd stage PD

    I was diagnosed with young onset PD at age 40. I am now 62, and have been on every medication for PD. Currently, I take 6 - 200mg of stalevo, and 3 - 25-250 sinemet and 1 - 1mg azilect every day. I was wearing off on just the stalevo 200mg every 4 hours. It was gone after just 2 hours. So I now take 1/2 of 25-250 sinemet in between doses of stalevo, or 6 x daily. This has helped tremendously, I am staying level pretty much all day. I try not to eat any protein and because I take meds every 2 hours around the clock, I eat very little at any time. This helps it get to brain faster. My total intake of levodopa daily is 1,950mg. I am having DBS surgery in October. Hopefully, I will be able to take less meds. Is anyone out there taking as much levodopa? I could not take the 2-21/2hrs of hard tremor, unable to walk, sweating, unable to breath, every 4 hours around the clock. But adding the 1/2 of 25-250 sinemet in between the stalevo has really helped. I don't know how long it will last, but at least I can have a sort of normal day. Sometimes I am so very tired of all that goes with having PD. The DBS will be a win win for me at this time. Thanks, Chris