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  1. Good morning!!

    I am also in a grateful mood, my hubby is much improved after a depression med change. He is aware more, he is awake more and progressing well with PT. It is so nice to see these positive changes. Praying that it lasts. Let's hope everyone has something to be grateful for tonight.
  2. As non PD user of both Byetta and Bydureon for eleven years, I can attest to the weight loss side effect. I lost thirty pounds with these drugs using diet and exercise as well, these drugs suppress the appetite, overeating will bring on nausea and vomiting. Therefore, weight loss maintenance is easy. There is also a food aversion side to these drugs, spicy foods, certain sauces are to be avoided for me. Another effect is sometimes you forget to eat, the appetite suppressant is that good. Some doctors are prescribing this class of drugs now for weight loss even tho patients don't have diabetes. As far as cost, I get a 90 day supply for $85, if not for our premium insurance I would really have to budget! I plan on staying on Bydureon until my Endocrinologist says differently. Hope this helps.
  3. Good morning!!

    Hey everyone! Where are those Granny Smith apples 🍎 I got lots of pies to make?!😜 Grandson is here today, spending the night, and we are seeing the movie Nut Job 2. Should be a lot of fun. Best of luck jb for your procedure, that's a long time to wait. Hubby is facing some ups and downs lately, he has to be so weary with it like I am. As for posting on our board, sometimes it takes too long to do when there is so much going on. As a caregiver and chief cook and dishwasher, pharmacy clerk, and chauffeur there isn't always lots of time left. Off to enjoy a nice lunch with hubby and GS!
  4. As a type 2 diabetic I have lots of experience with Exenatide, first with Byetta and now Bydureon. I have successfully used these drugs for eleven years. I do not have PD, however if you are looking at safety and longevity with a non PD patient I can tell you they have been wonderful for me. I am a caregiver for my husband with Parkinsonism, thus my presence on this board. Hopefully you will find your answers.
  5. Good morning!!

    Good afternoon! Medical appointments today, our reward is a nice lunch out! Look forward to those. It has been so cool here, reminders of fall, must enjoy the season now and not long for sweaters and apple 🍎 pie! Hey guys! Give jb some support here! 😜
  6. For caregivers only

    Wow, where to begin. I have a similar story as those here. My husband is mobile, his dementia is mostly about short term memory, comprehension, and cause and effect. He has Parkinsonism and severe Gasteoparesis as well. Mostly he sleeps, throws up a lot, or dry heaves. I sort of do my own thing too. We eat meals together, I watch movies or do hobby projects whenever I need a creative break. He doesn't watch movies or sports tv anymore. He does read a daily newspaper, and I insist he walk around a store or market once a week just to get him out of the house. He just sleeps. All the time it seems like. He is doing PT for conditioning and lower back pain. We have a lot of specialists, numerous appointments, and it's a lot to keep up with. Like the others, he does PT, rehab, won't do the exercises at home and rinse and repeat! It is exhausting to take him to six weeks of therapy and to see it undone because he sleeps so much. He can't comprehend that he needs to do the exercise and we are back to square one. It is what it is, I am managing very well, for the most part hubby is stable for the moment and that is good news. Take care of yourselves, know that others care.
  7. Hospice

    Thank you for letting us know of your experience. It is very helpful and prepares me for what our lives may be like someday. I hope things are improved for you both. Know that others care, please come back again.
  8. NAUSEA ad nauseum?

    My husband has severe Gasteoparesis, he vomits a lot, has nausea and dry heaves almost daily. His Gasteoenteroligist prescribed Zofran with all meals. It helps somewhat. I would recommend you see your FP or GP for a referral since it has gone on this long. Wishing you better health.
  9. Good morning!!

    Hey jb! Love your song! Hubby supervised like the good ex Government employee he was! He would have loved to mow if he could. PT continues to help him, he is working with an excellent team, they really push him but he needs it or they wouldn't push. I can tell the biggest difference in his pain and posture. Heading out for a very stressful task, car shopping!
  10. Good morning!!

    Mowed our huge lawn today. I took my time, really pleasant weather too. I haven't mowed in twenty years, our SIL does the lawn but they are on vacation. Nice to know that I could manage it! Have a relaxing night, I'm watching The UnaBomber on Discovery tonight!
  11. Good morning!!

    Evening everyone! My little garden is steadily producing 🍅 and zucchini. My herb pots make the best pasta sauces and bruschetta, everything tastes so delicious. Hope your gardens are doing well! My hubby is back in PT for his increasing lower back pain, it is helping him a lot! His OMT doc has said this pain is PD related. Have an awesome evening everyone!
  12. Good morning!!

    Good evening everyone! Busy enjoying summer here, relatives visiting, lots going on.
  13. Morphine in hospice care

    So happy he is enjoying summer foods bounty!! Continued thoughts and prayers for you both.
  14. Morphine in hospice care

    Genden, my thoughts and prayers are with you both as you journey onward. My father was given morphine as he was in pain and struggled to breathe, it really eased his passing.
  15. Good morning!!

    Good evening gang! Kind of quiet for our local fireworks tonight! We stayed home and away from the huge crowds expected and instead l went to the movies with my SIL. Hubby stayed home as he had some resting to catch up on. We saw the movie Baby Driver, quite the action and loved the sound tract. Such excitement we try to contain ourselves!😜 Have a great rest of your evening.
  16. Bucket list BEGINS!

    Happy travels! Sounds awesome!
  17. trazone

    Hubby uses Trazadone with excellent results, no unpleasant lingering sleepiness upon awakening. He tried so many sleep drugs before settling on this one. Good luck!
  18. Good morning!!

    Really enjoying this thread! Still unbearably hot and humid! Last minute chores have taken up my day, tomorrow family arrives and we will all be together!! Crossing fingers it's not too much for hubby!
  19. Good morning!!

    Ohio!!! It is unbearably hot tho, you might want to wait for pumpkin bread in the fall!
  20. Good morning!!

    Everyone is welcome!! Love it when we get lots of posts like today! Falls are so hard on our bodies. My tailbone injury is still very painful. I use a donut cushion for sitting to watch a movie, otherwise l could not sit still. Linda, l want a sundae too!!!
  21. 30 yo Husband diagnosed with YOPD

    I totally understand where you are coming from. My husband has Parkinsonism and Dementia, but he is in his late seventies, not young like your husband is. The exercise advice is spot on, hubby refuses to even think of working out, because of the dementia he can't understand it's importance. Try to calm down, hard to do l know, you all will get thru this. Educate yourselves, that has helped me tremendously. We do have a YOPD thread here that is very active. Breathe. Come here often, so many kind and helpful people here to support you and hubby.
  22. Good morning!!

    Summer rain! I love it!! Very hot and humid today and rain is coming straight down with no wind. That will cool things down! Making banana nut bread today, pasta salad, orange sun tea. Better get busy!
  23. Good morning!!

    Afternoon everyone! l have a Mandevilla, red and purple petunia, mixed pink petunia, a red geranium, a small pot of marigolds, lastly begonia! I also have a pot of chives, and large pot of dill, oregano, cilantro, Italian parsley, rosemary, and sweet basil. Love to cook summer meals with fresh herbs! All this and just started out with herbs. Must quit visiting the garden centers! It's really hot here. Can't be outside for very long or you are miserable. Our grandson is spending the night, having his favorite dinner of Chick-fil-A, and a movie Captain Underpants! Fun times! Have a great day!
  24. Good morning!!

    I love the Happy Meals too! Perfect portions, once every few months doesn't hurt, the four chicken nuggets are a different choice for me as well! Out for dinner tonight with a friend, a steak at Outback is calling my name. Back to chores. !
  25. Good morning!!

    Peace, l thought for sure you were going to say SNAKE!!! Can you tell l hate them, every day going to my little garden l just know l am going to see one. Sometimes l do, harmless garden type snakes but my mind screams 🐍! Ha! Sorry about your dog! Lazy day here. A little grocery run, dinner with hubby and Daughter and key lime pie for dessert. Not homemade but still pretty good. JB, my little garden is doing well, radishes have popped thru the soil, and is there anything sweeter than those tender leaves 🍃 pushing thru the soil? Hubby is back to sleeping a lot, so we were so happy while it lasted, perhaps he will have a few days of being more awake while the family's here in a few weeks.