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  1. Hubby uses Trazadone with excellent results, no unpleasant lingering sleepiness upon awakening. He tried so many sleep drugs before settling on this one. Good luck!
  2. Really enjoying this thread! Still unbearably hot and humid! Last minute chores have taken up my day, tomorrow family arrives and we will all be together!! Crossing fingers it's not too much for hubby!
  3. Ohio!!! It is unbearably hot tho, you might want to wait for pumpkin bread in the fall!
  4. Everyone is welcome!! Love it when we get lots of posts like today! Falls are so hard on our bodies. My tailbone injury is still very painful. I use a donut cushion for sitting to watch a movie, otherwise l could not sit still. Linda, l want a sundae too!!!
  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. My husband has Parkinsonism and Dementia, but he is in his late seventies, not young like your husband is. The exercise advice is spot on, hubby refuses to even think of working out, because of the dementia he can't understand it's importance. Try to calm down, hard to do l know, you all will get thru this. Educate yourselves, that has helped me tremendously. We do have a YOPD thread here that is very active. Breathe. Come here often, so many kind and helpful people here to support you and hubby.
  6. Summer rain! I love it!! Very hot and humid today and rain is coming straight down with no wind. That will cool things down! Making banana nut bread today, pasta salad, orange sun tea. Better get busy!
  7. Afternoon everyone! l have a Mandevilla, red and purple petunia, mixed pink petunia, a red geranium, a small pot of marigolds, lastly begonia! I also have a pot of chives, and large pot of dill, oregano, cilantro, Italian parsley, rosemary, and sweet basil. Love to cook summer meals with fresh herbs! All this and just started out with herbs. Must quit visiting the garden centers! It's really hot here. Can't be outside for very long or you are miserable. Our grandson is spending the night, having his favorite dinner of Chick-fil-A, and a movie Captain Underpants! Fun times! Have a great day!
  8. I love the Happy Meals too! Perfect portions, once every few months doesn't hurt, the four chicken nuggets are a different choice for me as well! Out for dinner tonight with a friend, a steak at Outback is calling my name. Back to chores. !
  9. Peace, l thought for sure you were going to say SNAKE!!! Can you tell l hate them, every day going to my little garden l just know l am going to see one. Sometimes l do, harmless garden type snakes but my mind screams 🐍! Ha! Sorry about your dog! Lazy day here. A little grocery run, dinner with hubby and Daughter and key lime pie for dessert. Not homemade but still pretty good. JB, my little garden is doing well, radishes have popped thru the soil, and is there anything sweeter than those tender leaves 🍃 pushing thru the soil? Hubby is back to sleeping a lot, so we were so happy while it lasted, perhaps he will have a few days of being more awake while the family's here in a few weeks.
  10. Afternoon! l have been very busy planting my tomatoes 🍅, two zucchini in my garden, and sweet potato vines in my front landscaping area. Two days of hard work with my still sore hip from my fall but l did it! Today more outdoor chores cleaning the patio. We are getting excited as our son and family will be here soon for a visit. They are changing bases and will stop here on their way. Short time to be here but we don't waste a minute as our entire family can be together. We will have a drive in 🎥 for the kids. DSIL has a huge screen we hang on the patio, cook out, fire and smores! You all should come too!😜 🍪, our grandson has already requested them!! Chocolate chip! Break is over, back to it. PS hubby has had a four day streak of being awake more!!! Not sure what is different, just so thankful!
  11. My husband is not young onset, but he was hospitalized for severe Gasteoparesis and he was in so much pain his hands and leg tremors began. The pain was not the cause of the tremors, it was Parkinsonism. Also, he developed dementia symptoms immediately too. Never a symptom beforehand. Interesting.
  12. Hectic Sunday for us. Lots of errands, we shall cookout tomorrow. On another awesome note, hubby hasn't slept as much today! I love it when he is awake and spends time with me. I am so fearful that this will harm his ability to walk in the future, sleeping all day so much of the time. But, today was awesome!😋
  13. My hubby takes Tradazone at a specific time, about fifteen minutes before bed. He had gone through so many sleep prescriptions, trying to find one that was a good fit it was so frustrating. Tradazone doesn't leave him groggy, and he has no other side effect from it. His FP writes the script for up to two tabs daily, he has never had to take but one tab. hopefully you will find a solution that works as well for you!
  14. Wow Miracleseeker! Thanks for verifying my theory! Hubby doesn't even know he does it either.
  15. Silent55, I totally understand you post, sorry you are in this position. As miracleseeker says, keep posting. We are here to lift you up. We know the cost of PD to our loved ones only too well. Take care of your health especially. Hope to see you on here again!
  16. My hubby does those same snake like tongue movements. He curls his tongue, then it constantly moves in and out. Interesting enough he only does this in the evening before bed after he has removed his dental partials. It's as if the tongue is freed and the movement begins! His medication is spot on as he rarely has tremors now. Interesting!
  17. Jb, it was my blood pressure,way too low in response to a new stronger medication. Sorry you have the same problem, it is not pleasant! Lad, love that zachism!!!😋 I want the rain to stop so l can plant 🍅, herbs are doing fantastic!
  18. I hope the original poster was not offended by my reply as a caregiver. I wanted to reassure him that it can work, meeting in the middle and talking issues with your spouse can go a long way like hubby and l have done. Sometimes l want to reply to a thread and wonder if my point of view as caregiver is appropriate. Now, l do understand that l don't have PD, but my compassion for those people that deal with it daily, knowing it's cost to my loved one have my respect.
  19. Best of luck finding proper medical treatment.
  20. Of course we get you!! I admire you for the care you give your Mother. Fighting her battles with medications and making her as safe and comfortable as you can. You rock!🤗
  21. My husband has vascular dementia and Parkinsonism. We are fourteen months from diagnosis, our lives have been affected in so many ways. I am his full time caregiver and happy to do anything for him. I am a very social person who has a lot of friends and activities. Hubby can still be alone so l can do some socializing, but we had to adapt quickly when dealing with this new challenge to our lives. I adjust how often l socialize , my friends also know if l cancel at the last moment l am needed at home. I don't resent that l am not as social because he has cared for me with such devotion and would do it for me in a heartbeat if the roles were reversed. Have you tried socializing at home, or one of your favorite places to go? I know hubby has anxiety sometimes, here at home when people drop in he is more comfortable. Maybe talking with your wife and meeting in the middle can give you both a workable solution. l wish you well, this PD is an awful lot to deal with!
  22. Awesome LAD!👍
  23. Damn basement indeed!😜 I had taken Mobic Saturday and Sunday, told myself to not take it today. About four o'clock l was in misery, when it dawned on me how much it had helped. Promptly took Mobic and a pain pill, toasty with my iPad and heating pad this evening. I have awakened each morning around six in pain but not enough rest to start my day. I hate to take pain Meds! i will take care and had I broken a bone I shudder to think of how it would affect hubby. He is not having a good day, he has two doctors appointments this week. thanks for your concern ❣️
  24. Good evening everyone. It all started at the Cardiologist office for my staying healthy check up. My BP was up, no stress for me, how did that happen? Lol! She changed my BP Meds, yesterday was my first dose. Took the Meds and off to McDonald's for a cup of coffee and to read the paper. Ten minutes in l start to feel hot, nauseous, knowing l could pass out. I walked a few feet to go to the restroom for a cold splash but didn't make it. Passed out, landed on my hip-tailbone. When l came to someone had put me in a chair and cold compress and the EMT's were on their way. My blood pressure was 70/40!!! Clearly too much Meds! During this all hubby seemed pretty good in dealing with it. I gave my car keys to a friend and he promised he would get him safely home . Hospital testing, CT scan all good except for a UTI. My SIL brought hubby to the hospital and my daughter was there as well. You will not believe what hubby did. He convinced our friend to let him drive and the friend could follow. My God he drove. After 16 months of not driving, angels were with him for sure. You can image the conversations we had over this. He thought it was a fine thing for him to do, like why not? I keep both set of keys with me at all times but in an emergency response just blew his never driving again out the window. He was so stressed out from yesterday he couldn't sleep or nap. Today he is catching up on rest. My hip pain Meds made me sleepy too. We have much to be thankful for, l didn't break any bones, he got home safely. Forgot to mention, he did use his cell phone to call SIL and ask for a ride to the ER. He doesn't understand vascular dementia and how it imparts his thinking and other abilities. When you get thrown a curve like we did, just so thankful today and sore!
  25. I am in pain today, l had taken a few days of an anti-inflammatory to help with pain and inflammation. Docs don't want me to take it because of my kidney issues, l felt today how much it had helped. Thank you both for your support as always. My heating pad and l have a quiet evening planned.