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  1. Apathy

    “Without dopamine, one’s ability to anticipate a positive outcome – or positive value – from a choice becomes a powerfully bad influence in one’s overall decision-making process. The default becomes “negative” or “no,” and that is not good.” - tells Peter https://parkinsonsdisease.net/?p=3251
  2. US Patent on Cannabis

    Found this very interesting US Patent on Cannabis relative to Parkinson's Disease and thought I would share it. You can Google "US 6,630,507 B1" . en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:US-patent-6630507.pdf There are other links as well on Google.
  3. Tremor when nervous?

    Exactly what it is. You don't have to have PD to experience those symptoms. Find a way to avoid what you feel are the most stressful situations as a start. I think counselling may also be something to look into.
  4. Chronic Fatigue

    Diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago currently 72 yo. Taking 2 25/100 3 times a day and 1 25/100 between my noon and 7 pm dose. Was having GI issues but the mid afternoon dose has really helped that. My issue is chronic fatigue. I cannot do heavy work at all and minimal average housework without complete bone numbing fatigue. I've had a complete heart and GI workup and in perfect health. I've always had PD symptoms of weak feeling legs, and some fatigue but meds are taking care of that. My tremors on left side, arm, shoulder and internal are not a real issues as I can stop them once noticed. Every symptom is minimal, with current meds, at this point with the exception of the chronic, debilitating fatigue. Could I be getting too much Sinemet or dosage spacing? Ive recently relocated to South Florida and have an appointment in about 3 weeks with a MDS at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston. What would you suggest? THANK YOU
  5. Which Medicare Insurance to Choose?

    Stay away from Advantage Plans. Plan F or G IMHO would be best as a Medicare supplement
  6. Trying Sinemet

    A question about Sinemet. What exactly does C/L do for symptoms? I read a lot on here people taking a full regimen of meds but still have symptoms that dont seem to be helped by c/l. Is c/L just for tremors and muscle issues? I find it helps with my GI issues and generally just makes me feel more human I do have serious issues with fatigue that c/l doesn't seem to be helping much. Thanks for your replys.
  7. CBD Oil--Does This Work?

    Ok, just understand that using inferior products won't meet expectations. CBD from marijuana has stringent testing requirements for purity, and is governed by state laws. Sorry to say hemp CBD does not. There some good products out there but it's crap shoot.
  8. CBD Oil--Does This Work?

    CBD from HEMP does not have the same "full spectrum " as CBD from marijuana. IMHO CBD from HEMP is inferior to that of the whole flower in marijuana. There are many strains of high CBD and low THC that can be obtained from dispensaries in MMJ states. Some people will disagree with me, but so be it. Do your research. Do not believe everything you hear. Use the links provided in this post.
  9. GI Issues - severe

    Just recently had a complete checkup with Gastro doctor - upper and lower - No problems but i do have Gerd and I believe IBS. Also complete heart work up. I am as health as a horse with the exception listed below. I was diagnosed in September 2015 with Parkinson's Disease via MDS. I am currently on 2 - 25/100 C/L 3 times a day. As far as my visible symptoms i am doing ok in that my left side is affected. My left leg drags a little and my left arm up into my shoulders well as internal tremors has a visible motion at times. Those symptoms seem manageable with my current dose of meds. My biggest problem is my Gut. I've had GI issues for years but seem much worse as time progresses. My stomach is very sensitive and will react to almost any food with acid reflux. On the other side of this, my colon seems very sensitive and has gone into spasms causing me severe pain and gas as well as double, triple vision and dizzyness. After i have a BM things settle down and i start feeling better. I'm not taking any PPI's (just got off after 5 years). Currently trying to use Zantac, Pepto Bismol and Gaviscon to control things. I am also taking Miralax to combat constipation. Nothing is working well at all and thinking about going back on PPI'S. Should i increase my C/l or what would you recommend? I was just at my MDS in New Orleans but thought i was getting things under contol, but im not. I guess i need to go back. But, would like to hear your take on things too please. Thank you
  10. Medical Marijuana

    Since Florida is now a Medical Marijuana state have you done sufficient research to determine if MMJ can be used by Parkinson's patients? Would you recommend MMJ and if so under what circumstance? The medicinal use and maintenance of MMJ can be a difficult undertaking I know. Marijuana is not a simple plant. Thank you
  11. GI Issues - severe

    There was 7 hours between my noon and evening meds. I added one 25/100 about 3:30 pm and believe it is making a big difference. I am feeling better. I'm seeing Dr Sutherland in Sarasota, fl in May and will follow up with him. Thanks for everything.
  12. inhaled levadopa

    Music man - I've been taking zantac in the evening 1 hour before my dose of CD/LD and so far no issues.
  13. Trying Sinemet

    I think it depends on age when diagnosed. Most diagnosed YOPD seldom start with C/L from my understanding. I was diagnosed at 69 and was started on C/L. Never any mention of anything else.
  14. Trying Sinemet

    Just a reminder that not everyone gets dyskenisia. It is not a given when using C/L.
  15. Dad newly diagnosed

    IMHO taking PD meds is Not a death sentence. Regardless what some people say dyskenisia is not necessarily a result of carbidopa/levodopa. Not everyone gets it. Also the path of Parkinson's is different for everyone regardless of age. Take every thing here with a grain of salt. I am 72 and had Parkinson's for about 3 years now and doing very well on C/L only. Advice here is simply someone's personal experiences and does not necessarily represent the absolute definition of PD. Everyone is different and PD meds react differently in each person. Best regards - this is something your father has to come to terms with. Thbank yo I for helping him.
  16. Gulf War Veterans with pd.

    So happy for you getting your disability. Took long enough. My status is still "Gathering Evidence". I have expectations something will happen within next 3 months. Being hopeful.
  17. alcohol and tremors

    I'm writing this for other PWP that may read this post and leave with a better understanding of Medical Marijuana. First off IMHO There is no medicinal benefit to alcohol when consumed. History will tell us that alcohol creates more problems than almost any other drug. I can't imagine having to drink a 6 pack of beer to benefit my Parkinson's symptoms. I'm not pushing Medical Marijuana at all, but hope I can impress on someone reading this that it is worth looking into. Treating Parkinson's isn't easy and does require educating yourself about the effects of the meds prescribed and the symptoms each of us have to deal with on a daily basis. We read everything we can and ask other people questions. We dig deep looking for answers. IMO the same process should be considered when dealing with Medical Marijuana. I see too many posts everywhere that someone has tried and it didn't work for them. Marijuana is not one plant doing one thing. It is a multipurpose plant that can, in my opinion and apparently many others opinions treat a variety of health issues as well as a maintenance to acquire and maintain a healthy physiology. Marijuana has been proven many times over to be a benefit in many, many situations. States wouldn't be legalizing marijuana for medical purposes if it wasn't true. Never one, not one death from consuming marijuana. Having a healthy body makes dealing with Parkinson's Disease much easier. Please educate yourself and develop some curiosity. Don't read just one article. Don't talk to just one person. Read, read, read. I believe in the long run it will be a benefit. We are all desperate for help. Thank you for reading this.
  18. alcohol and tremors

    If you live in a state with medical marijuana I would consider that over alcahol any day. I plan to move to a state where MMJ is legal and manage some of my symptoms that way.
  19. I'm back to my usual method of medicating naturally with medical marijuana. I currently live in a state where marijuana is not yet legal, but am moving to Florida in 3 months. I DO have have some first hand experience when living in Arizona though. I personally see mmj as the only non chemical solution with no adverse side affects. Do your thorough research and make choices that benefit you.
  20. Call your senator about the awful tax bill

    Organized to simply turn things back over to the Dems? In-house need a completEly different approach. Nothing is changing in the 2 party system. things were no better under any previous administration. just power grabs and both sides being stupid and acting like they always have.
  21. Parkinson's patient abusing opioids?

    I understand some people will reduce the pain meds and supplement with medical cannabis. Less opioid with medical marijuana.
  22. New hope for parkinson disease patients.

    From what I can tell most pwp will do and try and believe anything regardless of the side effects. There's always someone pushing something. The only real sympton releaf in the near future is medical cannabis. Im not pushing it but just saying.
  23. Call your senator about the awful tax bill

    So what is the difference between how Democrates do things? Does anyone remember the stellar behavior by the Dems on the healthcare bill. Nothing will ever change in Washington untill we vote for honest and Libertarian leaning educated people.
  24. planning for the future

    Is this type of home care universal throughout the USA? Would one state or area be better than another?