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Everything posted by pdmanaz

  1. Excessive Fragmentary Myoclonus

    Me too in my left arm. They are slight.
  2. Hair loss and stress and PD meds?

    At 72 IMHO if one has PD then anything that happens from a physical standpoint is PD related.
  3. Undiagnosed but looking for advice

    My best recommendation is to find a Movement Disorder Specialist (neurologist specialized in Parkinson's Disease). Your health is too important to ignore.
  4. Shifting subjects....who has cut the cable cord?

    We dropped cable and watching a lot of Netflix as well as YouTube. We have internet through a cable company and because if all the band width we use our bill is about $80 a month. We get a few local channels of over the air. Add till paying premium for smartphones though.
  5. Finally sleeping about 8 hours - just amazing

    Linda, I know the feeling exactly. Do you wind up taking extra doses? How does that impact your normal dosing? Thanks
  6. Trying Sinemet

    There is no cure for PD, I agree, but sinemet does replace dopamine, MM does not. No argument with you at all. I do think age has a big impact symptons. I have no symptoms of dyskenisia. When I do I will deal with it then. I was regently evaluated at Ochners in new orleans and was told my symptons, although on meds, is level one. Have a great day.
  7. CBD Oil--Does This Work?

    Bill there have been many discussions in this forum about CBS oil. If those discussions don't shed any light on your question I hope others will respond. It is always good to revisit these subjects.
  8. Trying Sinemet

    My opinon. As well as it may work for some people, using MMJ isn't replacing the lost dopamine, and only masking the symptions of PD. I'm not against its use at all but I consider it self medicating when the best medicine is being ignored or under utilized. The goal is to bring our bodies back to a normal biological condition with the proper use of sinemet, not just mask the PD symptoms. Replace what our body is lacking. Tremors arent the only symptom of PD.
  9. Trying Sinemet

    PatriotM would you mind sharing with us the details of your MMJ? Diagnosed 2 years ago at 70yo started on sinimet 6 months after that. Started on 1 - 25/100 3 times a day and about 6 months ago moved up to 2 - 25/100 3 times a day. My dose times are 6:am, 12 noon and 6 pm. It's working well for me but life will never return to normal because of other symptoms not totally controlled by meds. Thanks
  10. 23 and Me update

    Thank you.
  11. Water quality

    The current plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, and they're very stable — as opposed the bottles used years ago, which were memorable for their ability to leach chemicals. "Ink from the label could go through the plastic, but it doesn't happen anymore," Edward said. Water bottles produced today are so stable that the FDA considers them to have an indefinite safety shelf life, and doesn't require an expiration date for them. But the agency says long-term storage of the water may result in an off-odor and taste, and bottlers may voluntarily put expiration dates on the bottles.
  12. Water quality

    Bottle water
  13. Music and Parkinson's Disease

    I'm not a musician but give jazz to listen to and I'm in heaven.
  14. Does anyone else have dreams ABOUT your PD?

    I think the reason for these dreams are to help us understand our disease.
  15. Does anyone else have dreams ABOUT your PD?

    I've had dreams like that most of my life. In talking to other people I feel these type dreams are somewhat common. I have had dreams after diagnose of telling other people I have PD
  16. Philosophy - how long do we have to wait? We wait a lifetime and things seem no better but actually more corrupt. Each special interest group has their power players. Nothing is fair. This country is run on special interest minorities. The vast majority of people have no power because they have given up. There is no human morality in government or corporations. It's all about special interest and power. This government is run by lawyers with no moral secular fiber. Every law passed is for some special interest group.
  17. My question is how are the Dems and Repubs working out for you?
  18. https://www.lp.org/platform/ This link is the best I can offer Thanks for your interest.
  19. Vote Libertarian is my answer. The other parties have had their opportunity.
  20. IMHO the sources you mentioned are not at all unbiased unless you are viewing from the LEFT. It is a fact Fox is biased right.
  21. Restore Gold

    Not sure what you are referring to exactly. We operate in the red slightly intentionally.This is so we can make RG so affordable as compared to the alternative of buying all ingredients separately. .This is so we can make RG so affordable as compared to the alternative of buying all ingredients separately. For example, RG costs with 7 ingredients about as much as buying the same dosage of TUDCA alone. The only way we can do that is to operate with nearly no margin. WHP was formed to help those with PD. I suppose if RG was not available we would all have to go back to buying the ingredients separately at nearly double the cost. No company operates in the red intentionally
  22. Restore Gold

    JDS6958 sad very sad.
  23. Restore Gold

    Another opinion - I understand that not everyone gets dyskenisia and the later in life you get PD the less chance of developing dyskenesia. I think too many variables to make any blanket statements. I've also read having a Duopa pump can greatly reduce the effects of dyskenisia. HHope my 2 cents has some value.
  24. Other Illnesses and PD

    How do other illnesses, or dental work, or operations impact your PD. I had gallbladder surgery a few months prior to being diagnoses with PD and had a difficult recovery. I recently had a tooth pulled (difficult extraction in my mind) and it affected me negatively for a couple of days. Of course I'm 71 yo and that may be an issue also. I plan in a couple of months having about 6 teeth pulled on top and fitted with a denture. Just wondering to myself what kind of impact that will have on me. Does PD make these things more difficult? Anyone with similar experiences? If i got the flu or what ever, how it would impact PD - OR how the PD impacts the others recovery. Thanks