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  1. Dannygirl

    Mother of 4 girls

    Thank you for the welcomes and advice Beaus Mom, New Normal and LAD. I'm still learning how to use this site so I hope you can all read this. I'm not sure how to reply individually.
  2. Dannygirl

    Mother of 4 girls

    hello, I've visited this forum many times, but this is my first post. I am 38 years old and have been dealing with a tremor for over 5 years now but had stopped getting treatment for two years because I had my two youngest daughters who are now 3 and 4. I recently returned to the first DR. I seen back in 2012 and was diagnosed on 3/13/17 although PD is what the Dr.s were leaning towards I kind of been ignoring it for all these years not in denial just not really taking it serious I guess. Now that it has progressed and I have so many more symptoms I realized I have to take care of myself and my daughters. My two oldest are 14 and 18, they have been helping me out a lot now that things have been getting harder for me. So far my symptoms and tremor have only been affecting my left side. I will start physical therapy next week and try to find time to workout as I've seen a lot of you do. I still work full time 9-5 as a bookkeeper but because of my symptoms my work performance has been slipping. There are also days where I am just very fatigued, depressed, sore or just don't feel like getting up or going to work that are also affecting my job. My job is aware I am being treated by a Dr for a medical issue but I have not told them for what. So far they have been understanding though as I've been with the company for almost 13 years now. I've been taking meds for the last two years now but was taking them here and there cause they made me very nauseous. I started back on meds last week so I hope I will see some results now that I plan to be consistent with them. Hopefully things will start to get better and I will feel more myself. Sorry for the long post just wanted to share a little bit about myself with you guys. Hope to talk to some of you soon.