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  1. billfee@hotmail.com

    CL Dose Intervals

    If I am to take CL tablets 3 times a day, does that mean every 8 hours? Or should it mean 6 hours between doses? Or should it be some other time interval?
  2. billfee@hotmail.com

    Supplement 'cocktail' may prevent, reverse damage to aging brain

    After reading the article, I believe it is BS! I wish I knew how to delete my initial post?
  3. http://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2012/5/Nutrient-Cocktail-Delays-Aging-Extends-Life-Span/Page-01 Is this for real or a scam to buy something?
  4. billfee@hotmail.com

    Worthwhile book on PD

    I thought the book was great! I read it twice!
  5. billfee@hotmail.com

    Stopping Selegiline

    I am taking Selegiline twice a day. It's the only PD medicine I'm taking, I see no benefit in taking it. Is there any danger or issues in just stopping Selegiline? Or should I gradually withdraw from it?
  6. billfee@hotmail.com

    rasagline generic?

    Is there a generic version of Azilect available in the United States?
  7. billfee@hotmail.com

    Selegiline therapeutic level ?

    I am taking 5mgs of Selegiline twice a day for PD. Does Selegiline take a few weeks to reach a therapeutic level in your body?