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  1. Seward

    Music and Parkinson's Disease

    And on my youtube channel 1) I'm singing Shaped Note, last year a few years after diagnosis, losing volume pitch and rhythm but still doing it. 2) playing fender jazzmaster in my early 90s alt-rock band. https://www.youtube.com/user/sewardbishop
  2. Seward

    Music and Parkinson's Disease

    Yeah, I can tap the right hand for about a minute before it gets unresponsive. BTW, I sent to boarding school in S. Woodstock, where I first had guitar lessons. hans
  3. Seward

    Music and Parkinson's Disease

    There is shaped note singing in Tucson early March, I usually attend. I've had bad experiences with Guitar Center, they use commissioned sales people. Try craigslist or nextdoor. In the mean time, one can sing eight days a week around the twin cities. hans
  4. Seward

    Music and Parkinson's Disease

    I'm having trouble with instruments. I can play drums for a minute or two, then I miss a stroke. Similarly, I can't do downstrokes on the electric guitar. Any suggestions? hans