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  1. Buzzing noises

    That's probably what it was. I don't hear it now but a while back I did.
  2. Buzzing noises

    Has anybody with DBS experienced hearing buzzing noises?
  3. DBS

    A year ago, I had DBS surgery, first on the L brain, and a couple of months later on the R brain. Shortly after the R brain was connected, my L elbow and wrist became bent. To complicate matters, Itripped on my L middle finger, fracturing it.. Since then, that has healed. I have had OT but my arm remains bent in a dystonic position. At times it freezes up,more and gets very psinful, at times. Last week I fell on the stairs on my back and felt no pain. I did not think much about it and about walking 30 min on the treadmill as well as 30 min. on my recumbent bike. The next day, my back was pretty stiff. I am sore from where I landed an on up to my L underarm. Since I have limited use of the L arm, my R arm feels overworked. Can you make any sense of this? Could this merely be anxiety issues.?.
  4. DBS

    Thank you for your reply. It has been a year since my last DBS surgery. Shortly after my R brain DBS as hooked up, I began to feel a tightness in my L arm and my wrist and ekx
  5. DBS

    Dr. Okun, Is it possible for DBS to bring on dystonia or to freeze up one's muscles? Jgard
  6. "Dystonic storm"

    Has anyone experienced a dystonic storm? (See You Tube.)
  7. Quickly taking a downward spiral

    Dr. Okun, Is it possible that DBS surgery can spur panic attacks? I had some anxiety issues before surgery, but it was after the last surgery (R. Brain) that I began having actual panic attacks in my sleep. Are there any particular DBS settings that could help/aggravate the condition? Concerned, Jan
  8. Good programmer in MN

    Does anybody have a personal recommendation for a good programmer in Minnesota?
  9. Good programmer in MN

    Does anybody have a personal recommendation for a good programmer in Minnesota?