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    What was this?

    Thanks for the reply, that was what I was thinking about too. Over the past week or so I've noticed an increase in my stiffness even when I take my meds i seem to still have more stiffness and tremors than I did previously. Would this be a sign I need to up my meds next time I see my Dr. (in 2 months)?
  2. cbutters

    What was this?

    I am recently diagnosed (4 months ago) 45 years old. Main symptoms are stiffness and tremor. I am on sinemet 25/100 3 times a day as well as just starting Evaril (Spelling may be off) for anxiety/depression. A few days ago I experienced something completely new to me. My whole right arm became completely stiff and twisted It was incredibly painful and lasted for about 15 minutes. I have experienced some cramping and curling of toes and fingers in the past, but this was something way worse, I was just wondering what it might be and what caused it (part of PD or side effect of meds or what).
  3. cbutters

    What Are The Chances?

    Thanks for the kind words Dianne. I am 45 years years old and this is coming as a bit of a shock, but still need to wait for the final call from the doc. In a way my wife and I are a bit relieved it is PD as she was worried it was ALS. Will hopefully know more soon.
  4. cbutters

    What Are The Chances?

    For the last 2 and a half years I have been experiencing some strange symptoms. A stiffness in muscles on the right side of my body was the worst of them. Started in my calf, toes and moved upwards. Moved to my shoulder and hands. Got to the point where I couldn't squeeze with right hand or bend toes. Leg was so stiff I limped couldn't lift leg enough to put on pants without pain. Writing was difficult as was walking. I was also experiencing twitches or tremors in my hand/arm. Was fine if it was busy, but appeared when not doing anything. Neurologist said it was different from a typical PD tremor. He was unsure what issue was but gave my Sinemet to see if it helped these symptoms. It has been 2 weeks since I started. It has helped a lot. Tremors have completly disappeared and rigidity is much improved. What I am wondering is does this mean that I am likely to have PD? Go back to see Neuro in 2 weeks but quite paranoid about results.