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  1. lenamegan

    Anxiety/Tremor Help

    I recommend starting with his book Limitless http://www.fariastechnique.com/focal-dystonia-ebooks/limitless-how-your-movements-can-change-your-brain-an-essay-on-the-neurodynamics-of-dystonia
  2. lenamegan

    Anxiety/Tremor Help

    Check out Functional Neurologic disorder which is an umbrella for dystonia,IBS and other neurologic issues including tremor. It is more common sudden onset than PD and there is a huge overlap in symptoms. It is very commonly misdiagnosed as PD or ET. I believe I have both PD and FND (dystonia/functional paralysis). https://fndhope.org/fnd-guide/symptoms/involuntary-movements/ If you feel you are more likely FND check out Dr. Joaquin Farias' work. http://www.fariastechnique.com I saw him in May and the man is amazing. I am improving with his rehab work.
  3. lenamegan

    what do you do for fatigue

    Niacin made a huge difference for my fatigue. I take 1gram 3x daily of regular niacin (full flush) . If you use it look up info on niacin flushes which you will go through while your body adjusts. Flush free niacin is not safe to take at high dose
  4. Yes fish oil should help with dystonia, which I have, although not too bad anymore. Nicotine reduces anxiety from my experience - I have never smoked but the patches are nice because it is steady release so no highs and lows although I think it lasts a little less than 24 hours. Many studies on nicotine for PD and one study on it helping spastic dystonia. I plan on staying on it forever. However nicotine withdrawal is horrid from what I hear. Patching for a couple days to see if it helps should not set up addiction but using it longterm will.
  5. Fish oil - helps prevent dyskinesis, nicotine - obviously addictive so you are on it longterm unless you want to go through withdrawal, magnesium - relaxes muscles, citicoline to make the C/L last longer, meditation and exercise
  6. lenamegan

    Symptom increase in the heat???

    I do much better in heat. Cold makes everything stiff and slow. Even very hot is better than any cold.
  7. lenamegan

    Anyone Else in the PPMI study?

    I couldn't do it. For me the yearly spinal taps were too much. If not for that would have probably joined.
  8. lenamegan

    Parkinson's with GBA or LARK and 9/11

    I definitely think you are on to something. I hope that if I can heal myself, which I intend to do, I can pass that healing back to my ancestors and forward to my son. Hopefully healing some of the karma of the fear.
  9. lenamegan

    Parkinson's with GBA or LARK and 9/11

    Hi Janey, I would be very interested in your results. I am GBA and LRRK2 positive and fit all your variables except I was not in NY around 9/11. I however was living in a situation with a lot of fear for about 10 years before my diagnosis. I wonder if the ancestral fear of jews that may be embodied in the mutations combined with the real fear set this in motion as it seems like it would around 9/11 as well. I hope you can find people and you'll come back and share what you find. best wishes, Lena
  10. lenamegan

    Treating PD through psychiatry?

    And it makes you wonder about applying monthly neonicotinic pesticides application many do for fleas as that has been linked to PD in people.
  11. lenamegan

    Treating PD through psychiatry?

    So i talked to the other three vets in my practice and I think you are on to something Otolorin. We have all seen many dogs with all the signs of PD and they are the ones that don't respond much to meds probably because we are treating them for pain and anxiety not PD.
  12. lenamegan

    Treating PD through psychiatry?

    Otolorin, I've been thinking about your question all day. I have seen so many animals with all the symptoms of PD and those are the ones that the standard meds don't work well for. I truly believe we are missing it and not treating it correctly. You have peaked my interest - I might try Sinemet at a low dose in the next one I see. Thank you!
  13. lenamegan

    Treating PD through psychiatry?

    Re Mucuna - I think it is a fine treatment and works well for many and is neuroprotective - it didn't resonate with my body - made me very jumpy/anxious if I took more than one a day. It was the first thing I tried.
  14. lenamegan

    Treating PD through psychiatry?

    Some dystonias are also C/L responsive. I haven't diagnosed an animal with PD but I am starting to wonder if we are missing it in some of the old, shaky, slow, rigid dogs.
  15. lenamegan

    Treating PD through psychiatry?

    Three kitties and a former Taiwanese street dog Alli. Do you have animal companions?