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  1. Hello - In mid-December 2017 many articles appeared saying a new study found vigorous exercise seems to be neuroprotective for people in the earlier stages of PD. Here's a link to the study and here's a link to a good article in the NYT. By vigorous they mean 80-85% of maximum heartrate on the treadmill 4 times a week. Well, that inspired me to join a gym. Right now I'm not doing the treadmill - I'm doing spin classes and will probably branch out to other cardio classes. 80-85% heart rate for me is about 150 beats per minute. Whew, that seems high, especially to sustain. But, according to the article, people who did this sort of intense exercise for 6 months showed no worsening in PD symptoms. I'm wondering if others have been inspired to take up vigorous exercise after reading about this. What kinds of exercise works for you, what does your doctor say, have any problems arisen? Happy New Year!
  2. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    Here's another article about exercise. It says *strenuous* exercise seems to slow Parkinson's progression for those in the earlier stages. nytimes I've been exercising, but not always strenuously. (And my feet don't react well to running.) I am going to up my game by joining the local Y - I'm going to buy some personal training in order to avoid injury. And I am going to take they Y's high-intensity classes. That is my plan. Maybe it doesn't slow the progression - but what are the alternatives?
  3. Goodbye to Caffeine for a while - ET

    If you start drinking decaf, go with water processed. Apparently the chemicals used in removing the caffeine are nasty. Who knows if they are bad for PD brain cells, but why take a chance. Here in Maryland, it's easy to find Zeke's coffee - their decaf is excellent!
  4. No Sleep For The Weary

    Good Luck!
  5. European Parkinson's Therapy Centre

    looks wonderful. thanks for your report!
  6. Restore Gold

    Regarding RG, color me skeptical. I happen to live next door to a con artist/sociopath who touts herself as a great humanitarian and runs a profitable 510(c)3. Most charities/ministries are probably legit, but the genre attracts an outsized share of sociopaths. I've learned that one the hard way - I didn't even know what sociopath meant before I moved here! Still, good luck to all - we all want to preserve our precious brain cells - every single one!!
  7. Swamper's word-of-caution article includes this: We are not clear on whether Exenatide is having a neuroprotective effect, or simply stimulating a dopamine-based positive motor outcome. And this is why the scientific research community are saying that it is too early to be getting too excited by the result and making judgements about the use of Exenatide in Parkinson’s disease.
  8. Extreme muscle tension. Dystonia?

    Thank you for sharing. I have a much milder (but still really annoying) distonia. I will keep this in mind.
  9. Hi all, I'm in pretty good shape PD-wise for now. But I have made some positive moves. 1) I booked a trip to Paris. I wasn't sure how well I would fare, but everything was great! We got back last night. 2) I bought a nice bike. I got up early this morning and rode. Cheers!
  10. Parkinson Glove Experience

    This is a clever & interesting invention. I guess we will find out in the next few years how the product does. I wish the company that is developing the gyro glove best of luck!
  11. Living Large With Parkinson's disease

    I also greatly appreciate that folks posted & reposted this article.
  12. delaying meds

    Thanks so much for the input - there's a lot of confusing, sometimes contradictory info out there. Luckily, I have the option of taking things slowly for now. In the meantime, I bought a new bike yesterday.
  13. delaying meds

    Hello - While medications for PD can alleviate symptoms and increase quality of life, the medications often have side effects. My inclination is to delay medication as long as reasonably possible - I am wary of medications in general. Also, I read that Levodopa loses it effectiveness - that's scary. But i read elsewhere that's a myth! Right now, my symptoms are mild, but my neurologist said he will put me on the dopamine agonist Requip when the time comes. Should I jump on the medications bandwagon sooner for quality of life, or follow my instincts and delay? Are there any reasons at all to delay medications once the PD symptoms are stronger? I like exercise - I'm willing to try and control my symptoms with lots of walking and biking and more. I appreciate any insights whatsoever on these weighty decisions!! Jul
  14. is coconut oil good for pd?

    I don't have much experience with coconut oil, but I am suspicious that the non-fat craze has not been good for our brains. Guacamole anyone?
  15. Mucuna Puriens - A Herbal Alternative

    Hercules - I'm wondering how this is going 6 months out. Thanks for sharing!