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  1. Hi all, I'm in pretty good shape PD-wise for now. But I have made some positive moves. 1) I booked a trip to Paris. I wasn't sure how well I would fare, but everything was great! We got back last night. 2) I bought a nice bike. I got up early this morning and rode. Cheers!
  2. This is a clever & interesting invention. I guess we will find out in the next few years how the product does. I wish the company that is developing the gyro glove best of luck!
  3. I also greatly appreciate that folks posted & reposted this article.
  4. Thanks so much for the input - there's a lot of confusing, sometimes contradictory info out there. Luckily, I have the option of taking things slowly for now. In the meantime, I bought a new bike yesterday.
  5. Hello - While medications for PD can alleviate symptoms and increase quality of life, the medications often have side effects. My inclination is to delay medication as long as reasonably possible - I am wary of medications in general. Also, I read that Levodopa loses it effectiveness - that's scary. But i read elsewhere that's a myth! Right now, my symptoms are mild, but my neurologist said he will put me on the dopamine agonist Requip when the time comes. Should I jump on the medications bandwagon sooner for quality of life, or follow my instincts and delay? Are there any reasons at all to delay medications once the PD symptoms are stronger? I like exercise - I'm willing to try and control my symptoms with lots of walking and biking and more. I appreciate any insights whatsoever on these weighty decisions!! Jul
  6. I don't have much experience with coconut oil, but I am suspicious that the non-fat craze has not been good for our brains. Guacamole anyone?
  7. Hercules - I'm wondering how this is going 6 months out. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hello - I know this thread is a little old, but I have a question. Is there any evidence, one way or the other, that mucuna prurient loses its effectiveness after the patient uses it several years. That's the problem w Ldopa - I'm wondering if the whole herb (not zandopa) is known to have that problem. Apparently mucuna prurient is a very old treatment for PD in India, so chances is the long term effects are known. Thanks!!
  9. I hiked Acadia - some of the more challenging trails - in August. I already had a tremor but didn't get diagnosed until October. I knew something had changed for me as a hiker. My leg muscles were noticably weaker even tho I've been climbing 10 flights of stairs most days at work. I struggled to keep up with my 13-year-old daughter & husband. On the steep parts I felt uncertain of my balance in ways I never had before. I worried I would lose balance and hit my head if I rushed to keep up. Just a few thoughts - In national parks there's always a range of trails to chose from. If you realize you need easier trails, you can do that. On many parts of the Appalachian trail, you might not have so much choice. Consider hiking poles if you have any balance issues. My sister & her husband, experienced hikers in their mid-50s, usually use poles. They say it's to preserve their knees on the way down and to help cross slippery streams. I've been using cheap poles from Target - no problems yet! I'll be interested to hear how your hiking goes - enjoy!
  10. i hope the link works! I really tried to embed it!
  11. I just learned that Janet Reno was seeking piano lessons after she was no longer Attorney General. So that was years after her diagnosis. My sister's friend was a piano teacher Reno talked to about lessons in Florida.
  12. There is no PD in my family. There is Alzheimers and autism. I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. We have well water but it's not a heavily farmed area, and I filter the water. I had lots of amalgam fillings, but they were replaced mostly in the 90s. I'm suspicious of my stainless steel thermos - I've been carrying a few shots of espresso in it every workday for decades! I've switched to glass. I was beaned in the head pretty hard as a kid, but only once, and I did not pass out. I've been eating well since by 20s. My vitamin D level was a bit low. It's all conjecture. I wish I knew how to stop the cells from dying!!
  13. Hello - I'll have my first datscan on 29 november and might not be able to talk to the neurologist till after xmas (they're really busy). In the meantime, up until 14 december I can switch my health care plan. I'm 60 and mostly in great shape except for the tremor & not-too-bad-yet weakness on one side. I want to put off meds if feasible. I've been to PT twice. I'm not sure if i'll need too many more sessions. So, based on this slender info, are you able to give me any sense of expenses I might face in the next year? No Should I expect medical expenses in 2017 besides some PT, visits to the neurologist, and possibly meds? Thanks for any info you can give me!!