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  1. CaliforniaCaregiver

    It is Seven Months Today

    I feel I am coming close to making the decision for my DH to go into assisted living. I have home health people coming in for a couple of hours 2-3 times a week, but that isn't sufficient to help me get him out of bed, onto the toilet, transferred from wheelchair to lift chair, etc. Was there any one thing that made you decide it was time to make that decision for your DH?
  2. CaliforniaCaregiver

    Bladder control

    Even Depends don't keep my DH dry. I am so thankful for bed pads or I'd be cleaning sheets almost daily.
  3. CaliforniaCaregiver

    Best way to lift someone off the floor when you are alone

    Yes, genden69, you are not alone. I am undergoing some of the same issues as you with my DH. It is getting very difficult to manage him due to his increasing weakness and dementia. I had him in a care facility for 8 days, and he seemed to get along okay. I know he'd rather be at home, but I feel like in the near future I will have to make a decision to put him in a memory care facility full time. Do you have an adult day health care program in your community? My DH is going to be starting the program in September. He can go 2-3 times a week for 4 hours, and they provide OT, PT, activities, a meal, and even transportation. You might want to check into that, especially if your DH is a veteran, as they may pay for it.
  4. CaliforniaCaregiver

    For caregivers only

    Sarakay, your husband sounds a lot like mine! Didn't want to do exercise, just sits in his lift chair, seems apathetic or depressed. It has been a struggle doing everything I have to do for him, but I am finally getting some help to come in 1-2 times a week. I am leaving the state this week for a week to attend a family wedding, so he will be going into a care facility on a respite stay. I'm pretty sure it will be a good break for both of us. It sounds like you're taking care of yourself and engaging with friends. Hang in there!
  5. CaliforniaCaregiver

    Professional caregivers?

    New Normal, also have a big guy with PD. He has fallen many times in the last year, and I've had to call the fire dept. 8-9 times. They are wonderful at lifting him up, and fortunately for us, are only about 10 minutes away. Don't hesitate to call them if you can't get your man off the floor.
  6. CaliforniaCaregiver

    For caregivers only

    Genden, thank you for your candid comments about your caregiving journey. I see much similarity with what I am now doing to keep my husband at home. He spends most of his day watching TV, not interested in much else, is lapsing into psychosis, and I finally decided I needed to get some help. I now have a caregiver coming in for 2 hours at a time 3-4 times a month so I can take care of other things and just get out of the house. I am doing everything I did before and now all that he used to do, and it is draining and stressful. But you've been at it much longer than I have, so I have a pretty good idea what you're dealing with. Please find some time to take care of yourself so you have more strength and energy to continue your caregiving job.
  7. CaliforniaCaregiver

    What helps with Dyskinesia?

    Thanks, Abbie, for your insight on the Duopa pump. We were recently introduced to it at a Parkinson's support group, but I thought my husband might be too far along with PD for it to be effective. We will discuss it with our new doctor next month.
  8. CaliforniaCaregiver

    how to keep him seated in chair

    Have you tried using a gait belt? Are you talking about a lounge chair or more of a kitchen-type chair? If you had a long enough belt, you could hook it under his arms and around the chair somehow. It might be worth a shot.