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  1. Brigitte

    Internal Tremors

    The best way I've found to describe internal tremors?? Is the day my spouse and I were watching TV, and I turned and said "Did you just feel the earthquake??" and she looked at me like I was totally off my bloody rocker..... ya know? Bonkers... Problem was?? When I relaxed and just focused on watching TV? back they came.... I thought I was going to go crazy.....
  2. Brigitte

    other surgery with DBS

    I've had a total knee replacement, shoulder surgery (caused by a fall), and colonoscopy since I've had my DBS.... Each time? as per Medtronic, I turned myself off once I got into the OR... and was handed my controler when I woke up after so I could turn myself back on... no problems and no worries..... Oh, I also know someone that just recieved her clearance from her neurologist, and Medtronic, (a last minute requirement of her Insurance provider before giving their approval.... for Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) AKA Sex Change, including Breast augmentation... so DBS and surgery?? I'm not thinking there's really anything to be worried about...
  3. Brigitte

    A little something to think about

    Life is way too short to worry about "Taking a powder" for Parkinson's...........
  4. Brigitte


    According to my MDS, the only anti nausea med that we as parkies can safely take is Tigan.......... and yes, it works wonderfully.........
  5. Brigitte

    Symptom increase in the heat???

    Exactly jb... lol, and btw?? I agree, I can no longer handle the heat... as I also live with a busted thermostat........... these days, I seem to randomly have drenching sweats at anything above 70 degrees, and shiver below 60.. sigh... I need a new thermostat, and a new gasket........... please make that a '59 Ford Skyliner please with a 352 V8 and auto trans................ The ultimate car for all climates...
  6. Brigitte

    Good morning!!

    no worries LAD, as I found it to be quite lovely.........
  7. Brigitte

    Voice weakness

    I've had my DBS since '14, and yes, I've experienced voice/speaking issues, so I went through the LSVT treatment last Jan. and it seems to have worked well. I don't suppose it will last forever, but I'll go with it today..... and yes, I'd do it all again.....
  8. Brigitte

    A shortage of Carbadopa/Levadopa CR????

    According to Rite Aid, they claim that they can not order it from anyone. I even contacted my prior pharmacy (an old style indipendent mom&pop type) and they also said that it suddenly became very hard to locate any of the 25/100 CR from anyone... I['ve also got the same story from Walgrens, Bartell's, and Fred Meyer/Kroger locally... So I did a count of my own supply, and came up with 235 pills.... and at 6 pills a day, that leaves me with a 39 day supply...... Then I'd have to go back to the instant release...... and more dyskinesia............BAH thanks.....
  9. Brigitte


    I've been using Trazodone for almost ten years (as needed) and it's just been wonderful......
  10. Mark; It seems that all of a sudden when I went to refil my script of C/L 25/100 cr, I was told that it was "unavalible" and would not be avalible until sometime after September..... I figured ok, that was at Rite Aid, so I called around to several other pharmacy's in the area... Walgrens, Bartells, Fred Myer (Kroger), as well as several indipendents I tried... I'm being told that it's a distributor issue.... My question is it?? or is it a manufacturing issue as well??? and is this a sign of comming problems in supply in all forms of C/L??? thanks
  11. Brigitte

    Good morning!!

    good morning to all............. I had (and still do when my meds are low) internal tremors... I found that once I started on L-dopa, that they pretty much went away.... yippie....
  12. Brigitte

    medical marijuana

    Hey Lethe, What strains do recommend for a parkie??? am looking for one that will help with my Dyskinesia.... thanks
  13. Brigitte

    Drifting....in faster waters

    I remember when my right hand decided that it didn't want to help me wash my hair, and instead decided that it was pretty much done with helping on other things as well..... I told it that it was FIRED. I was eventually able to "make" it help with most things, but it still won't help with my hair.... Recently I had an appointment with my PCP. It took me several trips back into the house4 to get things that "I forgot", before we were ready to go to my appointment. Let me tell you, sometimes it drives my spouse crazy, but then she's the driver, I guess she can be that way...lol Then when we finally get to my PCP appointment, I realize after (as we pull out of the parking lot), that oh yeah, I forgot to ask about this issue or that problem..... my spouse gives me "that look", and I just say I'll call for another appointment when we get home... (thinking to myself, "if I remember").... Well that was last week, and yes, I did forget, and am making that appointment right now, while I'm thinking about it.... before I forget again...lol sigh, I just hope I can remember what it is that I need to be seen for.... I'll have to make a note to remember to ask my spouse to write up a list,and post it on the fridge....LOL Ok, enough of my rambling...... I'm off to make the appointment..
  14. Brigitte


    Random thought: If your Dr. orders a round of Antibiotics....... and you are already eating yogurt with Probiotics............... Do you have internal battles between the "Biotics"? or do they just cancel each other out???? hummmmmmmm, .. you've heard about TV shows with "Battle Bot's"?? well we could have Battle Biotics.... The Anti's vs. the Pro's..... So, are you an Anti? or Pro?? Inquiring minds wish to know................