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  1. My husband has had PD since Jan. 2014. He cannot take PD medications ( tried all of them ) due to adverse reactions that include rash, swollen face and worsened PD symptoms. The only drug that he can use and helps him is medical mariajuana. He suffers extremely strong pain in his legs and , sometimes, feet. He gets PD attacks several times a day that include rigidity of his legs, tremors and pain. Sometimes his head ackes. Leg pain is always present. The mariajuans helps with the pain that comes with the attacks and pain that continues between attacks but he suffers regardless. Digesting food seems to have an effect on the onset of the PD attack. Two questions: Are there any non-invasive treatments available to him? Is there any research and material available to advise patients and care-givers on using medical mariajuana to the best advantage? Thank you. Dolores Marchese