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  1. francesblo

    Nutrition and PD

    Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate a scientific/medical evaluation.
  2. francesblo

    Nutrition and PD

    Would you comment on Mischley's recently published study? Is the methodology sound? Is there anything in there for those of us with PD, or does this study need to be replicated first before we change our diets? Thanks for your "take" on this.
  3. francesblo

    Post diagnosis projects and accomplishments.

    Go, Gulfvet! There are many outside of the VA who aren't capable of diagnosing PD, too. Kudos for working on this. I love the idea of talking about what we Can Do. I still weave (even if it's on my smaller loom). I still garden, though in a much smaller patch. I still work and come up with new and interesting projects to keep my students interested and excited (which keeps ME interested and excited). I still camp. I still drive (even if on quieter roads than before). I still enjoy my friends and my grown up kids and other family. PD has helped me focus on what's important and to not sweat the small stuff.
  4. francesblo

    Music and Parkinson's Disease

    There has been some research, I believe by physical therapists, about the use of music to improve gait. I was very interested because my gait is awful. Some PD patients were able to improve their gait by listening to music and/or music + metronome emphasizing beat. Apparently the patients increased stride length and improved stride. When I can I listen to music when I walk, since this often encourages me to walk faster(if I select the right music); I have a separate Pandora channel on my cell phone with tempo that forces me to walk a bit faster. Have also worked with PT to improve my stride. Both seem to have helped.
  5. francesblo

    The Problems with Medical Marijuana

    There is a reason for laws about driving and marijuana. When I was a teen many years ago, I drove after just a few tokes, and managed to scrape the side of the car against foliage for more than 100 yards - and didn't realize it until I pulled away from the foliage. Fortunately nobody was injured, but this rightly scared the c**p out of me, and I never drove that way again. Many prescription drugs can make driving unsafe; just because medical marijuana is legal in a state doesn't make driving under its influence safe. I'm really glad that MM helps so many people, but I sure am uncomfortable with the idea of them driving under the influence of it.
  6. francesblo

    Just been diagnosed at 36

    @LAD, Thanks for the info. It sounds a lot like the Delay the Disease program. It's great that there are PD-specific programs, and thank goodness for them all.
  7. francesblo

    Just been diagnosed at 36

    Hi, @Bluemoon. Do exercises that you can do and modify those that you have to. They say, "Use it or lose it!" I can't run any more but I sure do walk fast. Here are some articles with information: https://www.michaeljfox.org/foundation/news-detail.php?exercising-with-parkinson-disease-should-it-be-high-intensity https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/23/well/exercise-can-be-a-boon-to-people-with-parkinsons-disease.html http://www.pdf.org/parkinson_exercise_impact http://www.epda.eu.com/living-well/wellbeing/diet-exercise-and-physical-wellbeing/exercise/ I am extremely grateful that I developed the habit of exercising regularly before I was diagnosed, but the way I exercise has changed. I added much more intense cardio (non-contact boxing), and more balance and stretching. It all helps.
  8. francesblo

    Just been diagnosed at 36

    Hi, @Bluemoon. From what I understand, forced exercise is the ideal for slowing progression of PD, as in when you really push yourself. Sounds like your workouts are already good. You might want to add some PD specific exercise - a physical therapist can help with that now, while you wait to see the MDS (ask your primary care person for a referral so insurance will cover it). Also, there are a number of exercise programs that are PD specific; I go to Delay the Disease and also Rock Steady Boxing (intense and FUN). These help with all sorts of physical things, plus provide a group of people who can become part of your support community. (And look into support groups;I know there are groups especially for young onset, but maybe even regular groups - it is so helpful to be with others who are struggling with what you are, too - and people will know of resources and ideas that help.)
  9. francesblo


    Thanks for sharing this. Good news.
  10. francesblo

    Fluoroquinolones (Cipro/Levaquin)

    Cipro and PD med Azilect don't mix. Also FDA recently advised Cipro use should be restricted.
  11. francesblo

    Peripheral Neuropathy In Parkinson

    I have the tingling and numbness on right side. When I am rigorous about exercise, it recedes. When I write the alphabet with my right foot it goes away for awhile. By the way, if your doctor "didn't care about half my pd symptoms," then you need a new doctor. PD is full of baffling and annoying symptoms - you need someone in your corner.
  12. francesblo

    How do you tell people that you have PD?

    Instead of tremor, I have balance problems that make it hard to walk straight, though this has improved with a cane and Physical Therapy. Coworkers were watching me walk and knew something was wrong, and worrying about me. They were relieved to find out I've been diagnosed and am getting treatment... and then several asked for the name of my MD specialist because they suspect PD in a family member.