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  1. Hospice

    Hospice knew how to care and handle every need - with Love- this meant a great deal to us - even thought it only lasted 7 days. We laid mom to rest yesterday and we know that we did everything we possibly could!! When I saw all the elderly kids there it made me think there is plenty of time to rest,,,. So yes it was worth every effort, all the anxiety, physical and emotional strain ... it is what it is...
  2. Night time Depends leaking

    Suggestion Tena & then insert the Tena overnight pads, this really helped us, and of couse we used the washable pads too.
  3. Hello

    Hello to you!! Please take One day at a time, this helps very much!! i'm very sorry to hear the diagnosis that your love received... Just one day means so much. My friend always says there's plenty of time to rest and this is so true!!! My mom was diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease Dementia Parkinson in October this angry viscous monster I mentioned ate a vibrant woman Today we lay her down. So again Every day counts... it will be ok.. How I don't know but it will... I have googled Everything, I went to caregiver support meeting, Anxiety at its finest put me thru the ringer, I work full time have a family, my dad is 81 strong and somehow with Love and supernatural Faith we did it. You can, you will... As you Go with the flow... Enjoy today...Breath just breath I sincerely recommend K-Love a radio station (motto is positive & encouraging). Take this from someone who even googles "How is it possible for a person to loose ones mind... Recent 1 mo ago story, mom had to use the restroom , I took her (she could shuffle her feet back then a little) .. when we got to the end of the hallway she looks at me and says "And now where to? To the stairs or the elevator?" so I crack up and say "Mom do you feel like using the stairs? she said "Nooooooo" so laughingly I tell her ok then it's the elevator!!! and I quickly turned on the bathroom light and she said "Wow that was fast!!" (The house in one level) So I crack up and she does too ....