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    Theracycle 200 for sale in Southern California

    I also have a Theracycle 200 for sale, this one in Illinois. It's like new (by the time it arrived, my wife had a back problem that made using it difficult). Price is negotiable. Contact: Stoic1@mac.com
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    I've just joined this forum, and I don't really know my way around. But having found this thread, I can add that I have a Theracycle 200 which we bought for my wife a year ago ($4,500), only to learn that a back ailment would prevent her from using it. But the material we read along the way certain indicated that it could help Parkinson's patients like her in a variety of ways, and I'm sorry we never had the chance to use it. We're interested in selling the Theracycle now, of course, so if I can learn how to post this information in the right place, I'll be looking for a buyer. I suppose we'll be asking about half of what we paid. I'd be grateful if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks. Oh, my email address is Stoic1@mac.com