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    Can you describe your pain?

    I'm newly diagnosed w/ mild symptoms... some tremor in my left hand, slowness (bradykinesia) in my left arm/hand. Oddly enough the pain I get is mostly in my jaw. I find when I'm doing things w/ my bad hand (typing on a keyboard, cooking), I'm inadvertently clenching my jaw. At the end of the day, I'll often realize how sore it is. Like if you'd chewed the same piece of gum all day. I'm trying to consciously think about relaxing my jaw as I work during the day... including as I type this. It helps when I can remember.
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    Thank you, Mihai! Can I ask... you mentioned at the beginning symptoms were quite mild. Did you hold off on medication? I'm due to speak w/ my doctor about our plan next week. Trying to learn as much as I can in advance. Thank you! Sean
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    Thank you, Gardener. That's really comforting.
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    Well I got the call last night w/ the results of my DAT Scan... Doctor says, without a doubt, it's Parkinson's. It seems I caught it early thanks, in large part, to people posting their experiences online. It started with an occasional thumb twitch on my left hand around April 2015, then I noticed my arm is a little slower on that side to do things early last year. That's pretty much where I stand today. I'm 35 with two young boys, a wonderful wife, and a busy career. The uncertainty of how this will impact all of that is the most unnerving part. Perhaps it hasn't really hit me, or perhaps I adjusted during the diagnosis period for this outcome, because I remain oddly calm. I guess I remain wildly (irrationally?) optimistic that treatment options (or better) will improve fast than the disease progresses. I'm sure in the coming weeks I'll have many questions and hope to turn to all of you for advice. For now, I'd love to hear what you wish you'd known when you were diagnosed. Thanks! S