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  1. Minna76

    Great Club

    Very helpful video! My left hand will be very grateful Thanks for sharing.
  2. Minna76

    Symptom increase in the heat???

    Thanks for all the input!!! I tremor lots in the cold, when typically I don't have a tremor but the past month or so I'm just slower. OTOLORIN...I only take 1 mg of azilect to hopefully help slow progression. Exrercise is my current medication for symptoms and has been working since last May when I was Dx. I did notice feeling like this last summer too so maybe it's my thing. It's tolerable but noticeable.
  3. My symptoms are on my left side only. Mainly rigidity and slowness in my arm and slightly in my leg. I'm not sure if I'm dreaming but I think my symptoms have been worse since summer has started? Does anyone notice that happens with rigidity and slowness when in the heat? TIA
  4. Minna76

    Weird Symptoms - anyone have these?

    I shake a ton on my left side, which is the side with symptoms, when really cold. Uncomfortable for sure!
  5. Love your profile picture 

  6. Hi there, I am 40 & was diagnosed right before my 40th last May. We have similar symptoms. Keep exercising!! Even though it might not make your symptoms better on a daily basis the research supports it for helping slow progression. I would recommend using a dictating system instead of typing if you can, it helps me tons!!! I also use Theraputty and a stress ball before bed for my left hand, helps with the rigidity. Once day at a time.....Nobody can tell you what your future will be like so live for today when symptoms appear manageable & stay positive as much as possible... Melissa Ps... just seeing your post above! Great news
  7. Minna76

    Hand tremor while walking?

    My symptoms are all motor & isolated to my left side. I have no arm swing, which was one of the first symptoms I noticed. I don't have a typical resting tremor, more like a "one & done" kind of tremor. I have noticed it acts up more during exercise and on occasion when walking.
  8. Minna76


    Hi S, I was Dx this past May right before my 40th birthday in August. Looking back I wish I knew that though the initial Dx brings tons of different emotions it doesn't change who I am. I am a mother of 2 young boys, working part time as a cognitive behavioral therapist (never knew how handy that would be in my own life!) a wife, friend, sister, daughter & so on...and none of that has changed! I'm sure the future will have its rocking times but one day at a time. Many of the others above speak to progression and how it's different for everyone and often slow...that's a true story & one to keep in mind. Hope that helps... Take care Melissa Ps...I am on Azilect, only that as of now, as mentioned above bc my MDS believes in the research about it slowing progression. I've tolerated it well, no notable side effects
  9. Hi Ed, I am using exercise as my main treatment of symptoms right now but agree with you...at times my symptoms are worse, especially during a workout. I do not have a typical resting tremor, just a random "one & done" type tremor but during my workouts I tend to tremor more often or have what feels like an internal tremor. I have to say that my rigidity does tend to feel better. I'm liking step aerobics, Pilates & yoga right now. So though it doesn't seem to be all around helpful my motto right now is..."I'm gonna keep moving so I don't stop" Melissa