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  1. Medication availability in US

    Thanks for your feedback. We'll check with the helpline.
  2. Medication availability in US

    Dear Dr. Okun, I'm a new member and have some questions on availability of specific medicine and/or if they can be brought into the US from Europe (we are from Germany) and - if yes - in which quantity. My husband will be 59 in April. First symptoms (tremor right hand) appeared in 2004. He was finally diagnosed with PD in late 2006. He currently takes the following medicine and is more or less doing well (sometimes issues with RLS during the night): 07 am - Requip modutab 8mg, Xadago 100mg, Stalevo 100mg, Triamteren comp.-CT 50/25mg (not PD related) 10 am - Stalevo 125mg 02 pm - Stalevo 125mg 05 pm - Stalevo 100mg 08 pm - Stalevo 100mg 10 pm - Stalevo 125mg, Rivotril 0,5mg Since September 2016 we are "living our dream", meaning we are travelling through North America with an RV (no mailing/shipping address for a lenghty period). We started our trip in Canada and will move to the US in late July/early August. When we entered Canada we brought his medication for a couple of month but then found out, that Xadago is not availabe in Canada. He did not want to switch to an alternate theraphy (Azilect, Amantidine). We therefore got all his medicine shipped from Germany, after Canadian customs confirmed, this was possible. However, this turned out to be a bit of a nightmare since the parcel was stuck at customs for a lengthy period and another customs agent told us, that some/most of the medicine is on a ban list. We had to stay at the campground provided as delivery address much longer than planned but finally managed to get the parcel and my husband now has all his pills until mid-August. As mentioned above we are planning to move into US in late July/early August. We then will fly back to Germany for a couple of weeks. Whilst in Germany we are planning to obtain his medicine for another year and bring this to the US on the plane personally. Can you provide any information, if this is possible and if we can bring more than the expected stay in the US (we are planning to go to Mexico afterward and want to cover (some) of this period as well). Alternatively can you let us know, if all his medicine can be obtained in the US and what he would need to do to get them? We have multi-lingual letters from his German neurologist confirming the need and the therapy. Would it be an option to contact a neurologist in US and get his pills shipped to the doctor? I know, these are a lot of specific questions and they might not be related to your normal work in this forum but we would very much appreciate any feedback. Thanks & regards, Ute & Ralph Rößler