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  1. Maybe you could try jigsaw puzzles with large pieces, paint by number, coloring books, word searches or books on tape. I could be wrong on my ideas since I have no ecperience caring for someone with PD.
  2. Thanks, Hunter Dan, for the welcome. You are right with the amount of info that's here. Hopefully, I won't have to come back here after seeing MDS in May, meaning no PD. Good luck to you and everyone else here.
  3. Thank you, Dr. Okun, to take time out of your busy schedule to answer my question. You do a wonderful service here!! I found sn MDS in a different part of my state, who will take self-referrals.
  4. Lad, i found an MDS, out of my area, who will take self referrals. It's funny you mentioned to use the ask the doctor forum since i posted a question in it earlier this wk (not answered yet) about how to get neuro to take my symptoms seriously. Thanks again!
  5. Lad, Thanks for your reply and insight! I've been trying to exercise, and I no longer eat processed foods. Plus, I've stocked up on sunflower/pumkin seeds, and other foods with dopamine, in case I have PD. You are fortunate that your PD was discovered quicker than many. I'm not sure which type of neuropathy I have since neuro just said neuropathy. I tried showing him my journal, but he didn't care to see it. I also went with a list of symptoms with a timeline. Good reminder about being my own advocate, as someone also suggested when I was originally here. I just want to be taken seriously, as you and others can understand.
  6. Thank you both for your replies and suggestions!! Dianne, thanks for the websites. I've been tracking systems for months, but a chart or graph would be great. Shirley, thanks for your input. In the area i live, the MDS' need a referral from a doctor. But today, I found an MDS, 3.5 hours away, who will take self referrals.
  7. I saw a neurologist, at a teaching clinic, but I'm still in limbo. He recognized my balance issues, and said I had weakness in my left hand. To get a reflex in my left knee, he whacked it so hard that it hurt. Last time I was at the clinic, it took them 4 tries to get one. He was only concerned with constipation, but he didnt care about my other non-motor symptoms, like insomnia, loss of smell, small/sloppy handwriting, etc. He also wasn't concerned with my lack of arm swing, my blurry vision or my tongue movements that occur with my tongue at rest and sticking it out. After he examined me, he said there is some neurological isssues, but he didn't know what. Then he said it was nothing serious. He wanted me to see the autonomic specialist. But after he talked with the specialist, who never examined me, he said it was functional. I asked for a referrral to MDS, but he declined. However, he said I had neuropathy. All of my symptoms, which started 10 years ago for some non-motor, did I even connect that they could be related until a few months ago. Plus, when I noticed in summer my arm stopped swinging, I thought it wss weird, but didn't think about more about it. Therefore, I don't think it's functional. The neurologist was very young, so I wonder if he is in his residency, or if he has much knowledge of PD. Therefore, I'm going to find another neuro or wait until i have more symptoms. If my situation sounds familiar it's because I was previously here with a different username. I left because not sure if I belong here since I'm still in limbo. I just wanted to update you since you were so kind to offer your insight and experiences.
  8. In my mid 30s, starting 8 - 10 years ago, i started having insomnia, partial loss of smell, stomach issues, and my handwriting became small/sloppy. Three years ago, I got tinnitus, and my fatigue started, which is now worse. I had more twitches and numbing. I've gotten clumsier in the last 2 years. Last year, people started commenting that my walk was off and that I have a slight limp. I also started having blurry vision on/off, which is now constant. My dreams became more vivid, and I have woken up hitting the wall or kicking. My left shoulder started hurting 10 months ago. Nine months ago i noticed my arm wasn't swinging when walking. Four months ago, I started getting internal vibrations. In the last 3 months, I had a tremor in my left thumb at rest, but it was only for a few weeks. My eyes became dry, and I blink less. My left arm started feeling heavy, and my legs/arms feel tight. My teeth chatter all day, and my tongue moves in waves up/down, and it quivers. This last month, I started getting burning sensations in my left leg/face. I get dizzy looking down if I don't move my head. One doctor said nothing was wrong with me, nor did care about my abnormal tongue movement. It took 4 tries for a reflex in my left knee. i didn't feel the vibrations in my left foot. I was told I had some hearing loss in my left ear. Then I went to a neurologist, whose in the same medical group. During the Romberg test, I stated going backwards. My body shakes doing the tandem walk. He said my left hand was weaker. At first, he said there were some neurological problems with me, but he didn't know what. He wanted me to talk to an autonomic specialist. After he talked with that person, he said my problems were functional, although the specialist had never talked to me. The neurologist diagnosed me with neuropathy. The neurologist didn't care to hear about my non-motor symptoms. He is very young, so i don't know how much experience he has had with Parkinson's. I asked him for a referral to but he declined. He told me to take vitamins, to do physical therapy and to take water classes. How do I get someone to take me seriously? I have tried calling several MDS', but they need a referral. Thank you in advance, and I apologize for writing so much.