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ngs I was diagnosed with PD when I was 48, I thought my problems were caused by carpel tunnel syndrome. No such luck as always. I have been on basically the same level of medicines since the beginning with just a few adjustments and tweaks  here and there. I think that the one good break I've had is that I'm very receptive to the carbidopa / levodopa treatment . I have had the DBS implant and from what you see on thee internet I always thought it would be effective but maybe that's just the way it is ?

We have two girls over 30, and one grand daughter hat has been spoiled to perfection, she is the only grandchild on my side of our family so it goes without saying. I farmed with my father until 1993 when I was offered employment with the USPS. I worked for the post office until I was separated from it due to the effects of my PD. I have always felt my PD was brought on by Organic Phosphates , It is a widely used dry flow able pesticide used to kill bugs in corn fields. I would get  a weird feeling  just being in the building where ome of it had been stored even if there was no  actual product in the building, I'd get a thick feeling and a rusty taste in my mouth. 

I take one carbidopa / levodopa 25-100 and one half trihexyphenidyl every three hours. twice a day I throw in a half of a  Pramipexole  for a total of 1mg a day, and 225 mg of venlafaxine once a day . I can also use a half of a carbidopa / levodopa in between regular 3 hour pills if I need a boost  or just have over done it.  All this and a hat full of vitamins and supplements a little milk and breakfast is served. If I had a motto it might be " just keep swimming. swimming ."................