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    Nightly bladder problems

    How do you cope with the over powering need to urinate at night, I mean the three or four drops thing all night, get up, waking my wife who knows I do it just to torture her. I really need any ideas you have, I don't care if it's silly or not but I need a good nights sleep. This has just developed in the last four months and I have had three bad falls that I attribute them to not getting enough rest , Yes I've been to a urologist . Ant help would be so much appreciated Doug
  2. Everyone has seen the DBS video of the Parkinson's patient with the DBS on and off. When off, the person has uncontrollable tremors. When the DBS is turned on ,the patient becomes steady as a rock without the slightest sign of a tremor. As I have had the DBS implant for several years now, the question to me is are the people in the videos the exception or the rule ? I've always thought that even though I still have tremors and other problems from PD, that the implant has helped slow down the progression of the disease and the need for increased amounts of medicine required ? Or is it a matter of severity of the tremors ? Thank you ! Doug
  3. Pa Pa Doug

    Evening restlessness

    Been there done that too many times not to know what you are going through. Pain that you just can't get away from is a _________, ________,__________ from he _ _. If you really have a loving mate you will find out very quickly on those nights. They always seem to come at night just when you think that the bed feels so good and you really need a solid nights rest.
  4. Pa Pa Doug

    Sleep Number Bed

    My wife and I purchased a sleep number bed about ten years ago. My sister had one and she really liked it. Since then she upgraded to the one with the adjustable base and she said that it was a big difference in helping her better half with snoring at night. May I suggest trying or renting a hospital bed first, I know no one likes the idea but I felt so safe and relaxed when I was in the hospital . Doug
  5. Pa Pa Doug

    lost sheep

    Hello everyone, I used to be on this forum several years back, I think that I went under Darwin at the time. I can't remember why or what happened but for some reason I became unable to sign in. It's been longer than it seems because I now have a granddaughter that is ten. I would like to know if there are any of the ones that were on here still posting. Fly Baby and Kim Again, just two that pop into my head . It's been such a long time it seems since I posted . A lot has happened over the past, some good, some not so good. Everyone can say that just as much or more than I've got call to. I see a lot of new names here and I hope to be able to maybe offer some support and maybe just an ear. Thanks Doug .
  6. Pa Pa Doug

    lost sheep

    Computers can't live with them , can't live without them ! I don't type very fast or well and sometimes things disappear and other times after hunting and pecking I decide that wasn't what I wanted to say and delete it all .
  7. Pa Pa Doug

    Music and Parkinson's Disease

    I've never considered myself a musically talented or gifted person, but my wife is very gifted when it comes to playing the piano and organ. I did take some lessons as an adult and can do a half way job when it comes to reading music. I've been thinking of getting a book of finger exercises out and maybe trying to see if it might be help to keep my hands a little more limber, ?
  8. Pa Pa Doug

    Weather and PD

    Any extreme in the weather will affect my PD. Too hot and humid is the worst, that just plain zaps any energy I might of had.
  9. Pa Pa Doug

    lost sheep

    Thank you, it feels good to be back !
  10. Pa Pa Doug

    Early PD and vigorous exercise

    My MDS is in the get moving and keep moving camp. Remember that you don't have to pick only one thing to try, You might get along better doing an activity or it might just be the people you meet that brings you back Doug
  11. Pa Pa Doug

    lost sheep

    I remember you because of your quote, Beau's mom. I think one asks if someone is still posting can be the need for consistency and comfort of knowing that some things are still relative to the time and that it's not a huge change we have to chock done. I'm seeing some old names and it's like oh WOW .they are . Kim again is/was a red headed blue eyed gal with an English accent with a southern drawl. She had the DBS before I had it and gave me the strength to move ahead.