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  1. Well that says volumes about you, that you took my post in a negative manner. I could have said LOL because I agreed with you and thought your post was funny. On the other hand, I could have said LOL because I thought it was total hypocrisy on your part for polluting a thread about health insurance with your personal ideology. Either way, you polluted a thread. Not far in the past, you started a thread on Christian Faith that was polluted by a few non-believers. You didn't take it well, and I didn't think it was necessary either. What does impeaching Trump have to do with Healthcare questions? CNN, MSNBC, Fox and many others have political threads. Let your frustrations out there. Here's a hint: Nobodies minds will ever be changed. And yes, our political situation is in dire straits, but I didn't think this board was where I would have to encounter the endless blabber I see everywhere else! If you want to start a personal, political dialog, feel free to message me so it stays off this board. If you want to start a Christian dialog about judging others or casting the first stone, I'd also be happy to entertain you.....Keep it fair and civil regarding the intent of the thread. Is that so hard to ask?
  2. puke what??
  3. LOL!!!
  4. Thanks for the info, very informative, especially in my case. I think Dr Okun mentioned this in an older thread, stating it measures your dopamine uptake, but not your actual dopamine. Count me (I think) in the category of the previously reported 5-15% error rate on scans. When my MDS says "you have all of the symptoms, but a negative scan", something is going on. Two more boxes to check off at my next appointment include the sudden onset of Rhinorrhea and drooling. Rhinorrhea comes on like a bloody nose. You don't realize anything until your nose drips on the food you're eating. The drooling; well it's also self-explanatory. Just embarrassing! My next apt is 25 days away. We'll see what happens, and if she is willing to throw the results of my Scan in the G-file. I will definitely post the results...
  5. I also have the jerks of the jaw. Was taking Ropinirole and just switched to C/L this week so hopefully they will get better. Mine always happened at night. I wear an oral appliance for sleep apnea. If anyone knows how these work, they basically lock your jaw into a "set" position with two metal clips. My jerks were bad enough that I would unlock the mouthpiece in my sleep and wake up in a panic. Very painful!!! Haven't talked to my MDS about this yet, but will get her opinion at my next appt.
  6. I've really enjoyed my short time on this board, so I want to see if I can lighten the load (so to speak), and get people's opinions on their experiences with the dreaded "memory test". I'm assuming most people have had one in the course of their diagnosis, so tell me how your test went... For me, when I heard it would last 4 hours, I was stunned. I don't want to compare this test to Navy "buds" training, but the exhaustion I felt afterwards was probably similar. The Tester: "Here are 20 words I want you to remember"...."Duck, pail, flower, swingset, hammer, vase, telephone, door, goose........" Me: I'm sorry, did you say something about a bird calling a pigeon to ask about monkey bars in the garden? The Tester: No response (they never have any response!) Me: I'm sorry, is it possible to repeat those words again? The Tester: "okay, you got two right, let's try again....... Me (just in my head): For the Love of God! We are only 5 minutes in! Is this going to continue for another 3 hours and 55 minutes!! That's my short version. I won't get into shapes, blocks, numbers, or the cream of the crop question... "What does Sacagawea mean to you?" Please tell me what you thought of your test. I think a good laugh is in order! Luke
  7. Why are you still posting to this thread if you don't agree with the content? What is a "special and exclusive club" on an OPEN forum? Start a thread on cats and dogs copulating; start one on how you roll chicken bones to see your future; start one how you think cows are holy. I don't think anybody cares; and if you do start a "counter-thread", most civil people will ignore it if they don't agree. I tend to follow and respond to threads that can relate to myself, and the title of the threads give me the first clue. It's an easy concept! Live your life and don't be scared of other's opinions that are not your own. Now you can carry on, I'm out....
  8. Ed, Great reply, thank you! I see you're from Madison, but you referenced your doc as a "he"? Thought for a moment we might share the same doc. I think I might have mentioned in an earlier post that my MDS didn't want to start me on Levodopa just yet. She was concerned about the increased "jerkiness" that could occur. I already have the jerks in my torso and legs when trying to stand still, what's a few more Four weeks til my next apt, so we'll see what happens. And I think you are spot on in your assessment of the Scan. I get a lot of information from my buddy in Boston who specializes in DBS. I'll take his information any day over Dr Google (as NN calls it) thanks again...
  9. I can't resist posting to this very long-standing thread. I am of Christian faith, so I decided to "open it" to see what it had to offer. If I followed Islam, Judaism, or any other religion (or non-religion), I wouldn't have bothered to read the post. If I read a sign on the door of a business that said "Only those who are atheists are allowed", I wouldn't enter. The title of the post tells you where you are headed "A thread for anyone interested in topics of Christian faith--all invited." What is so flippin hard to understand and complain about? If you find comfort in your religion to help with PD, then great. If you have no religion, great. Then post another topic expressing as such. Don't pollute a legitimate thread on a free, non-moderated forum. I'm always amused how non-believers always complain, and it never goes in reverse. My temperament tells me it may be time for my meds. Carry on....
  10. To NN: Don't worry about going off-topic. All of your input is valuable and it seems everyone has your respect on this board. And I've added a signature just for you
  11. Very informative, thank you. Just curious if you or your husband has ever had a PetScan? My MDS brought this up as an option, but I have so far declined. Can only pay so much in medical costs. It will supposedly help in the diagnosis of Parkinsons Plus diseases...
  12. Thanks to all, Yes, I am taking Ropinirole now, and actually with some success. I couldn't care less, however, if I walk funny or lose my balance on occasion in front of others. It's the non-motor symptoms that are a kick in the butt. I will not pay for another DatScan, as everything I have read points out that a good MDS should come to the same conclusion. Looking back to 4 years ago during my first appointment with a neurologist, my symptoms were so mild. A little tremor, a little dizziness and the start of my sleep disorders. Even one year ago, I still think most of my symptoms were minor compared to where they are now, but they were enough for my MDS to order the Scan. One more month before my next appointment. In the meantime, yes, I will take a deep breath and be thankful for what I have
  13. Long time reader, first time poster Everyone's input on this board is great. It's nice to know that I'm not alone as I sit in "limbo-land", awaiting a diagnosis, but yet I can relate all of my symptoms to almost 99% of posters. Tremors (check), sleep disorders, RBD and Apnea (check), lack of arm swing (check), apathy (check), facial masking (check), Rhinorrhea (check), incontinence (check)....etc.... I've seen a few posts on those who have had DatScans, but I haven't seen anyone who's had a negative scan, and was later confirmed to have PD. My DatScan last April was negative, but my MDS is stumped! The facial masking that set in approx. 8 months after my scan is the kicker? Only a handful of things can cause this, other than PD, and testing for Wilson's disease, etc. have all come back negative. So I guess I'm looking for input from those who have had a DatScan. It's the only thing keeping my MDS from making an official dx. The negative result was a huge relief at the time, but all of my symptoms seem to be progressing rapidly. I can't emphasize enough how much stress this predicament has put on my family, as I'm sure most on this board can relate. There is nothing definitively to give them answers regarding my physical and personality changes, other than a doctor who says "you have me puzzled". Thanks in advance to all that reply! I know this disease is tricky to diagnose, and symptoms for everyone differ. Thanks for listening! Luke