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    Medical Marijuana

    I spoke with my husband's neuro today about the marijuana. He told me that though it might work for some PD patients he did not think it was a good idea for my husband due to his cognitive issues and the hallucinations he has since the marijuana has a negative effect on cognition and it make it worse.
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    To our 'First-timers': WELCOME

    Thank you for the welcome. My husband was diagnosed in 2008 and I can't believe how this has all changed our lives. He has now started with Lewy Body dementia, often does not recognize me and also hallucinates about seeing his father and other people in the room. He used to be a fantastic surgeon and now he is reduced to not even knowing how to use the remote control for the TV. He has become very needy and gets upset when I am not in his line of vision. I can't even quilt anymore because I have to do some of that in the other room because of the mess it creates. We have no family around here, our two daughters live out of state so it makes it very difficult to even go and buy groceries. Amazon must love me because I order from them on a daily basis including some of the groceries. I am looking forward to reading everyones experiences and tips.