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  1. Happy Easter everyone! I was a great morning watching the kids (mine are 7 and 2) go through their Easter baskets this morning. Off to the parents for lunch/dinner a bit later. Well I hope each and every one of you have a great day!
  2. Thank you so much, it's getting easier day by day. The stiffness and pain Have been pretty bad lately; I see my doctor on the 27th and she said at that point we can talk about meds. Exercise and swimming have been helpIng just keeping my mind busy work, coaching my son's baseball team, honey do list.... Thanks again for thinking of me I appreciate it and I am so glad I found this group.
  3. This year will be the big 40 for me.... In July.... I have a very interesting birthdate 7-7-77, I've actually been craving Chinese food lately and hope to talk my wife into it soon (she's very picky with food). And cookies do sound amazing right now wish I had some fresh baked ones maybe I can talk the wife into making those soon too. I Love to cook but not to bake. well anyway I hope you all have a great day!
  4. Good Morning everyone, hope you have/having a good day! Today is better for me as the last few days my left calf/ankle/foot have been in agony, this tends to happen every month or so and lasts a few days. I figure it must be dystonia from the PD as it went unexplained for almost a year after Xrays/MRI's a podiatrist and reuhmtologist were scratching their heads and were clueless. Anyway I hope everyone is doing well and hope to chat soon! TheCount!
  5. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it.
  6. Thank you.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Is there anything specific that works good for the pain? I have used Motrin 800mg and it's does nothing. Again I'm going to discuss with the doctor in a few weeks, I'm just curious. thanks
  9. Thanks guys, yeah some days it's foot, ankle, shoulder, etc..
  10. Good morning everyone hope you're all having a great day. Has anyone ever experienced unexplained pain and swelling especially in the foot and ankle region I forgot to ask my doctor the day I was diagnosed for obvious reasons LOL. I plan on asking her at my next appointment I was just reaching out before hand to see if Anyone else has experienced it. Over the course of the past year in various doctor visits I've had MRIs and x-rays also been to a rheumatologist and podiatrist and was told they had no idea. Anyway everyone have a great day!
  11. Good morning my new friends! I hope everyone has a good day (well at the very least fair to moderate 😀).
  12. Good Morning all!...I hope that each and every one of you have a fantastic day!!
  13. Good Morning, I was recently diagnosed with PD and was wondering if ankle/foot swelling and pain could be attributed to that. The pain/swelling in this area started over a year ago and comes and goes (about every month or two it lasts for a few days to the point I can barely walk). I have been to a ruehmatologist and podiatrist and have had both xrays and MRI's and everything came back negative and was told that they basically had no idea. I am going to ask my MDS when I see her in a few weeks I just figured that I would ask here as well. Thank you.
  14. Thanks , I appreciate the clarification.
  15. Apologies for my ignorance on the subject however I'm newly diagnosed andlooking for some clarification. I think I know the answer but I'll ask anyway. When I hear people refer to being "on" and being "off" is that like having good days and bad days. For example yesterday I could barely move I was so stiff however today I woke up feeling good with just some minor stiffness. I am currently not on any medication for the Parkinson's however I do take Mirapex at night for restless legs. I meet with my doctor on April 27 again and I think I'm going to bring up the subject of meds for especially the stiffness and pain. when I was diagnosed we didn't really discuss meds as I was very upset and she made the next appointment to set aside an hour for my wife and I to discuss things with her.also I understand everyone is different but what is the most common medication that is prescribed especially in the beginning? I just want to research some things before I speak to my doctor about it. Sorry for the long post and any help would be appreciated.