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  1. TheCount

    Good morning!!

    Hello everyone, its been quite a while since I have had a chance to pop on here and say hi! I have been really busy lately with work and running my son around with baseball which finally ended the other night, however he has made the all-star team so that will take up all of our weekends in July. I have been on azlict now for about 2 months and after feeling nauseous for the first few weeks it seems to be helping a lot with the stiffness and balance issues. I have noticed that I am starting to shake more frequent then I did before and its in both of my hands (my symptoms have been primarily on my left side), my doctor said its not that uncommon for the shaking to be on both sides but since that wasn't one of my original primary symptoms its very frustrating and upsetting but I'm trying not to let it overly get to me emotionally. Anyway I hope that you are all doing well and I am going to try to get on here more often.
  2. TheCount

    Good morning!!

    Hey everyone, its been a little while since I have been one here and I hope that you are all doing well. LAD- I am sorry to hear about the passing of your fathers friend, hang in there like you said we have the ability to fight. I myself had a meltdown last Thursday as that was the day I had my first follow up appointment after my dx and on the doctors suggestion I brought my wife with me. This was good because I had a second set of ears to listen to the doctor and also for her to get a better understanding of this (from the doctors mouth). Once we got home I just lost it (she had left to do some shopping) but after letting it all out even though I was alone I felt a lot better since I realized that with the help of my doctor I have a game plan now, and I plan on winning this game. Is it just me or do any of you feel that you have become more emotional now, for me it started before my dx (when some of my symptoms started a few years back), before this I would only get emotional during big moments (my wedding, seeing my kids born etc). I dont know if its me just getting older or what, lol. Also the doctor started my on 1mg azilect and told me that it usually takes 6-8 weeks for me to feel the effects and it should work 1-5 years for me (everyone is different), anyone have any good/bad experience with this? Thanks
  3. TheCount

    Peripheral Neuropathy In Parkinson

    This is exactly what happens to me, I was dx with neuropathy about 8 months before my PD dx and when I asked if they were related I was told "maybe". I have been on gabapentin for quite a while (1200 mg at bedtime) however all I feel it does is "slightly" take the edge off. When I am up and moving/exercising the pain lessens however just like you when I sit down to relax the pain comes at me like wildfire.
  4. TheCount

    Good morning!!

    Good Morning everyone! I hope you all have (or are having) a great day....I haven't been on here in a little while, just trying to keep myself busy (I don't really need to try) between work, coaching little league, working on my "honey do" list it keeps me going....The hardest part of everything is not "crashing" when I get too tired and if I stop and rest I don't want to get back up, lol. Well Happy Moanday....I mean Monday
  5. TheCount

    Good morning!!

    Happy Easter everyone! I was a great morning watching the kids (mine are 7 and 2) go through their Easter baskets this morning. Off to the parents for lunch/dinner a bit later. Well I hope each and every one of you have a great day!
  6. TheCount

    Newly Diagnosed and scared

    Thank you so much, it's getting easier day by day. The stiffness and pain Have been pretty bad lately; I see my doctor on the 27th and she said at that point we can talk about meds. Exercise and swimming have been helpIng just keeping my mind busy work, coaching my son's baseball team, honey do list.... Thanks again for thinking of me I appreciate it and I am so glad I found this group.
  7. TheCount

    Good morning!!

    This year will be the big 40 for me.... In July.... I have a very interesting birthdate 7-7-77, I've actually been craving Chinese food lately and hope to talk my wife into it soon (she's very picky with food). And cookies do sound amazing right now wish I had some fresh baked ones maybe I can talk the wife into making those soon too. I Love to cook but not to bake. well anyway I hope you all have a great day!
  8. TheCount

    Good morning!!

    Good Morning everyone, hope you have/having a good day! Today is better for me as the last few days my left calf/ankle/foot have been in agony, this tends to happen every month or so and lasts a few days. I figure it must be dystonia from the PD as it went unexplained for almost a year after Xrays/MRI's a podiatrist and reuhmtologist were scratching their heads and were clueless. Anyway I hope everyone is doing well and hope to chat soon! TheCount!
  9. TheCount

    Unexplained foot/ankle pain and swelling

    Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it.
  10. TheCount

    Unexplained foot/ankle pain and swelling

    Thank you.
  11. TheCount

    Good days and bad days?

  12. TheCount

    Unexplained foot/ankle pain and swelling

    Is there anything specific that works good for the pain? I have used Motrin 800mg and it's does nothing. Again I'm going to discuss with the doctor in a few weeks, I'm just curious. thanks
  13. TheCount

    Unexplained foot/ankle pain and swelling

    Thanks guys, yeah some days it's foot, ankle, shoulder, etc..
  14. Good morning everyone hope you're all having a great day. Has anyone ever experienced unexplained pain and swelling especially in the foot and ankle region I forgot to ask my doctor the day I was diagnosed for obvious reasons LOL. I plan on asking her at my next appointment I was just reaching out before hand to see if Anyone else has experienced it. Over the course of the past year in various doctor visits I've had MRIs and x-rays also been to a rheumatologist and podiatrist and was told they had no idea. Anyway everyone have a great day!
  15. TheCount

    Good morning!!

    Good morning my new friends! I hope everyone has a good day (well at the very least fair to moderate ?).