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  1. Rotator Cuff injury would
  2. Arm swing was really the first thing I noticed and then the tremor - and never connected sense of smell
  3. I was diagnosed by MDS as parkinsonism 5 weeks ago and was pretty much in shock - too much to ask about anything except about my k ids. I had the MRI which showed a few lesions typical in aging (i'm 49). From what MDS said that will confirm Parkinson's. A friend's husband has it and she recommended a specialist who I'm seeing tomorrow am. I have a bunch of questions but wondered if you were just diagnosed again - what would you ask? Thanks! Lori
  4. I have to say that my symptoms are very reduced. I started doing interval running/walking and eating bananas and taking turmeric (sp?) My pain in my leg is almost none existent and my tremor is about 50% of what it was - All thanks to this forum! I meet the specialist next week but my plan is to keep going the way I am. I ordered a new bike seat too!
  5. I love my fitbit - mine is like a watch that tracks my heart rate, sleep, steps that I take. You can challenge others to contests - like I'll challenge my kids to see who gets the most steps for the weekend.
  6. Hi Blue - I'm sorry you are here. 49 yr old just diagnosed here. I'm struggling with the same - telling my kids but they are older. To your four yr odl - don't think that she or he would understand. I'll I can do is welcome you and offer you a virtual hug.
  7. That's amazing! Wonder what the cost will be...
  8. Thanks Stump - so its rule out everything so it must be PD...
  9. went for the MRI the MDS ordered tonight. They injected me with something - had no idea that they were doing that. I asked if I t was a DATScan and they looked at me like I was crazy - "A what?" Oh well...they took about six scans and then did the injection and one more scan. I go to my Primary doc Monday so should have the results - both terrifying and a relief I think at the same time. Thought I'd post an well everyone.
  10. Delta - What were your symptoms the first 6 years? It's hard to use my right arm and The good thing I was thinking about meds was getting it back. Thank you
  11. I know that they know something is up - hard not to but waiting for daughter out of state to come home to tell them all at the same time. Thanks for the responses
  12. 1. I have an itchy spot for three years - left side of back under bra strap - crazy I know but I've scratched so much that it left marks. Dermatologist said it was my neck/back but after 6 mnths of chiropractic I still itch. 2. My toes in my right foot (middle three) feel like they twitch - only when I'm sitting - standing and laying has nothing. only thing is I can't see twitch. 3. Had a trigger finger in right hand (pinkie) where I experience essential tremor too - doc gave steroid and its better but was that the PD? 4. Gag reflex - I gag now when I brush my teeth. 5. Shake violently in damp cold when I shiver Just Curious - it's so nice to have people to ask! Thank you!
  13. Thank you - that's a huge relief to hear!
  14. I'm 49 and just diagnosed. Well waiting for MRI to confirm. I've read about meds and that there are problems with. Long term use. It said that YO sometimes start with other meds but didnt explain what they do. I'm curious to hear your experiences and especially side effects. Will I ever feel like me again? The old me? i admit I'm overwhelmed with this and trying to remain positive but it'sreallly hard.
  15. Someone from the new diagnosis forum suggested I post this here. Posted 4 hours ago · Report post Hi all, I had a tremor in my right pinky for over a year. Finally went to doc in September who said it was an essential tremor. I also had pain in neck and he sent me for PT and chiropractor. By November i was in terrible pain in neck,weakness in shoulder (MRI showed rotator cuff inflammation), and shaking all over including little spasm in my right toes. Doc said it was nerves and prescribed Zoloft. In March had a death in the family and neck and right leg seized up- thought that tremor was spreading to leg. Finally called a neurogolist who examined me and diagnosed Parkinsonism. I was. Floored as my primary said it's definitely not PD. Why do I have an essential tremor? Is that normal? Any other woman experience neck pain? What helped? Finally what can I expect from meds? Improvement or just keeping what I have. Also when I lift my right arm a few times I get a very loud crack is that a PD thing or maybe residual inflammation?