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  1. I just got my results from 23 and me and I don't have either the LRRK2 or the GBA genes - what does that mean? Am I less likely to pass it on or perhaps not PD? Lori
  2. I agree - if you find answers please post. I'm making a note to ask my MDS in /october
  3. It's 62 Euro but not too bad at $70 Check this out -
  4. I echo these posts - in the months before I was diagnosed I cried and had terrible anxiety because I knew that something was wrong - seriously wrong. I mourned when diagnosed but now I'm focused and trying to learn as much as I can and do as much as I can. I'm on nothing thus far but starting in an Azilect study next month. Hoping I don't get placebo but I probably will - lol Exercise is helping but symptoms are more annoyances. BTW had the shampoo thing and working with a stress ball helped me. Good luck Lori Diagnosed 4/17 at 49
  5. I had symptoms now that I'm wiser for a decade but didn't realize and one day I had a death in the family and woke in bad pain in neck and shoulder and leg - that prompted the neurogist and my diagnosis.
  6. Rotator Cuff injury would
  7. Arm swing was really the first thing I noticed and then the tremor - and never connected sense of smell
  8. I was diagnosed by MDS as parkinsonism 5 weeks ago and was pretty much in shock - too much to ask about anything except about my k ids. I had the MRI which showed a few lesions typical in aging (i'm 49). From what MDS said that will confirm Parkinson's. A friend's husband has it and she recommended a specialist who I'm seeing tomorrow am. I have a bunch of questions but wondered if you were just diagnosed again - what would you ask? Thanks! Lori
  9. I have to say that my symptoms are very reduced. I started doing interval running/walking and eating bananas and taking turmeric (sp?) My pain in my leg is almost none existent and my tremor is about 50% of what it was - All thanks to this forum! I meet the specialist next week but my plan is to keep going the way I am. I ordered a new bike seat too!
  10. I love my fitbit - mine is like a watch that tracks my heart rate, sleep, steps that I take. You can challenge others to contests - like I'll challenge my kids to see who gets the most steps for the weekend.
  11. Hi Blue - I'm sorry you are here. 49 yr old just diagnosed here. I'm struggling with the same - telling my kids but they are older. To your four yr odl - don't think that she or he would understand. I'll I can do is welcome you and offer you a virtual hug.
  12. That's amazing! Wonder what the cost will be...
  13. Thanks Stump - so its rule out everything so it must be PD...
  14. went for the MRI the MDS ordered tonight. They injected me with something - had no idea that they were doing that. I asked if I t was a DATScan and they looked at me like I was crazy - "A what?" Oh well...they took about six scans and then did the injection and one more scan. I go to my Primary doc Monday so should have the results - both terrifying and a relief I think at the same time. Thought I'd post an well everyone.
  15. Delta - What were your symptoms the first 6 years? It's hard to use my right arm and The good thing I was thinking about meds was getting it back. Thank you