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  1. Hi George, I'm 49, three kids, and diagnosed in April. I've avoided meds too but am thinking about starting them - the rigidity in my neck is so annoying. I first noticed symptoms years ago - slight tremor, arm not swinging as much but symptoms intensified in the last year. Finally consulted Neurologist in April and was delivered the news. Anyway I'm not much help but know that you are not alone.
  2. Good morning!!

    Haha Lad - good thing she told ya! I get that too - lucky us!
  3. Official diagnosis today

    MelissaI know exactly how you feel. After being told I didn't have PD by my primary and his PA, I was convinced I had MS. I was crying because I just KNEW something was wrong - I'm not happy to have PD but Its such a relief to put a name to it, to connect with others like me and to know how I can fight. Welcome to the group!
  4. Back from Gainsville and Azilect Study - any others?

    Yes that's te goal - to test if Azilect slows the progression - we will see.
  5. I'm taking part in an Azilect study at U of Fl and just wondered if anyone else here is in the study.
  6. I just got my results from 23 and me and I don't have either the LRRK2 or the GBA genes - what does that mean? Am I less likely to pass it on or perhaps not PD? Lori
  7. I agree - if you find answers please post. I'm making a note to ask my MDS in /october
  8. It's 62 Euro but not too bad at $70 Check this out - https://livebetterparkinsons.com/finally-parkinson-disease-spanish-research-team-found-two-major-keys-of-the-neuroprotection-and-natural-increase-of-dopamine/#1473063359178-dfe1d15d-a190
  9. Newly Diagnosed

    I echo these posts - in the months before I was diagnosed I cried and had terrible anxiety because I knew that something was wrong - seriously wrong. I mourned when diagnosed but now I'm focused and trying to learn as much as I can and do as much as I can. I'm on nothing thus far but starting in an Azilect study next month. Hoping I don't get placebo but I probably will - lol Exercise is helping but symptoms are more annoyances. BTW had the shampoo thing and working with a stress ball helped me. Good luck Lori Diagnosed 4/17 at 49
  10. Early onset after major stress

    I had symptoms now that I'm wiser for a decade but didn't realize and one day I had a death in the family and woke in bad pain in neck and shoulder and leg - that prompted the neurogist and my diagnosis.
  11. Is loss of arm swing a dead give-away for PD?

    Rotator Cuff injury would
  12. Is loss of arm swing a dead give-away for PD?

    Arm swing was really the first thing I noticed and then the tremor - and never connected sense of smell
  13. I was diagnosed by MDS as parkinsonism 5 weeks ago and was pretty much in shock - too much to ask about anything except about my k ids. I had the MRI which showed a few lesions typical in aging (i'm 49). From what MDS said that will confirm Parkinson's. A friend's husband has it and she recommended a specialist who I'm seeing tomorrow am. I have a bunch of questions but wondered if you were just diagnosed again - what would you ask? Thanks! Lori
  14. Scared about meds

    I have to say that my symptoms are very reduced. I started doing interval running/walking and eating bananas and taking turmeric (sp?) My pain in my leg is almost none existent and my tremor is about 50% of what it was - All thanks to this forum! I meet the specialist next week but my plan is to keep going the way I am. I ordered a new bike seat too!
  15. Good morning!!

    I love my fitbit - mine is like a watch that tracks my heart rate, sleep, steps that I take. You can challenge others to contests - like I'll challenge my kids to see who gets the most steps for the weekend.