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  1. Hello, Mark - My dr. Has prescribed generic carbidopa/levodopa from Sun Pharma because this one doesn’t make me nauseous like Actavis pills do. The online pharmacy I’m required to use by my employer refuses to fill the Sun Rx, stating that they are a huge company and they make deals with whichever manufacturer provides the best (as in cheapest, I think) deal. They said I can go through my local Walgreen’s, but the cost will be over $200 - well beyond the $10 copay if I stick with the online pharmacy. Any suggestions on ways I could appeal the online pharmacy decision or other steps I can take? Thanks for your time and expertise!
  2. Calprof54

    Medication/Food/Symptom tracker

    Hi, could I get a copy of this? I've been looking for something like this, too.
  3. Calprof54

    Gabapentin for Sleep

    Thanks, Mark. For the Trazadone, what dosage do you suggest to help with sleep? Also, I just looked up this drug and it says not to take it if you take an MAO inhibitor. I take Azilect. Is this contraindicated?
  4. Calprof54

    Gabapentin for Sleep

    I'm 63y.o. woman with PD dx just 9 months ago. Currently taking Azilect w/ mild benefits, so dr. added amantadine, 100mg 2x/day. This really helps with tremor but has caused dry mouth and severe insomnia, resulting in zero hours of sleep. Even decreasing amantadine to 100mg 1x/day doesn't help. I've tried OTC meds like Advil PM, benadryl, and melatonin, all are of no help. Now she's added gabapentin at night for sleep. Is this a typical way to address the insomnia problem? What, if anything, do I need to know about gabapentin? Thanks for your feedback.
  5. Calprof54

    Nausea and Neupro

    Thanks, I'll be more patient!
  6. Calprof54

    Nausea and Neupro

    Hi, I'm newly diagnosed about 4 months ago. Started on Azilect 1mg with little side effects, but it did not reduce tremor. Dr. added Neupro 1mg patch. It's been about 3 weeks and I still have chronic nausea (mild to moderate). Will this go away? And how long do we wait to find out of the addition of Neupro is helping? Tremor is slightly reduced now. Thank you for any info.