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  1. artane

    My neuro has me taking artane for the past month. I have tremor dominant parkinsonism. I felt it wasn't doing anything for the tremors. Called my dr, and he said stop taking the med. No weening off, just cold turkey. If the tremors get worse the artane works. Well, after about 36 hours I thought I'd have to go to the hospital, tremors and general shaking were horrible. Called the dr and he put me back on the artane. He feels that this was a test for the drug and now it's a matter of adjustment. He insists that weening off artane is not necessary. Is this correct?
  2. Tremors only -- could it be YOPD?

    can a history of xanax and/or ambien cause resting tremors?
  3. alcohol and tremors

    I've tried MMJ, no effect on tremors. Not into it at all. Beer does work though. Takes a 6pack or so.
  4. alcohol and tremors

    I have been diagnosed with parkinsonism . My primary symptom is tremors. They started aprox. 18months ago. So far I've taken neurontin, mirapex, and right now Artane. Nothing is working. I mean nothing is even touching the tremors. This is what seems to be working. A six pack of beer!. Once I have about 6 beers the tremors stop, I'm relaxed. I thought alcohol doesn't effect parkinson tremors, just essential tremors. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. parkinsonism vs. the disease

    My neuro emphatically insists that I do not have parkinson's disease. He says I have Parkinsonism. My main symptom is resting tremors in both hands. This started 16 months ago. I've just this past week began mirapex. No effect on the tremors yet.
  6. dopamine antagonist

    I'd like to know if ambien and xanax are considered dopamine blocking drugs. Can they be responsible for drug induced parkinism?
  7. Vascular parkinsonism

    Today was my 2nd visit to a neurologist. Tremors have been my main symptom. He tested me and feels I do not have parkinson's disease. The dr.said he believes my problems stem from a series of mini strokes that effected the basal ganglia area of the brain.He prescribed a sleep apnea test. I'd like to know is this diagnosis would be accurate? Is this common? Will these tremors progress? Can they be reversable? He didn't want to put me on any medication yet.
  8. parkinsonism vs. the disease

    There is a strong link of welding and pd. Something to do with manganese I think.
  9. parkinsonism vs. the disease

    So do you feel it's drug induced parkinsonism, Isn't parkinsonism caused by something? As opposed to be stricken by a disease. t
  10. parkinsonism vs. the disease

    I was a pipewelder for 27 years prior to retirement in 2002. Could my neurologist group my symptoms and make that diagnosis on that fact alone? Again I retired 15 years ago, is it possible the symptoms of parkinisims are just now appearing?
  11. parkinsonism vs. the disease

    "Idiopathic" that really adds to the confusion.
  12. parkinsonism vs. the disease

    It's still very confusing to me. My neuro was very clear when he said "You have parkinsonism, not parkinson's disease:" My next appt. is next week. I think he's going to put me on meds, and reading all about them I wonder if I should hold off for a while.
  13. med start

    I'm to see my neuro for the 2nd time this week. I think he will prescribe meds for parkinsonism. My main symptom are hand tremors. Reading posts here I've learned that it might be wise to put off meds. for a while. I'm 65. How well do meds work for tremors?
  14. What warrants the diagnosis of Parkinsonism over Parkinson's disease?
  15. New to Parkinson's

    Hunter Dan, I was a union Steamfitter too, If I had developed PD while I was active my co-workers would have smelt blood and nicknamed me "shakes" or something. Pipefitters would have made great pirates.