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  1. chuck172

    dbs candidate

    I'm tremor dominant pd. positive datscan. Diagnosed for two years. I have not had felt any tremor improvement with any drug. I've tried many. Am I a good dbs candidate?
  2. chuck172

    sleep aid with primidone

    Thank you for your very informative reply Mark. I've tried practically every pd med including sinemet with no response to the bilateral tremors. I've only been on the primidone for less than a week. 25mg. twice a day, going up to 50mg. twice a day after 1 week. I've tried the beer test and it takes about a full 6 pack to see any effect on the tremors. I just can't sleep with the tremors, gonna try the benadryl. Thanks again.
  3. chuck172

    sleep aid with primidone

    No pd meds work for my tremors. My dr. put me on primidone I'm sure to rule out essential tremors. I have insomnia, the tremors keep me up. Can I take benadryl, ambien, or rozerem with primidone?
  4. chuck172


    My MDS is really pushing the datscan to me. I'm unresponsive to pd drugs, including sinemet. Now I'm trying primidone. My main symptom is tremors. My tremors haven't responded to any drug yet. I'm not a fan of the datscan test but I'm afraid my dr. will require it.
  5. chuck172

    Trying Sinemet

    That's good advice Stump. My next appointment is this Friday. I'll discuss it with my Dr. What do you think of trying Artane or Mirapex again. Do you think it might work better for tremors than Sinemet?
  6. chuck172

    Trying Sinemet

    I started out with 25/100 3x per day. One week later my Dr. doubled the dosage to 2 pills 3x per day. Seemed to me the tremors worsened. For sure didn't help. I only stayed on sinemet for a total of 2 weeks. Dr. now put me on Amantadene. No help here either.
  7. chuck172

    Trying Sinemet

    PatriotM, you say sinemet does a surprisingly good job on your tremors. How long did you have to take sinemet before you first saw results? I'm tremor dominant, and so far nothing is working.
  8. chuck172

    sinemet reactions

    First off, thank you very much for your reply, and I hope you're on the way to a very speedy recovery. My Dr. started me off on 25/100 sinemet 3 times a day. After about two weeks I called her saying that I'm not seeing any reduction in tremors. I am tremor dominant.. She then doubled the dose to 2 25/100 3 times a day. That's when the tremors seem to worsen. You say " If you are taking 25/100 three times a day and having this reaction, one of two things can be done. Either decrease the strength or decrease how many times a day it is taken." My dr. did the opposite. She now has taken me off the sinemet and started me on Amantadene. This is really driving me nuts. Almost 2 years with no tremor relief.
  9. chuck172

    sinemet reactions

    My MDS says worsening of tremors are a rare reaction to sinemet. Do you find this to be the case? It might be my imagination, but I think my tremors also increased as my Dr. increased my sinemet dosage.
  10. chuck172

    new to sinemet

    Just got off the phone with the dr. she wants me to double the dosage of sinemet. She said it's very rare for the med to increase symptoms. If I have problems, call her back.
  11. chuck172

    new to sinemet

    I didn't know that was possible.
  12. chuck172

    new to sinemet

    Just started 25/100 3x daily carbidopa-levodopa feb1. I have tremor dominant pd. Neurontin, mirapex, and artane seemed to be ineffective. My tremors have got to be worse since starting the new med. Much worse. As a matter of fact my lips are starting. Starting to panic here. Is it common for symptoms to get worse before they get better? Should I contact my mds my next appointment isn't for 3 weeks.
  13. chuck172


    Thank you for your reply. I'm now finally seeing a MDS. This doc. has me weaning off artane and will start me on sinemet in a few weeks. I'm down to 1 mg. twice a day of artane. I can really feel the tremors worsening inbetween doses. I guess the artane was working to some extent.
  14. chuck172


    My neuro has me taking artane for the past month. I have tremor dominant parkinsonism. I felt it wasn't doing anything for the tremors. Called my dr, and he said stop taking the med. No weening off, just cold turkey. If the tremors get worse the artane works. Well, after about 36 hours I thought I'd have to go to the hospital, tremors and general shaking were horrible. Called the dr and he put me back on the artane. He feels that this was a test for the drug and now it's a matter of adjustment. He insists that weening off artane is not necessary. Is this correct?
  15. chuck172

    Tremors only -- could it be YOPD?

    can a history of xanax and/or ambien cause resting tremors?