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  1. Pain in the leg

    @Skiing Oh my. I'm relieved to read you yet I'm worried at the same time. So this is how it's going to be from now on. I'll take your exercise advise. The only thing is, it's like I have a window of performance. If I exercise the leg less or more than that window allows, I get the pain back. Too little is bad, too much is worse. Stretching after waking up helps a lot. And coincidentally I had my mercury checked and it is too high. So there's that. I have to say I'm not happy about the idea of living with this pain. I'm only 37! @RNwithPD I'll try to get my vitamin D levels checked, I'm spending the summer by the beach and I doubt it has to do with it, but you never know. Thanks for your reply!
  2. Pain in the leg

    Thanks Lad Well, it sounds like you too ended up with an issue that came out of the blue. Can I ask how it started in your case, what was the trigger? How did you realize it was PD related? Thanks again!
  3. Official diagnosis today

    Welcome Melissa! I'm 37 so I understand you completely. My diagnosis came as a surprise as I thought my problems were exclusively due to stress. You've been given very good advice, don't delay things and start taking care of yourself. Personally, I think that if you're sleepy during the day you should sleep more at night instead of taking meds to solve it. But everyone has their own reasons. I'm not on any meds yet either because I want to have more children. Take care!
  4. Pain in the leg

    Hey guys, I think I'm having a symptom here but I'm not sure what it is or if it’s due to PD. On late June I woke up in the morning with a huge pain on the back of my left leg. Same as if I’d had a cramping during the night, only that I didn't have any cramping. I just woke up like this and could barely walk. First I thought it was due to an excess of physical activity, but days went by and the pain remained and worsened, to the point that I had to stay at home for a week ‘cause I wasn't able to walk at all. In the beginning, the pain was too intense to even think how it worked. But as days went by, I realized that the pain was worse in the morning and that it got a bit better if I moved around. Moving didn't make it go away, but it seemed that my leg was less rigid and painful. Altogether made me think that it was a symptom of PD rather than an injury from physical activity. After a week, the pain went away and I started again with my regular routine. But the pain has come back in the same leg and in the same conditions twice (out of the blue, or apparently), which has made me pay attention to how and when it comes to me. It seems to be related to the type of shoe I'm wearing. if I'm wearing a very flat shoe (like thongs or sandals), it looks like I'm making some strange or unnatural movement when I walk (which I'm not aware of because I don't coordinate correctly while I walk due to PD), and this movement I'm not aware of is causing tension on the muscle of the leg, which ultimately leads to rigidity and pain. Does it make sense at all to any of you? Or am I going nuts? I have to say this has never ever happened to me before. I've always worn thongs and sandals and very flat shoes, and it has never happened to me. This is why I'm thinking it's PD related. Your input will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Morning Stiffness?

    Same here, and I'm only 37 and always been physically active [sigh] I started with joint pains when waking up last year, only that I didn't know back then they were due to PD. Now I'm starting to have a lot of stiffness on my left-side leg muscles (my symptoms are on the left side). Like you, my first steps into reality are not pretty, but the good part is that I know it's temporary. I've noticed that, once I get moving, for the most part my pain goes away. I also think it's a good idea to start the day stretching what is stiff and moving what hurts. A 20-minute yoga practice, for example.
  6. Hi Dr, I posted this on the YOPD forum but someone suggested I'd post it here as well. In your opinion, what should a newly diagnosed person ask his or her MDS on their first official appointment? I asked a thousand things but perhaps another person is short of ideas. I think it might come in handy to have a list of things to ask. Thanks!
  7. Hand tremor when nervous, anyone else?

    It happens to me too. And I also get a kind of bad hangover when I've been through a stressful situation, like an important meeting, or a disagreement with someone. I find it incresingly difficult to face these kinds of situations, afterwards I just have to rest and close my eyes and calm down. My head hurts, I guess as a result of the stress hormones rush. The pain takes a lot of time to go away. My left side (my bad side) tremors a lot more during these situations. But the worst part for me is what happens afterwards. It's like I'm losing my ability to manage stress successfully - my body no longer can handle it. So I'm working really hard to avoid these situations in the first place.
  8. What to ask your MDS on your first visit

    Yes, you're right, I didn't think about it. As far as I know, there is a local PD Association, but I'm pretty sure it's for everyone, not specific for YOPD. Will ask. Thanks Linda!
  9. What to ask your MDS on your first visit

    Hi Linda, thanks for your input. It is indeed a good idea to post this in the Ask the Doctor section, will do that. I'm not sure if my MDS is available by email. They did give me a kind of "direct line" to my doctor's team. I can call at any time if I have an issue. Still don't know much about the dynamics of the group since it was my first appointment. But it looked like they were very dedicated to the patients. It was a bit shocking since there was no one my age. And I got to see what my future with PD will look like through other patients in the waiting room. But apart from that, all good
  10. What to ask your MDS on your first visit

    LAD, you remembered – thanks for that It went well, I felt very understood and taken care of. I won't start any medication yet since I still want to have kids. I am well emotionally, I asked a thousand questions and my appointment went on for two hours. So it's all good! x
  11. What to ask your MDS on your first visit

    Thanks LAD! That's very helpful
  12. Hi everyone! I've been reading you all but haven't written since May. Tomorrow is my first official visit with my MDS, the specialist who will likely take care of me in the long run from now on. I've already got a huge list of things I'd like to ask, but just in case: what do you guys think a newly diagnosed YOPD should ask on their first visit with the specialist? Those things that maybe you don't think about initially but with time you realize they're something you should've ask from the beginning. For example, one of my issues is that I suffer from malign neuroleptic syndrome, an acute condition provoked by a temporary inhibition of dopamine on the brain (such as the one caused by any medicine with metoclopramide on it). One of my questions is how this will affect the possibility of being provided with DBS in the future, since in order to perform the operation, L-dopa meds need to be completely removed in a short period of time, and some people develop life-threatening MNS when this happens. So things like that, important things that you perhaps don't think about asking on your first visit. Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Just been diagnosed at 36

    Thanks Murray, I'll discuss it with my MDS and I'll let you guys know his feedback.
  14. Just been diagnosed at 36

    Hi Murray, thanks a lot for your input. I'm not on any meds yet since I'm yet to see the specialist who will evaluate treatment options with me and prescribe them. The good specialists belong to the public healthcare system here in Spain and it's not particularly quick. So I was thinking about not starting any meds until after pregnancy. But I don't know whether that's a good idea. Regarding my symptoms, I have mixed feelings. They're not very notorious to other people because I don't look sick and I'm always in good spirits, and also I already exercise a lot. So they wouldn't know if I didn't tell them. But I do notice my symptoms quite a lot. The extreme mental fatigue, the slowness of movements and reasoning, the tremors, the lack of fine motor skills. So I don't know if they're "advanced" enough to demand meds or I could go by for a while on just exercise and a stress-free way of life. What is certain is that I have a DAT scan which says that I have PD without a doubt. From your experience, what do you guys think?
  15. Hi Dr., I've been looking for medical information related to artificial insemination & PD but I haven't found anything at all. I'm interested in checking if the estrogenic meds typically provided to women who are getting ready for an AI can interact with PD meds or worsen PD symptoms if no PD meds are being taken. I'm planning to get an AI but I've been recently diagnosed with PD and my gynecologist doesn't know if the two (AI meds & PD) can be compatible. I'm still waiting for my appointment with my MDS, where I will talk about pregnancy & treatment options, but in the meantime I thought that perhaps you'd know more about it. Many thanks in advance.