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  1. Anyone taking only mucuna pruriens?

    Thanks for the tip.
  2. I am a newbie to this and so far just taking some mucuna pruriens to help with symptoms. from various readings it sounds like mp is very similar to sinemet (just a little more difficult to get dose exact). Mp seems to have some other positive effects and some readings make it sound like a better treatment than traditional meds? i only have tremors in my left hand and arm so at this point just trying to make things a little better so dipping my toe into possible treatments without going down any path that could start me down a path of getting resistant to drugs and upping dosages etc.... just wondering positive or negative reactions to this approach (other than the can't get dosage exact argument)?
  3. Newbie need advice

    I have read at least a hundred reviews of positive things about mp, mostly people cutting back on sinemet by adding mp to the mix. I'm a software consultant so internet searching is something I'm a little obsessed with.
  4. Newbie need advice

    I just started taking Mp, but it seems to help some. I have never tried sinemet. From everything I read it sounds like mp is a cheaper, natural somewhat equivalent alternative to sinemet. Yes you might have to experiment with dosage levels (I'm just taking a small amount). Not sure about dyskinesia, I have read conflicting things on that with mp? there is some libido effects that mp has as well, which I like. I am going to switch from pills to powder form soon and give that a try. I only have twitching in my left arm so at this point I can tolerate it with no drugs so figure use a little mp to make things better and cycle on/off so I don't build up tolerance levels. Who knows. In sept I see my first neurologist, so far only have one appt with his nurse practitioner. guess I'll just cope with changes as they happen, maybe things will go really slowly? Example: left arm only twitching is ok, but if both arms twitch guess meds are needed to function.
  5. Newbie need advice

    Have you tried the mucina pruriens at all?
  6. Newbie need advice

    I just got diagnosed a month ago and only have some tremors in my left arm. First appt doc prescribed azilect but at this point I have only tried to exercise more, trying to stay positive, taking a few more supplements (cq10, some vitamins) and recently have started taking mucina pruriens (a small amount). I tend to shy away from prescription meds if possible. I guess I figure Mp is similar to starting on sinemet. next appt is in 3 months, getting an MRI and some blood work first to help make sure it's Parkinson's. any suggestions on my approach? 51 years old, good health other than this new development. hoping to be able to play tennis and golf many more years!
  7. Newly diagnosed- any advice?

    Thank you for chiming in, it's nice to hear what works for others!
  8. Newly diagnosed- any advice?

    Thanks everyone!
  9. Newly diagnosed- any advice?

    I understand the need to use meds when symptoms demand it. Guess I have read so much about once you start meds you will gradually need more and more and there are side effects (some pretty bad) so just trying to postpone the start down that road as much as possible. I did start taking some supplements and mucuna pruiens for some relief from tremor in my hand. I don't feel my tremor is that bad right now, more worried about my brain being messed up and possibility for anxiety/depression scares me. I had some of that after my divorce and don't care for it at all!! Thanks for sharing, always helpful to hear what others did and why. Mark
  10. Newly diagnosed- any advice?

    Thanks for your feedback. I have an appointment in about a month with a mds and I also went to Pitt. I'm a little afraid of getting on any medicine so hoping to postpone that until I really need it for symptoms. It seems like medicine is the only thing that works for symptoms? I just don't like the side effects that usually come with medicine 😊 Any insights on things that worked well for others are appreciated
  11. I was recently diagnosed. 51 years old. I live in Pittsburgh pa and am self employed as a software consultant. my basic plan is - learn all I can, try not to rush into panic, started taking a few more supplements, didn't start right away on azilect which was prescribed, doing more exercise I need to get an MRI to rule out other causes but my gut says I have Parkinson's so far symptoms have been - twitch in left arm, getting more and more noticeable over last few years - a little stiffness - bad memory, maybe a little dementia over last few years - lost sense of smell maybe ten years ago any advice from those that have more experience? Thanks in advance, Mark